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I wrote an article in 2006 about my personal experience with Deeksha / Diksha. You can read about that in the previous Part in this series of articles. It is now 2014, and since writing that original article on Diksha, a lot more about it has come to my attention. This new article shares important insights into what is playing out during their so-called Diksha/Deeksha giving, and why you might want to avoid it completely if you value your spiritual sanctity. It is worth noting that “diksha” was at some point rebranded (through the direct influence of Tony Robbins, oddly enough) to “Oneness Blessings”. So this article is just as applicable to what is being called “Oneness Blessings” from the “Oneness Movement”. For the sake of consistency, I’ll continue using the word diksha in this article.

The Dark Side of Diksha

How can Diksha have a dark side? It is not intended to help people become enlightened?

What promoted me writing this second article on Diksha, almost nine yeas after the first, was a comment someone made. The 2006 article was still online, on a site I’d not maintained in a long time. A reader left a comment, to which I replied. An expanded version of that reply is what follows.

First, I’ll quote the comment that was made:

As a coin has two sides so does the oneness movement has, even I agree. But in the meanwhile if it is helping us to reach our ultimate goal why shouldn’t we follow it and the teachings of oneness? It is one of the only organisations which I believe that can produce logical and scientific reasons for the actions in the well planned courses carried on there. And as far as Deeksha is concerned it has its own power, the only way out is to experience the same. The explanations for the negative side is where there is greed for more there is always destruction. So even in the seva if you exceed the limits the experiences shared above [referring to what I shared in my article] come into existence. Do it in proper limits and practically. I would rather say Sri Bhagavan and Amma never ever said to disturb your family and social life and full on be with the oneness flow. The moola in oneness is the RELATIONSHIP with your parents, surrounding and god. So there comes no question of defaming or blaming any body. Thank You.

om satchit anand parabramha purushottama parmatma sri bhagavati sametha sri bhagavate namah. let thy be victory of sri bhagavati bhagavan in clearing off the misconceptions and giving the strength of acceptance in a true sense.    — Shadedil  (the name or pseudonym of the writer)

The first thing that seems apparent to me is that Shadedil is a follower of Sri Bhagavan. The last paragraph makes that seem fairly obvious. There is nothing wrong with that per se. But it is worth noting, as it would suggest Shadedil does not have an objective perspective on diksha, and may have a strong bias.

I know numerous people who offer diksha to help “enlighten” people. In fact just a few weeks ago at a market on Waiheke Island (in Auckland, NZ) I observed some of those people giving diksha to people. On that day I had with me a person who is a gifted healer and clairvoyant (since birth). I asked her to tell me what she saw going on with the diksha givers about 30 meters from us. She immediately confirmed what I had seen years earlier, and what a number of clairvoyants in Sweden had observed and written about. I’ll get into that shortly.

From my perspective Shadedil displays a relatively common conceptual error, one that catches a lot of people out. This is why I am presenting my response here. Perhaps if you come across people offering you Deeksha transmissions to accelerate your “enlightenment” you’ll remember the this article, and question whether subjecting your luminous body to their “oneness blessings” is really something you want:

My response to Shadedil

Hello Shadedil,

I hear your perspective, and I will do my best to answer your question. I’ll break this into two parts…

“But in the meanwhile if it is helping us to reach our ultimate goal…”

I see a major assumption being made here. The assumption is with regard to what your or ” ‘the’ goal” is. I don’t wish to assume to know what you perceive that “goal” as. Yet based on the general theme of the subject at hand, I gather you are referring to the “goal” of “enlightenment”. That’s the assumption I would like to question. What is this “enlightenment” people speak of, and on what basis are you so convinced this is “the” goal, especially “the ultimate goal”?

What I will pass to you is this: As far as I can determine, when your spirit took on the mighty challenge of incarnating into this realm, it made a very specific and exacting agreement with the Divine Creative Intelligence as to what you would do here. Are you conscious of exactly what your soul agreement is? Are you living that? Are you totally engaged with that? Are you certain your luminous spirit incarnated into this Earth and Solar system in order to receive energy from an unidentified source, into your luminous body, so you could be enlightened? Once enlightened, what is the function your spirit agreed to perform in this 3D reality?

I ask this, because it is my understanding that entering some kind of “enlightened state” (as the end goal  it’s often presented as) is very rarely why most souls are here. I am aware that to people who are spiritually sophisticated that might sound like an odd thing to say… but there you go.

I don’t claim to have first hand experience of what goes on at the Oneness facility, although I have read a lot about it that gives me cause for concern. I do have first hand experience of deeksha and viewing people giving/receiving deeska. What I see playing out is a subtle form of spiritual manipulation, and the harvesting of dormant/denied/degraded spiritual energy. It appears to me most people involved in Deeksha have no clue what is playing out, and simply take the words of Sri B. at face value. That, to me, is a grave mistake resulting from spiritual ignorance.

