In Part I of this article I touched on a lot of different points about the spiritual dimension of human sexuality. It was a fairly cursory look at the Dark Side of Sex. In Part II, I’ll be touching on various other aspects of this important topic. Having introduced the topic in Part I, in this article we’ll just jump right into it.

The normalisation of sexual deviation

“It is very important to not participate in the normalization of sexual behaviors that are not based in mutual respect and deep reverence. This may sound prudish but I do think human sexuality is powerful and threatening to the dark forces and they use normalizing sexual deviance and loose sexual behaviors to destroy people and to prevent the true spiritual potential of human sexually from being realized and enjoyed. There is no comparison when sacred sexuality is honored, realized and or known. Lower forms of sexuality are then obviously repulsive, low and degrading to every person involved.” — Eve Lorgen, Spiritual Warfare and the Human Soul – Reptilian Hosting and Strip Clubs. Author of, The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural, and Energy Vampirism (a book I’ve not read, but I understand it explores much of what we’re looking at in this article)

“Within the sexual frequency, you exchange with one another. So if you are bonding yourself and chemically exchanging with a person who is not of your likeness, you are taking on their garbage because you are exchanging energy quite intimately. Even if you don’t want to be with this person, the sexual experience stays with you because you have had an electromagnetic exchange.”

– Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn

The dark-side spiritual agenda to divert and harvest human life-force through the hi-jacking of sexuality is a powerful one, and it’s very prevalent. It’s become so normalised that I often come across people who are relatively promiscuous in their selection and quantity of sexual partners. I’ve found they can get rather defensive about their sexual habits, choices, and tendencies when introduced to the topics addressed in these Dark Side of Sex articles. In my experience, it’s not uncommon for people to come up with all sorts of creative (and yet rather unoriginal) justifications for their misconceptions or blind-sidedness around their sexuality.

Is it any different to the reaction drug users and addicts have to people speaking out about the negative aspects of such habits? Interestingly, the causes and outcomes of drug addiction and sex addiction are also very similar. Namely, dark and unconscious spiritual forces imposing themselves upon the human soul, and a susceptibility to such often being caused by deeps feelings of self-invalidation and repression of the creativity of the soul.

The fact sexual promiscuity and “sexual liberation” (usually as a reactionary breaking away from sexual repression) has become increasingly normalised, this doesn’t mean it’s something to be aspired to, or wholly life-affirming. What’s required is greater consciousness around sexuality and it’s deeper potential. Overt suppression or expression of this powerful force doesn’t necessarily imply an increase in consciousness.

Perspective by numbers

Imagine if every time you had sex with someone, you had to agree to be sexually involved with every other person your partner has had sex with, and every person each of those people have had sex with, and every person they have had sex with? That’s just three levels of sexual interaction, yet we could justifiably add more.

Would you still do it?

Let’s throw some numbers into this. Imagine you have sex with a person who has had 8 sexual partners, which various studies indicate is about the average. Each of those people have also had sex with an average of 8 people. That’s a total of 64 people. Now, if they have also had sex with an average of 8 people, the total comes to 512 people. How would it feel to you, honestly, if having sex with any one of those people meant you had to meet all 512 of them face-to-face, in one sexual orgiastic encounter, and you had to agree to deeply open yourself to every one of them, to have sex with them, to physically and psychically penetrate and be penetrated by them, and take into your body and psyche / soul all that they carry emotionally, psychically, and spiritually?

Would you agree to do it, or would this be cause for serious concern?

What if we take this example one level deeper? If those 512 people were also sexually involved with an average of 8 people, we now have an astounding 4096 people, at just 4 levels of sexual relationships. What if someone you have sex with (or one of their past partners) has had sex with one or more prostitutes (or otherwise highly promiscuous partners), who have, for example, had sex with 100 or more people? This could quickly increase the number of people you’re taking on energy from, and spiritually linking yourself to, by tens of thousands.


I don’t wish to imply that every time we share sexual intimacy with someone we immediately take on all the unresolved issues they and (for example) hundreds or thousands of other people are harbouring. It’s not as simple as that. The point is simply that spiritually and psychically there is much more to our sexual encounters than meets the eye. A great deal more is shared between two sexual partners than most people consciously realise or take into consideration.

In the spiritual dimensions the flow of life-force establishes subtle links or connections between the source(s) and recipient(s) of this life-force. In sexually heightened states there is a powerful accumulation and flow of life-force. This can establish deep pathways of psychic association and affiliation between people (between souls). It’s much like a spider weaving a web. The weaker of those links will dissolve over time, most especially when the people involved have actively worked on clearing their unconscious links and ties with people in their “past”. Although, the spiritual work of clearing the residual effects of our “past” associations is not a common practice, so the degree of clearing that has taken place is typically a matter of time as opposed to conscious intent.

Spiritual Immunity

What plays out spiritually is very similar to what goes on biologically. For example, studies indicate that approximately 70% of people will be infected by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) at some point in their life. In most cases the immune system will, over the course of time, eliminate or control this virus. One study indicates at least 70% of HPV infections will clear in less than 40 days, without any form of treatment. [] Something quite similar plays out spiritually, when we take on “infective” and potentially harmful energy from people we are exposed to. Over time our spiritual immune system will clean up the “infection”.

