Why do women shave their body hair?

Why do women shave their armpits, legs, and genitals? When did the idea of women shaving their body hair actually begin? Is it a recent invention? Why do many men find it more attractive and ‘sexy’? It makes a woman look prepubescent, does it not? What’s the story?

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Ten minute history lesson from Tony Benn

Certifiably ignorant of mainstream media since childhood (even at that age I was averse to watching/listening to/reading the so-called "news", as I felt it was attempting to manipulate me) I don't recall ever hearing the name 'Tony Benn' until watching this video. I...

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Just landed? Where to start…

This website is dedicated to those on the journey of self-realisation, and as a guide to living a life of Freedom. There is a series of articles called Introduction to Wisdom for a Life of Freedom which provide a brief overview of what Jonathan is sharing. There are many other Articles on this site. Topics vary widely, although the theme is always the same—Self-realisation and the actualisation of the human spirit. The high lever subject categories are in the menu under the header. They are:

You can use the Topics system displayed on the right of each page to dig into key subjects of interest to you. Please share the articles you like, leave comments, and let me know if you have any questions.

About Jonathan

Awakening into the consciousness of the Heart at an early age, Jonathan has dedicated his life to spiritual awakening; serving those who have a heart-felt intent to know themselves as a Spirit—to realise the full potential of their Being as known to the Divine. His primary focus is assisting people who have a deep, heart-felt yearning to bring forth full consciousness of their Spirit, and of the Living Mother from which they have emerged into Being.

An award winning author & an internationally sought-after teacher, for the past 6 years he has been invited to hold seminars & retreats in numerous countries. Jonathan is a gifted communicator, who shares an integration of timeless heart-centred wisdom for a life of spiritual freedom, purpose, and alignment with the Supreme Source and Intelligence of Life.

What is Self-realisation?

For thousands of years in time there have been those people within most, if not all, societies and cultures in Earth who have aspired to dive into the mysteries of Life. Not so much to intellectually understand such mysteries—for they are mostly incomprehensible—but rather to step into being a fully self-responsible and willing participant in the unfolding of Life’s Grand Intent. The result is a human being who is deeply aware of self and all Life; passionately inspired; living with deep and meaningful purpose; vitalised and full of energy; free from the endless karmic participation most human beings unwittingly choose to engage in; and, perhaps most importantly, ineffably in love with Creation and its Creator. The self-realised human being can’t help but be a life-giving contribution to humanity in all their actions and endeavours. If you’ve ever noticed an ongoing sense of discontentment with your life, self-realisation is what you are moment-to-moment being challenged to discover. Blessed are those not content with living like the masses. What is this “self” people endeavour to realise? It is the Spirit of Man.

What is a Life of Freedom?

Life was never meant to be a struggle, and it was never intended that humans suffers as much as we do. Although, for many, suffering is what will guide them on the path of return to their Genesis, the Supreme Source.

Life is a challenge, and it always will be. Yet it is intended to be a challenge we face with vigour, intelligence, wisdom, and love. A challenge that brings forth our spirit, and empowers us to fulfill our purpose. Most importantly it is a challenge we are here to celebrate and grow through. Whether we win or lose any particular challenge, when faced appropriately and intelligently, every challenge has an empowering outcome. When we face our challenges unconsciously (that means without understanding the challenge; without knowing who you are; and unaware of the deeper meaning of Life) we are bound to face a painful outcome.

You will learn on this website that pain and suffering are not the same. Most people suffer through their pain. Those who know themselves as Spirit grow and evolve through their pain. With right understanding, pain becomes an ally rather than a burden. May the information on this web site assist you to make intelligent (i.e. life-affirming) decisions in regards to your personal development and spiritual evolution. A free and empowered soul takes full responsibility for its every action and experience. That means being wise enough to take responsibility for your relationships, your state of mind, your spiritual development, your emotions and feelings, your addictions and habits, and the consequences of your words and actions. It also means taking responsibility for the hardships and experiences the ego would rather blame on someone or something else.

Such a path requires reclaiming your Attention, so that you can effectively turn your awareness inward and away from senseless outer distractions, which includes breaking free from the ‘hypnotic spell’ of falsified media; relationship drama; social drama; political deception; social unconsciousness; fictitious conditioning; televised drama and lies; and anything else that up until now distracted you from your True Essence—from your Spirit.

May you come to know you are deeply guided, protected, and walking your own sacred path of self-emergence, a path of ever increasing spiritual illumination and human evolution.

There is a lot of misconception around the meaning of “freedom.” Please take some time to discover what freedom really means, by reading the article What is Spiritual Freedom?