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Introduction — A deeper perspective on the shadow side of sex

The most popular article on my web site is on the Dark Side of Ayahuasca. I have a number of “Dark side…” articles, to share perspectives which may help liberate people from the entrapment of spiritual deception. Most of the darkness and unconsciousness within the human psyche (i.e., the soul) comes about through deception, misperception, and being blindsided. How else can pure and total consciousness experience loss of consciousness? Only through the work of deception, which is the dark-side twisting of perception.

The primary challenge of our times is that so many people are so massively deceived, en masse, that it’s become the norm, and we now base the majority of our collective values, objectives, activities, and world views on what is, in essence, an extraordinarily blind-sided state of being. We have literally become the blind leading the blind in almost every area of human endeavour. Spirituality is no exception, perhaps even more so.

Sex Mis-education

Sexuality is perhaps one of most important subjects for a human being to understand, and yet it is rarely addressed in a conscious and integral way. When it is address, it’s typically done so in a moralistic and artificial way. Many high schools (at least in New Zealand, and I suspect elsewhere) attempt some form of “sex education,” almost like a token gesture of vague acknowledgement that something about us is sexual and needs to at least be mentioned so the school can be seen as doing the right thing. Usually such lessons a poor attempt, at best, at addressing a subject massive and mighty subject.

Ironically, if people were less twisted and suppressed in their views on sexuality, the whole notion of an adolescent “sex education” program would seem absurd to most of us. How is it that men and women engage sexually—co-creating children through sexual intercourse, perhaps even some “love making”—and yet the resulting children typically remain clueless about this act until a few hours are spent discussing it with a bunch of virtual strangers in a prison-like school system? And, even then, the are still mostly clueless, and high mis-educated about it? Something so utterly natural, fundamentally normal—something every one of us is a product of—is a topic many parents feel uncomfortable, if not completely unable, to address with the very children that resulted from their sexual relations. Obviously, something about this picture is dysfunctional.

From 11 to 17 I attended an all boys school. Statistics from studies indicate the majority of my fellow students masturbated on a regular basis, if not daily or even multiple times a day, and yet few ever admitted it, not even to their friends. It was an act darkly enshrouded in guilt and secrecy, for fear of ridicule and social ostracism. This alone is a stark indication we’re dealing with a topic that has a shadow side—one that has been carefully obscured by moralisation, suppression, and denial.

The Modern Age of Sexual Liberation?

In a kind of backlash reaction to generations of sexual denial and repression, it’s not uncommon among the past couple of generations of men and women in modern society to feel they are more “liberated” sexually, than their ancestors. It’s a strange notion of liberation—as we’re about to see—to believe that being sexually unrepressed means “screwing around” with whomever we feel to, whenever we can, and whenever one or both participants feel, “Up for it”.

In my experience, it is common to meet “free-thinking” and “spiritually inclined” woman who have had at least 20 to 40 sexual partners, even upwards to 100 or more, by the time they are perhaps only 25 to 30 years old. Often when I ask a woman about their sexual escapades she will initially try to convince me that it was all just a bit of fun, and part of expressing herself, and that she has few, if any, regrets about how often she spread her legs to screw around with men who were essentially strangers. (I propose that knowing someone’s name, and what they do for a living, and having had a few hours of conversation, does not mean they are suddenly not a stranger—it can take months to really get to know someone, and the issues they are afflicted by). Often I hear sexually liberal women speak about being sexually free, and freely expressing and experiencing their Goddess sensuality. “Free,” I suppose, from what she felt was the only alternative—namely, a life of sexual repression.

Is this really freedom, for the spirit, to be exposed to all kinds of tricky situations and forces whilst the human body involves itself with a long list of sexual partners for a bit of fun, self-expression, and self-pleasing?

