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I am going to assume anyone reading this article is already familiar with the concept and practice of channelling. Whether you have engaged in performing channelling, or giving attention to other’s who channelled, and exploring their channelled “teachings”, this article may be of interest to you.

From my perspective, there is a common misconception among those who practice contemporary spiritualism (include the so-called “New Age” movement) that channelling is mostly a positive thing. At worst, it’s neutral—in the case that the material channelled doesn’t come across as particularly profound or useful. The other extreme response to channelling is that of fundamentalist Christian movements that are outright against channelling. In this article I intend to address these misconceptions.

The basic presupposition of channelling is the belief that there are “higher” spirits that would like to get messages through to human beings. This presupposes that these human beings are incapable of directly atuning to the knowledge and wisdom they require to fulfill their agreement in this world. The basic set up of most channelling sessions is this:

  • We humans are “down here” in the physical plane
  • We are cut off from higher perception and wisdom
  • There are higher beings who are not cut off from this wisdom
  • These higher beings wish to transmit to we humans this wisdom
  • A human can willingly attune to one of these higher beings and receive messages for the benefit of those listening.

Putting aside the predictable reaction of many materialistic skeptics to this set up, at face value, it all looks rather benign. Yet is this really what plays out in the typical channelling session?

The Spirit of Man

The first thing to understand is that the Spirit of Man is extraordinary. The Spirit of Man is, according to the original knowledge and teachings of the Mother, one of the Creator’s most powerful creations. Despite this fact—and let’s assume it is a valid fact for now—we all know that one the Spirit of Man incarnates into a human embodiment it’s very often the case that we become almost completely oblivious to our Spirit. As result of this, many human beings are somewhat lost with regard to three fundamental points of identity:

  1. Who you are, as a Spirit
  2. Where you came from, as a Spirit
  3. What is your purpose, as a Spirit

ChannellingOrdinary Man is like a captain on a ship, lost and adrift at sea, and yet often not even aware that’s her predicament. Drifting on the ocean of Earthly life, we are each captain of our vessel (the physical and luminous body). The elements blow us here and there, and we “follow the wind” so to speak. Most of us received a number of common maps when we first arrived, in the form of conditioning and beliefs that set us up to integrate and adjust into our society. If we follow these maps, we’ll typically end up handing command of our ship over to pirates, and eventually end up on a desolate island working as a slave for some unknown and unseen slave master. None the wiser, many folk are prone believe this arrangement is perfectly normal and acceptable. We might not even realise we are a slave, and instead believe the transnational economic system constantly harvesting our creative Life-Force (in the form of labour / work / employment / etc.) is in fact something that is there to take care of our best interests. In fact Ordinary Man typically believes this system is the framework in which he can exercise his freedom and “make the most of life”.

Many of the more spiritually folk eventually get fed up with the slave system, perhaps feeling the sense of entrapment it provokes within them, and they set off in their ship to find better shores. But now what? Where does one plot a course to? All the maps provided to us chart a course that one way or another leads back to the group of islands owned and controlled by the slave system. So how does one navigate elsewhere?

This is where a great many spiritual seekers kinda end up winging it. I am sure most people reading this article know what that’s like. The average spiritual seeker simply makes the most of what little navigational resources she has at hand. Perhaps she is lucky enough to find a few maps and charts stashed away in an old weathered sea chest somewhere, and does her best to plot a new course. Yet typically these charts are from another era, and the seas have changed since then. Perhaps they are incomplete, or the people who made the charts were in fact winging it themselves. Perhaps the people who made those charts were themselves being misled by forces they were at the time not conscious of. How does one know?

Potential issues with channelling

Let’s say someone called Garry is into channelling. First we can assume Gary, as a human persona, feels disconnected with his Spirit. Ultimately it is this sense of disconnection that motivates him to connect to another spirit, other than his own. This in itself is a spiritual predicament.