For this article, I am adding in the following, which was not in my reply to Shadedil…

Spiritual hi-jacking and the harvesting of energy is also exactly what my above-mentioned clairvoyant friend has observed in diksha/Oneness Blessings, and what a number of other people with spiritual site have observed. My friend had already watched people giving diksha a number of years ago, and choose to stay well clear of people engaged in the practice. What she, and the seers I know of, observed (as had I a few years ago) is that some kind of alien presence is operating through the diksha process. The source of the diksha energy is from aliens in the 4th or 5th dimension, and they are hi-jacking the upper chakras of the recipient. Through this hi-jacking they gain access to take energy from human beings. This is the trade that goes on. The recipient willingly agrees to receive the “Oneness blessing” not realising it comes at a price. That price is the loss of sovereignty over their upper energy centres and their luminous body. They feel “good” in the process, in much the same way certain drugs can make people feel good, and spiritually awakened, but because they are blindsided they don’t see what the pay off is. I am not in a position to say whether of not Kalki and Amma Bhagavan are humanly conscious of that they are perpetuating. From my perspective they are spiritual teachers that have been infiltrated and hi-jacked, and are in the process of rapidly falling.

Of course, each soul to his/her own. My role here is not to speak out against anyone, but is instead to expand perspective on matters so people can make their choices in a way more aligned with reality.

“… why shouldn’t we follow it and the teachings of oneness?”

I could elaborate on a good many reasons. Although I am concerned you might not have the necessary spiritual sensibility to not take them in the wrong way. The fact you are willingly involved in something that you believe is doing one thing to you, when it is in fact doing something quite different, suggests to me this could be a delicate subject for you. I am going to assume that is the case, and simply say something more generalised…

From my perspective there are no shortcuts to our redemption from forgetting the ways of the Divine Mother. We are in Her realm, and we must follow her ‘rules of engagement’, in just the same way we have to deal with the “rules” of gravity, motion, inertia, etc. Diksha, as far as I can tell, does not fall into any category of her ‘rulings’. The Oneness Blessings have been invented by forces that intended to set up a situation of harvesting life-force. Let’s just say there is a certain modus operandi of the Mother and of Spirits aligned with the Mother. Oneness Blessings, and the hi-jacking of luminous bodies is not a part of it.

What are some of the elements of the Mother’s way?

  • Sacred alliance with the Earth, the Mother, with Life, with Luminous Beings… – Yes.
  • Self-investigation and self-knowledge (revelation of your own Spirit) through recapitulation – Yes.
  • Complete acknowledgement/confession of our shadow, our errors, and our mis-takes on reality – Yes.
  • Integration of our luminous body and soul fragments, and the restoration of our impeccability – Yes.
  • Engaging in sacred reciprocity for EVERYTHING we receive as spirits within the human experience – Yes.

And what about…

  • Receiving energy from a person who is infiltrated by alien entities and dark forces in the lower astral realms, aligned with dark entities engaged in an evil agenda of harvesting precious human spiritual energy (given by the Mother for that Human spirit), in order to shortcut our way into some kind of spiritually sublimated state of enlightenment (without doing the above mentioned things)? Not likely.

Additional considerations

Having had nothing to do with diksha givers and the Oneness Movement since writing my article in 2006, I did some research into it before posting this article. I was sure that if there was a hidden negative agenda playing out through the Oneness Movement, it was only a matter of time before this would come to the surface and manifest in a wide range of issues. Sure enough, my research indicates that is exactly what has happened.

Rather than me reiterating what others have already written about, I will post some links to further reading material. I suggest anyone involved in the Oneness Movement, or considering being involved, or who is receiving Oneness Blessings, would be wise to read over this material. I always keep in mind that any one of the following authors may have a bias against the Oneness Movement due to their own personal issues or a grievance of some kind. Yet, after looking through a considerable amount of written material, and taking my own observations into account, I am confident this is not the case.

  1. Here is a massive amount of information compiled by Timothy Conway in 2008: This provides a lot of information to read through. Located at –
  2. This article gives a rather sound overview of how practices like the Oneness Movement’s version of deeksha is a way to link people up for the harvesting of energy. It is well worth reading. The whole sites seems to be dedicated to sheding light on the dark side of deeksha, so have a look around. (I don’t necessarily share any of the views expressed.)
  3. Here is a web page that looks at the concept of the alien manipulation of human beings. It does not reference diksha. I am posting it here because I realise that for many people the idea that 4th and 5th dimensional entities (and aliens) are harvesting human energy is a new and potentially far out and shocking concept. I don’t necessarily agree with all the views expressed on this page (I’ve only skimmed over it), nor do I know anything about the author. I post it here because it does provide a basic introduction to the topic. Please utilise your own discernment and discretion when reading this material.
  4. A Critique of the Indian Oneness Movement and its use of Western Success Coaching
  6. TV report on exposure of the Oneness Movement:
  7. Deception of Kalki Bhagavan Amma Bhagavan Disclosed
  8. Severe Problems with “Bhagavan Kalki’s” Deeksha Oneness Movement

What to do?

I personally know quite a significant number of people caught up in this Oneness Movement. I meet one of the first people who went from NZ to India to do the 21-day Enlightenment process. She came back to NZ promoting the whole deal, and started taking groups of people with her back to India to do the process themselves. The end result is a significant number of people from the spiritually conscious community of New Zealand being heavily involved in giving Oneness Blessings. You may be one of those people, reading this now. Or you may know of someone who is.

So what’s the answer to this?

Unfortunately it’s not something I can spell out in the context of an Internet article. It’s simply too delicate, and will depend very much on each person and the specific way they are spiritually entangled in this deception. The first step is to obviously recognise that there’s something playing out here that is deceptive. That’s the first and hardest step. I am pretty certain many of the people caught up in the Oneness Deception have had insights, hunches, and feelings there was something untoward going on. Perhaps that is just me having an optimistic view on people and their innate intelligence. Time will tell. If you are one of those people, now is the time to start investigating what played out.

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