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Last Updated on January 30, 2018

Looking for Borax in New Zealand? Read on…

I recently updated my 2012 article on how to detox the body of sodium fluoride. It’s been a very popular article, perhaps only second to the very popular series on The Dark Side of Ayahuasca.

According to my research, one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and potentially most efficacious methods for eliminating fluoride from the body is to take small amounts of Borax on a daily basis, for a set period (just how long will depend on you, but many people report using it for a few months at a time). The basic idea is to have up to ⅛ of a teaspoon (for women) or ¼ of a teaspoon (for men) of pure Borax dissolved in a litre of water, and then drink that over the duration of a full day. Some people may need to start out on smaller amounts, and build up to the full dose. There are plenty of people reportedly taking significantly more than these amounts, but the ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon level is reportedly an ultra safe amount to go with.

Borax is very common in the United States. In New Zealand many people are not familiar with it. It is available though, and below is a list of sources. It is a cheap natural chemical compound, and yet you’ll notice the price it sells for can vary greatly. That’s not because one supplier has “better” Borax than another. It’s just that some are making much larger profits than the others.

It’s worth noting that sufficient dietary boron is crucial for proper calcium metabolism in the body. Research indicates that insufficient dietary boron may lead to decalcification of the bones and teeth. Dental decay, arthritis, and osteoporosis are common outcomes of poor calcium absorption/retention.

If you want to learn more about Borax as a potential health supplement, there’s plenty of information online. Here are two links to start you off:  The Borax Conspiracy, and earthclinic.com

Best deal?

I found the best place to buy it from is ecofreaks.co.nz. The price is good, and they’ll ship anywhere in New Zealand using NZ Post at decent prices. While you’re at it, you can buy the necessary ingredients for home-made ecological cleaning and laundry products. If you have a Bin Inn close to where you live, then that may work out cheaper for you.

(All prices are current as of August 2015, and include GST)

Online Retailers

Ecofreaks.co.nz — $6.75 / KG

Wendyls.co.nz — $15 / KG

Gonative.co.nz — $15 / 500g, $20 / KG

Figgy & Co — $8 for 1 KG, $14 for 2 KG

Offline Retailers


Bunnings — $10 / KG (it’s called Glitz Green Borax)

Mitre10 — Apparently some stock it. Call first. It’s not listed on their website, but that’s not saying much as they have a fairly poor web site.

The Bin Inn and many Bulk Barns carry Borax. Here’s a list from www.therural.co.nz, listing many shops confirmed to stock it.

Northland Borax Stockists

KeriKeri Bin Inn $14.99 / kg

Kamo Bin Inn $4.90 / kg

Whangarei Bin Inn $5.90 / kg

Auckland Borax Stockists

Warkworth Bin Inn $13 / kg

Orewa Bin Inn $16 / kg

Browns Bay Bin Inn $9.99 / kg

Wendyl’s Green Goddess $11.95 / kg

Bulk Food Savings 217 Dominion Road $4.95 / kg

Henderson Bulk Barn $9.99 / kg

New Lynn Bulk Barn $8.99 / kg

Waikato Borax Stockists

Thames Bin Inn $13 / kg

Hamilton St Andrews Bin Inn $8 / kg

Hamilton East Bin Inn $5.90 / kg

Dinsdale Bin Inn $13 / kg

Te Awamutu Bin Inn $5 / kg

Taupo Bin Inn $13.50 / kg

Bay of Plenty Borax Stockists

Tauranga Bin Inn $12.90 / kg

Rotorua Bin Inn $13.99 / kg

Whakatane Bin Inn $13 / kg

Gisborne Borax Stockists

Big Al’s Bulk Barn $3.90 / kg

Taranaki Borax Stockists

Waitara Bin Inn $13.40 / kg

Manawatu-Wanganui Borax Stockists

Taumarunui Bin Inn $26 / kg

Feilding Bin Inn $13 / kg

Wanganui Bulk Barn $14.99 / kg

Hawkes Bay Borax Stockists

Tardale Bin Inn

Hastings Bin Inn

Wellington Borax Stockists

Masterton Bin Inn $13.99 / kg

Lower Hutt Bin Inn $15.99 / kg

Nelson Borax Stockists

Nelson Bin Inn $13.99 / kg

Tasman Borax Stockists

Richmond Bin Inn $12.99 / kg

Canterbury Borax Stockists

Rangiora Bin Inn $14.90 / kg

New Brighton Bin Inn $8.99 / kg

Stanmore Road Bin Inn $5.90 / kg

Lincoln Road Bin Inn $5.90 / kg

Timaru Bin Inn $5.90 / kg

Otago Borax Stockists

Alexandra Bin Inn $14.99 / kg

The Real Food Pantry — 10 Eden Street, Omaru

Southland Borax Stockists

Gore Bin Inn $5.80 / kg

Invercargill Bin Inn $5.90 / kg

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