It’s worth noting this process of psychic assimilation and clearing is not without possible symptoms. Much like when the body fights off a flu virus, and goes through major symptoms in the process. Hits on our spiritual immunity commonly include negative impacts on our emotional state, and unconscious and life-degrading influences over our behaviour and tendencies. A great deal of what most people identify as “normal” negative emotional swings, depression and depressive states, and many other negative emotional states, addictions and tendencies, et cetera, are the result of psychic or spiritual influence from unconscious spiritual forces and psychically enduring mis-associations. In a healthy individual the psyche (or “soul”) goes through a natural process of digesting and, hopefully, clearing and eliminating toxic psychic energy it has been exposed to.

Sexual Behavioural Conditioning

For anyone wishing to bring forth their spirit into greater conscious embodiment, it’s imperative to pay serious attention to the ways in which conditioning has impacted their behaviour and psychic condition (or state of being). This is equally true for the way we experience, and function with, our sexual energy.

In modern “Westernised” society both men and women are commonly conditioned into projecting and objectifying themselves sexually. Often the underlying motivation is one of unconsciously seeking self-validation, approval, and (a somewhat distorted) fantasy experience of “love”. This conditioning is extensively made use of and promoted through advertising. Both men and women are affected by it, and play into it.

For example, it’s very common for the modern woman to go to great lengths to project and accentuate her sexuality. Basically, when this occurs, she’s sexually objectifying herself, as a result of conditioning. It can play out through such common-place practices it’s easy to overlook what’s going on. For example, in many instances the shaving of legs, armpits, and pubic hair is an attempt to unconsciously make the female body more sexually appealing to males who have been socially conditioned to unconsciously find a female body resembling prepubescence more desirable and, for some men, less threatening; the application of lipstick to artificially accentuate the lips into mimicking those of a women in a state of overt sexual arousal; wearing clothing that accentuates the legs and overtly draws attention to the sexual association of the pubic area and buttocks; and, in many cases, the habitual wearing of bras and specific clothing primarily to accentuate the breasts and cleavage, and artificially make them seem bigger, firmer and, therefore, more desirable. These are just a few common examples of sexually projective behaviour. On top of these acts of self-objectification, there are many social behaviour patterns that play out in daily interactions with people, where the projection of sexual energy and desirability (in order to achieve a desired outcome) are commonplace.

Despite many women engaging in this kind of conditioned behaviour, the act is typically so unconscious that they are surprised, even shocked and offended, when this overt projection of their sexuality results in attracting negative sexual attention and violation from other people. It’s something to which the modern collective female psyche is dangerously blind-sided. Obviously there are plenty of women who are exceptions to this generalisation, and who consciously make different choices in their demeanor, self-presentation, etc.

Conditioning in the act itself

Another layer of sexual conditioning is that associated with the act of sexual intercourse itself. For example, it’s not uncommon for unconscious males to condition females into a relatively loveless, insensitive, and aggressive approach to their sexuality. The all-to-common act of vigorously and aggressively banging away at each other in order to quickly reach the goal of an orgasmic sexual blast and an energetic release is something females typically learn from culturally desensitised males. Woman doesn’t naturally crave this kind of interaction. Once infected with such behaviour, it’s common for women to continue promoting it themselves, under the mistaken unconscious belief it’s what will gain her the most validation and approval from men she intimately encounters. In reality, as I’ve experienced it, women naturally want to experience deep communion, heart level reciprocity (giving and receiving), and the sharing of deep loving intimacy.

I don’t wish to imply there’s anything overtly “right” or “wrong” with aggressive and insensitive sexual interaction. My point is simply that if such behaviour is the result of conditioning—and I propose it is—we owe it to ourselves (both males and females) to seriously question what more is possible when unconscious conditioning is not controlling our sexual interaction?

By Robby Donaghey

In simple terms, there’s a big difference between the relatively brief act of “having a good fuck” whilst ambitiously driving toward the goal of an orgasmic high—a process lasting on average for less then 7 minutes[1]—and that of mutually and tenderly surrendering for prolonged periods, even many hours, into a shared state of loving intimacy and body-heart-soul communion. In such an interaction there doesn’t need to be any goal-orientated drive toward orgasm, nor to have an aversion to it.

Human beings literally have the capacity to “make” (or generate) loving energy, through the merging of their respective sexual energy (e.g., life force), in an act of mutual loving intent. Yet, it takes time, sensitivity, and a pure intent for such. The “love” energy generated through such an interaction is powerful. Not only can it be used to balance and heal ourselves and one another, but also to balance and heal our family, our community, and the ecological environment in which we live. Knowledge of this topic has almost been completely forgotten in the modern world.

The dark side of the collective amnesia around the true potential of loving sexual communion is that much of this life-giving power and potential gets twisted into a destructive force with negative outcomes. This shows up in obvious ways, such as the abusive, traumatising, and harmful misuse of sexuality so common in our society. Sex addiction, sexual violence, sexual perversions, sexual suppression, and sexual inhibition (fear and anxiety) are just some of the other common symptoms of our collective shadow around human sexuality.