After some deeper and heart-centred enquiry it invariably comes to light that many (and I suspect most) sexually liberal women in fact feel deeply unsatisfied and unfulfilled by their long list of sexual partners. In their heart of hearts, they know it has left them more barren and depleted each time, rather than more enriched and fulfilled. It’s not uncommon they harbor deep sadness and confusion pertaining to their life and sexuality, although they may not have associated such feelings with their sexual escapades. I’ve heard similar sentiments of men, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable and heart-centred enough to notice and admit how they really feel.

In my youth, I tended to hold back when it came to sexual relations with women. This was mostly due to an overbearing sense of self-consciousness and self-uncertainty. Yet, between my late teens to early twenties, if a woman overtly showed interest in me sexually I would likely jump at the opportunity with only a limited amount of consideration. Fortunately, it was relatively rare for women to approach me on that level (it played out just a few times). At the time I presumed it had something to do with my hairy face, long hair, and what they perceived to be a somewhat intense, self-possessed, and yet socially aloof demeanor. In hind-sight I am aware that in each of the few instances where a woman directly approached me for sexual intimacy, they were strongly influenced by links to dark forces. This awareness came about through spiritually investigating what was really going on during those interactions. We’ll explore that topic a little in what follows.

Getting high, and hi-jacked

Here’s a secret pertaining to sex: Human sexuality is a force so powerful that over many thousands of years it has been carefully and systematically obscured, veiled and, subsequently, hi-jacked. We’re dealing with a power that can bring forth and sustain new life; a power that sparks new ideas and creativity; a power that both makes and breaks empires. Sexual energy is a power that, without exception, significantly impacts the course of every human being, for better or for worse.

In the energetic highs that typically come with strong sexual arousal and orgasm, the luminous body is particularly open and thus exposed to whatever happens to be around. During sexual highs, the soul is more vulnerable, and thus more prone to hi-jacking, if important precautions are not attended to.

Yet whom, or what, is mis-shaping something so profoundly natural, powerful, and beautiful, into something oftentimes so ugly, suppressive, perverted, violent, and heartless? It’s not simply “religion,” it’s not the prudes and puritans, it’s not the moralists, nor the sexually wounded. They all play their part, but behind these passing temporal façades are hidden forces intent on hi-jacking precious human energy for their own purposes. That’s the big secret hiding in the collective and individual shadows of human sexuality.

Ironically, the original basis for the pious and religious tendency toward caution in sexual matters was generally derived from the spiritual recognition that mis-use of this precious human capacity was prone to interference from dark forces, demons, and negative entities. Yet, over the past few thousand years, as spiritual blindness set into the human psyche, we were left with mere beliefs about how to approach sexuality, without direct perception of why, nor of how to navigate our way safely through this unavoidable terrain. Belief is only required for that which is not real—subjectively, not necessarily objectively—and thus dependance on belief in our relationship to life tends us toward elaborate abstraction, fantasy, non-reality, and eventually deception.

Where’s all the energy go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the energy released each time you orgasm? It is a power that has a long history of uniting and separating people, communities, and nations. A power that can bring forth new life. A power that the majority of people in modern society find so alluring they become obsessed with it, and need to release it on a regular basis. A power that numerous pragmatic spiritual traditions—like Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and various yogic traditions—say must be harnessed, cultivated, and consciously directed if we’re to avoid the major issues its misuse can cause in life. What happens to all that power during an indiscriminate orgasmic release? Where does it go? That’s not something adolescent “sex education” ever addresses, nor do most parents consider it, if or when they coyly approach the matter with their children.

Despite its rarity within human enquiry and conversation, this may be one of the most pertinent questions of all time. Where, oh where, does all that life-force go? Think about it. With an estimated 7.6 billion people on Earth, it’s probably safe to say there are at least a 250,000 to 600,000 orgasms occurring, on average, in any given second (ref:, and According to some calculations ( thats around 91 litres (24 gallons) of human seminal fluid being released every second, which amounts to around 7.8 million litres per day (2.08 million gallons), or roughly 2.8 billion litres a year (756 million gallons). We can likely add a few million litres per day of released female sexual fluids. If we had a way of measuring the life force released in the same way we can estimate the release of sexual fluid, the numbers would be rather eye-opening.

