I enjoy playing piano. It’s a very meditative experience to simply allow my hands to caress and dance across a keyboard, and to be aware of the sound that arises. The music I play is improvised and arises spontaneously. Every “piece” is a one-off experience, and not something I can play a second time. I am, however, getting into recording my music into a DAW (software used for music composition) so that I can at least play around with and modify the piece after it’s emerged. That also means I can explore creating compositions which involve more than just the sound of a piano, and more than one (virtual) instrument at a time and in any give piece.

My rational knowledge of piano playing and musical theory is very minimal, and I am sure that shows … so please excuse my technical ignorance in advance. I play piano because I enjoy it, so for me my technical proficiency is not a high priority (except where I find it holds me back, in which case I make a point of learning more).

Over the years various people have expressed they greatly enjoy the music I play, and numerous people reported they found it helped them “heal” or move through an emotional and somatic experience that was helpful and “healing” for them. Such feedback made me realise perhaps my piano playing could have a bigger purpose than just my own momentary enjoyment. With that in mind, I am making various recordings available here.


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