Last Updated on August 5, 2015

This is an introduction to a series of articles I will be progressively writing on the subject of Spiritual Deception. My intention in elucidating this subject is to provide a point of reference so people may reflect on the ways in which they may be subjecting themselves (or may in the future subject themselves) to the vast array of deceptive spiritual teachings, beliefs, and practices, and concepts prevalent in the world today. As my beloved spiritual mentor often says, “We are in a 3D realm of spiritual deception”.

When the Spirit of Man enters this dimension, most of us go through a perceptual veil. What this means for the majority of people is that they lose the perception of their Spirit. This has two sides to it. The first is that their human ego-mind does not perceive their spirit… meaning the person is unaware of their spirit. They are ignorant that they are a living Spirit. The second is that Man loses touch with the way in which his/her spirit perceives. Simply put, spiritual perception is lost.

This places Man in a very precarious situation. Without spiritual perception it become exceedingly easy for ordinary Man to be deceived when it comes to spiritual matters. No matter how cunning, educated, and savvy a person might be in worldly matters, they are still just as likely to be deceived in spiritual matters. Perhaps even more so, for the simple reason that all their worldly cunning comes from the intellect and basic mechanisms of survival. These server to further cut most people off from their spirt. It just’s part of the playing field we have all agreed to enter into.

The challenge is to recognise the ways in which we are deceived spiritually. Ultimately it’s all self-deception, although there is typically an element of seemingly outside forces working to actively deceive Man. We are only susceptible to such deceptive forces because of the way we hold our Spirit in relationship to the world. Deal within this spiritual deception awakens us to the ways in which we are blind-sided. In addressing this blindness, we can  piece by piece reclaim consciousness of our Spirit, and thus the perception of our Spirit and our spiritual perception.

Remember: All power is a product of perception. The greater our perception, the greater our power. The clearer our perception, the more impeccable our power. The greater our power, the greater our responsibility to LIFE, and to the Source of Life (the source our power). As far as spiritual perception is concerned, the source of that power and of LIFE is the Divine Mother.

Facing and clearing the ways in which we are deceived enables us to unravel the energetic entanglements and imprints that hold us in ignorance. This in turn is the very challenge that empowers Man to live in the world as a Spirit. We cease to be a human persona trying to have glimpses of spiritual experience, and shift to our rightful place of a Spirit engaged in the Human experience.

I trust this series of articles, as they emerge over time, serve you well.

I wish you all the best the Grace of Life has to offer you, as you battle your way out of ignorance and into the glory of your magnificent and eternal Spirit.


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