Jonathan Evatt

The human heart is the first and last freedom. It is both the means and the destination of being fully present to your life, as it is, right now.

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What is “freedom”?
Merely being free to do whatever you desire?
Or is it something more profound?

What if you were free from the ignorance and deception that has prevented you from knowing yourself as a Spirit … An eternal Presence in Consciousness …
With a sacred purpose, in service to all Life?

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"Ecstasy is a Feeling that comes Only When the Heart is tuned to that pitch of Love Which melts it...Which makes it Tender...Which gives it Gentleness Which makes it Humble" Hazat Inayat ...

Dialogue on going beyond right and wrong

The following is some dialogue I have had with a friend who has been living in the UK for the past year or so, and is now visiting Florida for a while. With her permission I am posting this ...

The human ego – Part One

In many spiritual teachings and also through the words of people I know and meet, I discern what I would best describe as  form of multiple personality disorder in relationship to the ego. What ...

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At the moment of death the first “thought” in your awareness will be …

“How deeply did I love?”