On a spiritual level what’s typically playing out through our loss of consciousness around human sexuality is the subtle hi-jacking and mis-directing of precious and powerful life-force. The effects of this are vast, and not something I could do any justice to in an article such as this. But, to put it very simply, according to ancient indigenous and spiritual wisdom, the unconscious use and mis-use of sexual energy is a major contributing factor in the loss of familial, social, communal, ecological, individual and collective human balance on the Earth at this time.

Dream sex

It would be remiss of me not to point out that men and women are regularly targeted for their sexual energy whilst they are sleeping. This is a phenomenon many cultures around the world have traditionally recognised and made significant references to. If you’re not familiar with this issue, do some research into Incubus, Succubus, sexual Djinn/Jinn, and nocturnal sexual demons. The person having such experiences at night may or may not be aware of it occurring, and may or may not be aware of dreams involving sexual interactions.

One common symptom of sexual (life-force) energy being harvested at night is that of consistently requiring an excessive amount of sleep, and waking up feeling tired or groggy despite having had more than enough sleep. What’s excessive? It will depend on the person and their age but, in general, consistently needing more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep could be a sign one is losing life-force at night. The exact cause could vary, but one common one is that of sexual demons and negative spiritual links taking our life-force through arousal and harvesting of sexual energy.

The experience of energy being taken whilst asleep won’t necessarily manifest as something horrible. Such forces can show up in very appealing forms, including the form of people we know in the waking world, and forms we fantasise about.

Keep in mind, there are many reasons people might need a lot of sleep, and why people wake up feeling drained or enervated even after getting a lot of sleep. For example, it could be caused by various health issues, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, dietary imbalances, etc. Whatever the cause, it’s well worth spiritually investigating what’s going on. As far as I can tell, harvesting of sexual energy through “dreams” is very common, and is perhaps the primary enduring cause for loss of energy at night (and thus requiring excessive sleep, and waking up tired).

Some people enjoy sexual dream interactions, and even crave them. A great many people also fantasise about being raped, sexually dominated, or sexually taken advantage of during their waking hours, especially whilst engaged in sexual intercourse. Such dreams and fantasies are a very typical sign of enduring infiltration by negative sexual forces and spirits, which will need to be addressed if the person sincerely wants to recover full consciousness of their essence.

The source of such infiltration can very often be just one mis-taken sexual encounter, through which we unwittingly allowed dark spiritual entities to infiltrate our luminous body. We’re especially susceptible to such infiltration when having sex whilst drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Practices that induce a state of dissociative trance whilst having sex such as BDSM, or drug/alcohol intoxication, and even many “spiritual” sexual practices that encourage seeking a entranced “spiritual” high along with body dissociation, can greatly increase our susceptibility to dark sexual entities. Conscious attraction to such practices and acts is likely indicative infiltration has already taken place, and the forces involved are continuing to more deeply impose themselves upon their target.

“Tantric” Sex

This is a big topic I could never do real justice to here. But for now I wish to simply point out that from my perspective many modern interpretations of so-called “tantra” and “sexual temple arts”, and so-called “neo-tantra”, and the like, are a far cry from the level of consciousness around sexuality I’m suggesting is possible and advisable. I think it is safe to say the majority of such practices and “schools” are to varying degrees infiltrated by negative spiritual forces, intent on harvesting life-force through human sexuality. That’s not to say they are entirely negative, and devoid of potential value. Just that, like most things which are spiritually infiltrated, the benefits and value can come at a high and unseen cost. In which case, it’s advisable to look elsewhere for such benefits.

Yes, a great many people require sexual healing, and would benefit from liberating themselves from sexual repression, trauma, and related sexual issues. But, blindly diving into so-called “tantric” sexual practices, et cetera, is in many cases not the best answer. It’s the same point I’ve put forth regarding the oftentimes misguided use of Ayahuasca for healing purposes.

Our challenge

By Alex Grey

Sexual energy exists throughout nature. It’s perfectly natural. Therefore, it’s foolish to moralistically or prudishly condemn it as wrong, bad, evil, or sinful. It’s equally foolish to blindly underestimate or diminish its true power and potential, and the impact it can have on the human soul / psyche, and on our environment. It’s also a big mistake (a “mis-take on reality”) to get caught up in making ourselves “wrong” or feeling guilty, etc., for our life-degrading tendencies, behaviour, and fantasies. It’s near impossible to heal ourselves from something we judge ourselves for.

Perhaps the worst downfall in Modernity’s approach to sex—and to pretty much everything in life—is that it’s completely blindsided to and ignorant of the spiritual dimensions of the human experience and of life itself. This puts us into situations where it’s like we’re playing with mercury or a piece of plutonium whilst completely ignorant such a substance leaves behind a highly destructive and toxic residue in our body.

One of the great challenges facing modern humanity at this time is that of uplifting our approach to and appreciation of human sexuality into the full light and clarity of consciousness inherent to the human spirit. Only then will sexuality be experienced and directed in a way that is truly life-affirming to all beings.

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