Gary attunes to some being that gives itself some appealing name like Alexander the Great, or Abraham, or Sananda (supposably Jesus Christ). Gary, as a persona, is very excited by this. It gives him a sense of importance, and sense of connection and meaning. “Abraham is channelling through me, wow!” Gary asks questions and what comes back to him are really appealing answers. Perhaps Gary is told things like:

  • You are an amazing being, God loves you and wants you to come home…
  • Just believe in yourself…
  • Trust in your heart, you always know what to do…
  • If you hold a clear enough vision, etc., you can manifest anything you desire…
  • You are part of an abundant universe, there is no need to go without or to lack anything…
  • The world is going through a great transformation a this time, and there are many wonderful things that will soon be revealed…

And that sort of thing. It all seems rather appealing, and can’t really be outright faulted. Yet let’s look into this more deeply:

Gary is first and foremost perpetuating his disconnection from his own Spirit. Is he certain his Spirit incarnated in order for him to simply connect to other spirits and channel them? Is he certain his Spirit wouldn’t rather be fully engaged with the world, integrated and grounded into the human experience, and to fulfil its purpose as an act of service to Life?

Each time Gary gives his attention to this other entity, he is establishing an energetic link, and passing his life-force through this link. Is he certain this is what the Mother (the source of his life-force) intended for him to do with this energy?

Many forms of channelling open up the luminous body to influence from the channelled entity, or to other entities at a similar frequency to the channeled entity. According to my understanding, this is typically a violation of the agreement the Spirit of Man makes with the Creator. Our luminous body is intended for our Spirit to engage with and hold mastery and command over. To open it up to the influence of other entities may go against that intention. Is Gary certain he is somehow an exception to this basic principle?

According to the Original Knowledge and Teachings of the Mother, the primary purpose of spiritual training and practice is to:

  1. Engage you more fully with your spirit.
  2. Bring your spirit to the forefront of your experience of and your relationship with the world.
  3. Bring you back into alignment with and direct experience of the Divine Mother; to be in service to Her as a co-creator in service to Life.
  4. Bring about full conscious recognition of your agreement/purpose for being here in this dimension.
  5. To restore full conscious recognition of who you are as a spirit, where you came from as a spirit, and why you are here as a spirit.
  6. To restore full living recognition of the law of Reciprocity—what it means to live in sacred reciprocity with Life.
  7. To restore sacred alliance with: Your spiritual allies; with the Sun; with the Earth; with the Divine Mother; with the Divine Father; with the ancestral spirits of your place of birth; with the geography and spiritual matrix of your place of birth, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, etc.

It would be wise for Gary to ask himself how many of these things are being fulfilled through his channelling. Similarly, if you study channelled teachings, as yourself how directly and effectively those teachings are bring about the above list of conditions.

Links with lower entities

astral-spirits-channellingThe link a channeller makes with lower astral entities (which is pretty much the only kind of entity that might be in a position to be channelled) sets up a bond. This bond comes at a cost. We give up our precious life-force. The other issue is this: What is that entity linked to? Why has that entity, fallen master, fallen angel, etc., been restricted to the astral realms? Why is he/she/it not incarnating to resolve its issues? Why is it not ascending to higher planes of consciousness to continue its journey? There is a very high probability that entity is linked to other entities, and that directly or indirectly it is linked to dark forces. It’s alliance or link with these dark forces are an aspect of what keeps this soul or entity entrapped and in a degraded state. Rather than resolving its issues it is messing around with lost human souls that are looking wherever they can for guidance.

Whoever such a soul/entity communicates with (assuming the channelling is not simply channelling his own alter-ego) is also going to become linked with the dark force just mentioned. The link may be subtle, but such links are beyond time and thus never go away. Not unless we become conscious of them and clear them, or they are cleared through some other act of Grace by the Mother or some high being working in accordance with the Mother.

What about the people following a channeller? Anyone investing a significant amount of their attention (=Life-Force) into a channel is inadvertently investing their Life-Force to 1) the lost/confused spirit that is being channelled, and 2) what ever demons and dark forces that confused/lost spirit is being held back by.

