“Relationship is potentially the most powerful path to human freedom… when approached consciously” — Jonathan Evatt

Create positive, powerful, and fulfilling relationships with:

  • Your lover, partner, spouse, beloved
  • Your family and friends
  • The people you work with and live with
  • and most importantly with Your Self

For many of us relationships are one of the most challenging and complicated aspects of our lives. Some relationships are more significant than others, yet they can all present us with particular challenges and issues. These challenges are often rather tricky to navigate in a clear and loving way.

Many religious and spiritual paths steer well clear of relationship even to the point of denying intimacy and sexuality completely. Intimate relationships have so much potential to throw a person off-balance that some religious paths consider it a spiritual impediment, or a distraction from “the path”.

The reality is that life and relationship are inseparable. In my experience authentic spiritual growth and relationship are also just as inseparable. It doesn’t matter where I run to or hide, I am forever in relationship—even when I evade all contact with other people, I remain perpetually in relationship with myself, with food, with nature, with the air I am breathing, with my inner self, with the thoughts in my mind, my emotions and feelings, and with my memory of people from my past… the list goes on. All of these relationships can be approached consciously or unconsciously, often with very different outcomes.

Whilst all these subtle and essentially “inner relationships” I’ve just listed each present their unique challenges and benefits, it is our closest and more intimate relationships that many people find are most difficult, and potentially the most rewarding. Of particular importance are those relationship between lovers, partners, couples, husbands and wives. For many the relationship with family members is also significant, and plays a key role in their life.

Under normal circumstances the first relationship a person has with another human being is with his mother whilst growing in her womb. This applies to all people who undergo a natural conception—it’s unavoidable. Beyond that there is generally a father promptly on the scene, and perhaps other siblings. My presence in the womb, and later my birth into this world, is a consequence of the relationship between a man and a woman who approximately 9 months earlier united in sexual union. Under normal circumstances this is always the case for nearly all people alive today. As mentioned, life and relationship are inseparable.

During the course of my life it is inevitable that I will find myself attracted to another person physically, sexually, emotionally and perhaps spiritually. In the decade or two many people spend in educational institutions, how much wisdom is imparted to us with regard to creating healthy, life-giving, and fulfilling relationships? What example did my parents provide of the archetypal relationship between mother and father—between man and woman?

Very often, and for most of us, even the basics of a healthy relationship—let alone the deeper secrets of co-creating deep, authentic love with another human being—are something we are never taught. Many of us end up haphazardly it figuring out for ourselves as we go along. For many people, intimate relationship is a rather random affair. At times it all seems to work (i.e. both participants are happy in each other’s company), and at times it can range from mildly dysfunctional to utterly chaotic and destructive.

What I have discovered and learnt during my life are key principles the bring about and maintain ‘pono’. That’s a Hawaiian word meaning balance, right order, in accordance with Life. When these principles are applied, they transform most relationships into not only a source of great peace and love, but also spiritual and transpersonal liberation. It takes time and commitment—commitment to your self and commitment to Love and to Truth. It require dedication to discovering what is Real. It’s not easy to be completely real and authentic all the time. It takes humility, and a high degree of self-knowledge.

If you are inspired by the possibility of turning all your relationships into a powerful path to self-liberation, inner peace, and happiness, I invite you to gain the necessary skills to make that happen. My role as a Conscious Relationship Counselor is to pass to you the tools, perspectives, and understandings necessary to create a powerful relationship to life, to other people, to yourself, and to your intimate partner.

If you are currently in a relationship then, under most circumstances, I would suggest it is wise for you to both work with me together. If you are on your own then we can work toward your own embodiment of these powerful principles of Life, so that your next intimate relationship goes to new levels—emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am confident our work together will be unlike anything else you are likely to have experienced. It is certainly not equivalent to seeing a psychology based relationship or marriage counselor. What you will gain through our interaction is a a body of very practical and deeply meaningful wisdom and perspectives. These will give you an entirely different appreciation of what relationship is really all about.

Where to from here?

When you’re ready to explore conscious relating and relationship more deeply, please send me an enquiry and we can discus the options.

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