What’s the purpose of spiritual mentoring?

If you have taken time to observe nature, you may have realised nothing in the natural world functions alone or independent from anything else. It’s all connected—it’s all living, breathing, and functioning as one. Every-thing is informing and collaborating with every-thing else. We exist within a living community that is constantly sharing wisdom among its constituents, among what we label as various things or life-forms. Are humans an exception to this interconnectedness, to this ceaseless reciprocity of living wisdom?

In my youth I had a desire to learn martial arts. Did I pursue this by reading books, reading lessons online, or watching videos? Whilst all these forms of information may have proved useful, to an extent, what I knew to be true is that I had to find someone who had mastered the art I wanted to learn. He then mentored me in that art form, helping me to bring forth whatever propensity I had for Kung Fu, as was the case in this instance. Of course, his own Sifu was an even greater (more accomplished) master than he was, so I may have felt inclined to seek him out. Yet, in recognising that my chosen teacher’s accomplishment far exceeded my own, I took him on as a teacher. He took me on as a student.

The same would hold true if I wanted to learn the art of Yoga, or the art of carpentry, playing the violin, or traditional German baking. If I am fortunate enough to cross paths with someone who has mastered more of that art than I have, and they are available to share what they know with me, then I would be wise to jump on the opportunity, least I later lament my failure to do so.

Training the spirit

A human being is first and foremost a spirit. Spirit animates the human being with Life. We are living spirit, in infinite consciousness, experiencing a body and a 3D world of physicality. The mastery of the spirit, is the mastery of Life. Spiritual mentoring is the mentoring, the training, the coaxing forth, of the spirit. To master the spirit is to recover the art of living from our Heart. It is to restore our sense of kinship and reciprocity (giving and receiving) with all life—both the form-side of life, and the formless-side of life.

Because all of life originates in Spirit, any time we approach life, and life situations, from the perspective of Spirit, such an approach is unavoidably holistic. The many forms of life can appear separate and distinct from each other, yet in Spirit all is interconnected. So to address any situation, malady, issue, or problem from the spirit, is to address it holistically. That will mean taking into account the full spectrum of what the subject at hand embodies and represents. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually—from the gross to the subtle. This may include everything from nutrition and life-style, to clearing the energetic debts you inherited from your ancestors, who failed to.

Feeling ready for deep transformation?

How would it be to feel secure in the knowing you have a mentor deeply dedicated to the well-being and empowerment of your Spirit?

Training with Jonathan

Why do people ask me to train and mentor them? It’s been spontaneously occurring since I was a teenager.

Since the early 1990’s, in my late teens, people have asked me to assist them with finding greater clarity and perspective in their lives. What people mostly approached me for help with is guidance in their spiritual development, knowledge on approaches to holistic healing, and to learn natural methods for improving health and resolving nutritional deficiencies. My work with people as a mentor and guide has been in demand in many parts of the world, including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, England, and Panama.

I have an extensive background of training rooted in traditional yoga (traditions rooted in India, Tibet, and China), a broad range of holistic healing practices, traditional naturopathy, and numerous authentic lineage based spiritual traditions—Western, Eastern, and Indigenous. Since I was around 15 or 16 I’ve been deeply focused in a spiritual and worldly investigation of the holistic well-being of human beings and of the natural world we are a part of. Over the years I progressively remembered and, by request, started sharing what I refer to as the Wisdom of the Heart.

Knowing I had even deeper spiritual work to do within myself, in early 2013 I entered into a life-long apprenticeship with my mentor and teacher, a legendary Andean spiritual maestro, known as Mama Koginka K’Amaru Xue. He is the founder of Xolar Vibronics and the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation in North America*. Having remembered in my early twenties that I was to train with such a mentor, who had deep links to Colombia the Andes, I’d spent nearly 20 years looking for him. He has since guided me in a profound process of intensive spiritual training and initiation in the ancient solar arts of the Andes, and in the Original Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother. During my training I realised the “Wisdom of the Heart” is in fact the original spiritual inheritance of MAN, infused into every human being by the original Mother/Father Power that creates us. In the Andes it’s known as the Original Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother.

This is what I share with people through workshops, retreats, articles, books, and private mentoring. The greatest benefits are derived through such mentoring.


Feeling inspired?

I don’t claim to have all answers to all things, and I’d be wary of anyone that did.

My role as a mentor is not one of simply providing answers to questions and concerns. I suspect that would only make people dependant on me for a superficial fix. That’s not going to be helpful. Instead, my approach is to share consciousness expanding perspectives and genuine practices of self-enquiry and sacred reciprocity, so you are empowered to find the answers you already contain, in your heart, and which your essence already knows to be true. The Power that creates us has infused into our Heart supreme and unfailing wisdom. It’s that wisdom I assist people to bring to the forefront of their perception and daily living.

If that’s something you are genuinely interested in experiencing, you are warmly encouraged to submit an enquiry. I will respond just as soon as I am able, with information on the next natural step.

* Jonathan is the founder and director of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa, the New Zealand branch of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation in North America.

What does mentoring involve?

The methods employed by a mentor can take many forms, in direct response to your needs and current circumstances. Often it involves the sharing of perspectives that are broader, deeper, and more life-encompassing than those perspectives you may habitually live by and identify with.

Ultimately, it’s about helping you to reach into the depths of your Heart, and bring forth what is truly alive in you. If there are challenges and “wounds” standing between you and the essence of your heart, you’ll be guided and assisted in identifying and resolving those challenges, and healing the wounds. The work will not be done for you. It’s not “therapy” or “counselling,” although the results can be deeply therapeutic, and deeply healing. Instead of something being done to you, you will be assisted to do for yourself what life demands you must do, in order to bring forth the full expression and consciousness of your spirit.

Session Formalities

After an initial introductory session, participants are typically asked to commit to at least 5 sessions if they feel moved to go deeper into what is offered.

Meetings are conducted online, or in person whenever possible.

The financial reciprocity for Jonathan’s services varies, based on various factors including the personal circumstances of those seeking his assistance.

The first 1 hour session is free, or by donation (as you wish).

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