Higher Guidance

Somewhere a long the way, we might wish to receive a source of “higher” guidance. At some level we recognise that we struggle to be led by our own Spirit, so we look to other spirits for direction. But let’s take a look at the typical set up. Here I am, as an individual unit of life. I feel lost and want guidance. Then there is this other unit of life that is in another realm or plane of existence, who is looking for souls that are struggling, and wishes to help them out. I set up some kind of call to this other spirit, it answers, and a dialogue begins. All of a sudden I am channelling, or listening to someone else who is.

Let’s take a look at this set up.

The human Mind is designed to attune, through the resonant space of the Heart, to the human Spirit. The human Spirit exists on a “high” plane that is well beyond the astral dimensions one typically finds entities hanging around waiting to send messages down to humans that are struggling to connect with their Spirit. Once a being is ascended, it doesn’t typically hang around the lower astral realms most channellers connect to. Angels most certainly don’t roam around lower astral planes. Any entity that claims to a channeller that it is an Angelic being is more than likely being deceptive.

According to those I know with spiritual sight / perception, what one typically finds frequenting the lower astral realms are:

  • Disembodied human souls,
  • Lost animal souls,
  • Demons,
  • Darkened entities,
  • Fallen masters,
  • Fallen angels,
  • Sorcerers,
  • Alien beings, that are cut off from Source,
  • Human souls in “purgatory”,
  • Any other souls and spirits that have turned their back on the Divine in order to operate as a free agent under its own agenda or the agenda of some other entity or force,
  • Various other forms of entities the average channeller wouldn’t want to hang out with if the entity was hiding behind a veil the channeller can’t see beyond.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive or complete.

Most of these energies, entities, and beings are starving for Life-Force. Their connection to the Divine has been compromised, one way or another. They are paying the price for that compromise, and are perhaps more lost than the average human being. It’s quite a privilege to incarnate into human form, and one that most astral entities are presently forbidden to experience. Without a source of abundant Life-Force there are a few options.

  1. Accept the situation, and seek redemption.
  2. Convince the Divine Mother to turn the tap on. Not likely.
  3. Incarnate into the Earth plane. Possible, for some, but most likely in a fairly miserable situation, and not likely as a human.
  4. Steal energy from some other entity that does have a flow of Life-Force from the Creator.

It’s this forth option that motivates the majority of entities interacting with human beings. In most cases, when a human soul chooses to channel another being from the astral realms, this is the kind of entity that will be answering their call.

Wait a minute… aren’t their higher beings?

People have at times said to me in person, “What about channelling higher spiritual beings from beyond the astral plane? Isn’t that possible?

Channelling energiesYes, it’s possible, just not very probable. Let’s take a look at this. If a human soul knows how to attune to the realms beyond the astral planes, this presupposes they are connected to and conscious of their Spirit. If a human being is connected to and conscious of their Spirit, what need do they have for channelling some other entity or Spirit? As a Spirit they are already vastly wiser then the typical human persona. What’s more, if they were to receive help from fellow Spirits and spiritual allies, it would happen through direct perception. It would not require “bringing through” and “channelling” this higher Spirit. It’s unlikely the higher Spirit would want anything to do with such an act. There’s a basic lack of spiritual dignity involved, which a higher spirit is not going to want to enable and play into. That kind of set up is like a form of spiritual co-dependence. The channeller is the victim; the world at large and/or ignorance is the aggressor; and the high spirit is meant to step in as the saviour.

Then what are our options?

About now you may be wondering, “Well, if we are not meant to be following the guidance of channelled entities, how do we find our way our of this shitty situation of being adrift on the ocean of life?

Well, that’s just it. We are on the ocean of Life. We are in fact a part of that ocean of Life. The ocean of life is the oceanic vastness of the Divine Mother Goddess. She did not abandon us here. We may have abandoned—or turn our back on—Her, and for that reason she may leave us to our own devices. But we are far from being abandoned.

The moment a human soul shows any sign of interest in finding and aligning with the Mother, her interest in that human begins to stir. The more interest the soul shows in LIFE, the more LIFE pays attention and begins to co-operate. You see, the ‘co’ in co-operation implies two or more parties. In this case, it’s your soul, your Spirit, and the Mother. The Mother can do little more than hold space for our party tricks, so long as we have our back to Her. She will, of course, provide signs and signals, and these will typically manifest through the workings of Her Creation. The body, the mind, the emotions, nature, weather, mountains, plants, rivers, animals, situations, etc. Yet ordinary man has turned his back on the natural world, including his own body and local environment. It’s as if he believes himself to be captaining a ship, whilst at the same time he’s not engaging with the ship itself. What’s more, he is not engaging with the natural forces of the surrounding environment. This is what I meant earlier about many of us ending up in the situation where our ship is hijacked by pirates. Where does the captain go, when the ship is hijacked? He is usually locked up under the decks, or tied to the mast, or perhaps forced to join the other pirate sailors serving the pirate captain.

Divine Mother DreamingEven then the Mother will continue to send signals. She will utilise whatever means are available to catch the attention of human souls. Health issues, emotional problems, painful situations, inspirations, synchronicity, dreams, blessings, Grace, etc. The Mother will work through these means to grab our attention. The challenge is that the attention of ordinary Man is well and truly captivated by something else.

There is very little a channel—or astral entity, if you’re the one doing the channelling—can tell you that you can’t already access in the vast resources of your own inner Being. Over the past 25 years or so I’ve looked over a fair share of channelled information, and, except for a few rare examples, I’ve not seen anything that had real spiritual depth and substance to it. As far as I could ascertain, much of it is geared toward appealing to the human ego. The typically channelled message sounds “nice”, and encourages people to be all of who they are, etc. There are whole genres of channelled data that encourage people to be more abundant, and create greater health and wealth, and human embellishments through things like “The Law of Attraction” and creative visualisation.The tone is generally very supportive of the human persona, bolstering it, pampering it, appealing to its spiritual desires and aspirations. But is that actually beneficial? Does that actually lead a person into genuine spiritual work and spiritual engagement? Not that I have seen.

There is nothing actually wrong with this kind of carry-on. It all comes down to what you are looking for. In my experience, many spiritual seekers are generally looking for spiritual answers to their human discomforts. They look to spirituality as a means to provide greater human comfort, to help the ego cope with life. In such cases, channelled information may help, or at least entertain for a while. But what about those of us who want to have direct experience of their own Spirit? To them I would say channelling and channelled information is at best a distraction, and at worst a total diversion. I wish to also point out that for those of us consciously on “the spiritual path” it’s important to be grounded. We need to cultivate a state of being grounded and integrated. Channelling is one of many activities that tends to make people less grounded and less integrated.

The reality is that your life is in every moment giving you all the signs and signals you could ever need for the sake of leading you to your salvation. For any one of us, it’s really just a question of whether or not we have been paying appropriate attention. Or is our attention caught up in something else? What kind of things captivate our attention?

  • Undue investment of our human energy into jobs and careers
  • Excessively slaving away earning money to buy material stuff that we don’t really need
  • Worrying about whether people approve of us
  • Worrying about brands and labels, and whether what we like is “in” or not
  • Hankering for “friends” to “like” and “share” what we post to (anti)social networks like Facebook
  • Seeking love, rather than being love
  • Infatuation with plant spirits (like cannabis and ayahuasca)
  • Drinking and partying
  • Submersing ourselves in spiritual paths and practices that are not aligned with our Spirit, whilst believing they are.
  • … the list goes on…

So long as our attention is captivated by these sorts of things (and there are plenty more than those I have listed), it is relatively difficult for us to give our attention to the signs and signals of the Mother. Simply put, many people are so wrapped up in their self-centred relationship to the world, there is hardly room for LIFE itself to get through to them. The last resort is that LIFE pulls the rug out from under our feet, and whilst sitting painfully flat on our arse, LIFE has a brief chance to get through to our attention. I’ve met a lot of people who can relate to this dynamic. It’s rather comical really, so please don’t take my being frank about it as a sign of taking this all too seriously. We can only smile out our folly, and do our best to see through it.

Useful channelling?

Any valuable spiritual teachings, whether channelled or otherwise, will ideally have a number of attributes. Such as:

  • First, and foremost, it will direct you to yourself. Focuses on you coming to directly know yourself.
  • Isn’t promising or focused on something in the future. Examples might be heaven after death, or a great collective awakening, or a “big vibrational shift on such and such a date”, and so on.
  • It will include (and open your awareness to) the Divine Mother. As humans we are, after all, in the realm and creativity of the Divine Mother. This Earth and our human form is part of her manifest expression.
  • It won’t focus on how you can make yourself “feel better” or live a more comfortable life. Feeling more at ease, and having joy in your life may naturally arise as you awaken more fully into your true Presence. But these are not goals on the spiritual path. For many of us, genuine spiritual awakening can make worldly life more challenging and difficult, at least for a time. Spiritual awakening will free you up from being so identified with your human body and persona, and more devoted to Life and to the Creator. If it’s in our best interest to go through challenges and difficulties in order to awaken and integrate into the human experience more fully, then life isn’t going to suddenly seem more comfortable.

A conclusion of sorts

Simply put, you already know all you need to know order to act in accordance with your Spirit, and according to your capacity in this moment. You already perceive everything you need to perceive in order to derive sufficient personal power for the implementation of your next move, as a Spirit. In all but the rarest of cases, any Being wiling to be channelled by a confused human ego is not going to provide you with information that is actually of any real value or spiritual significance. On the contrary, when you are engage with Life and the world as a Spirit, from a sense of Presence and I Am-ness, and navigating the ocean of Life to the fulfilment of your divine purpose, it’s you these entities will be looking to for help and salvation, not the other way around.

Golden WarriorNothing in this world of duality is black and white. So I shall reiterate that none of what I have shared in this article is meant to imply there is never anything useful to be derived from channelled information. There is nothing outright “wrong” or “bad” with channelling. It is simply an act of partial and dualistic consciousness which may provide some benefits, and yet may also have other consequences many who look to channels for answers will be blind-sided to. Just keep this in mind. Use your discernment. Look within your own heart for the answers you seek, and then pay utmost attention.

I don’t recommend engaging in the practice of channelling, because this can have unforeseen and troubling negative consequences. There are certainly situations where words that have been channelled will be just what you need to read or hear in that moment, in much they same way you might pick up any random book, pick a page, and receive some form of guidance. In working with a channel privately, it’s quite possible that channel and their entities they are linked to (if it’s not just their own alter-ego or soul they are tuning into) will see things in your luminous body and give voice to that. This may prove helpful. It may be useful to you in that moment. My invitation is to simply keep it in a healthy perspective. Mainly that the channel is not telling you something you can’t directly access yourself.

For the Spirit of Man, spiritual alliance is vital. We were never meant to navigating through this world without spiritual allies. But our spiritual allies will want nothing to do with channelling. Any spiritual Being seriously worth investing your attention into, simply won’t condone nor participate in the undignified act of belittlement that is a prerequisite for you to subject your soul to the woes of channelling. Your allies will communicate directly with your Spirit. It then remains up to you to have a clear and pure heart, as that is where your Spirit will engage with your luminous body to in-form your human self with its wisdom and guiding light. If your own Spirit can’t get through to you in a way that is meaningful, how is some other spirit meant to do any better?

Spirits (as opposed to astral entities) engage with and relate to other Spirits. Your task is to come to know yourself as a Spirit.

When the time is ripe for do so, I may write some articles on what that involves. In the mean time, feel free to ask.

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