Large and somewhat interesting numbers aside, the focus here is on the life-force involved in this global phenomenon. This is not about getting moralistic, or prudish, or about demonising human sexuality. On the contrary, human sexuality is as natural as breathing, eating, sleeping, social bonding, photosynthesising (if youre a plant), and so on. Similar to how so many people in modern society are all but completely unconscious around what and how they eat (leading to a massive array of pathological disorders and diseases), and many people are severely unconscious in how they relate to other human beings (which also results in innumerable and, at times, pathological social conditions), the majority of modern human beings are also unconscious about what is taking place spiritual, energetically, with regard to their sexual energy. It is this unconsciousness around our sexual energy (an expression of human life-force) that gives rise to the dark side of sexuality.


I’ve had around 26 years of conscious relationship with my sexuality, and many years of working on a spiritual level with other people. My observation, and that of numerous people I know who have reliable spiritual sight, is that the vast majority of human sexual activity is powerfully influenced by dark forces. I think it is safe to say that the majority of sexual acts in the modern world are hi-jacked by life-degrading spirits, demons, and other malicious forces. The human participants may feel they are just having a bit of fun, or exploring a deep intimate connection with themselves or another person, and yet in the dimension of spirit there may be an entirely different scenario playing out.

What I wish to point out is that unless a human being is aware of where they are directing the sexual energy (i.e., life force) involved in their sexual experiences, and has established a clear intention for it’s direction, there is a high chance that energy is being hi-jacked by unseen forces. Most people will be oblivious to this, due to a lack of sensitivity to the spirit, and the sight to see behind the metaphysical backdrop of material reality. They are effectively blind-sided to the spirit, and the events occurring on that subtle level of reality.

As above, so it is below (and vice versa)

It is due to being blind-sided that a great many people—including and often especially, those with a substantial interest in spiritual matters—may find such a proposition hard to accept. So, let’s take a look at a similar dynamic on a more tangible level. Imagine you have pockets so full of cash and gold coins that they fall out around you when you walk, and you also have lots of gold and diamond jewellery on. Within your own home, this causes you no particular issues. Whilst hanging out with friends and family, this perhaps causes no particular issues, although it might. Now imagine taking a walk through a crime entrenched district in Los Angeles, New York, London, or Sao Paolo, or Nigeria. What are the chances you’ll be able to walk around, with gold coins and hundred dollar bills overflowing from your pockets, without someone with malicious intentions harassing you and stealing everything you have on you? Chances are, in many parts of the world, you wouldn’t make it out alive. This is such a well understood phenomenon it goes without saying. What’s less well understood, is that something very similar plays out in spirit with regard to human sexual energy and life-force.

Life force

Sexual energy is life force. We relate to that life force as “sexual energy” when it’s associated with our genitals and our sexual functioning. Human life force is an exquisitely powerful, precious, and magnificent power. In the form-side of life, we only perceive the effects of life force, but not the life force itself. Life force operates in the formless side of life, in the metaphysical causes as opposed to the physical effects taking place in our day-to-day experiences.

It’s important to bear in mind that you are first and foremost a living spirit, who exists in a multitude of spiritual dimensions and spaces. What we experience as our body and the personality are just a thin and rather frail façade, behind which exists a soul, and that soul is connected (hopefully) to your spirit. With this in mind, as we go about our daily events and interactions, to consistently ask, “Right now, what is occurring to my spirit?” This is a deep and important level of self-enquiry, without which anyone who thinks they are “sexually free” is just fooling themselves. Realise, that in your every action there is life force involved, and that it pays to ask, “Where is my life force directed or going in this moment?”

When a man and woman (or any couple) come together sexually, their luminous bodies start running and sharing sexual energy (life force), irrespective of whether they are conscious of it. If one or both of those people is compromised in their luminous body, there’s a high chance the compromising influence they are affected by will hook into the luminous body of the other person, and start affecting them to. Again, it can help to look at this from a physical perspective first.

Imagine you are considering having sex with someone you barely know. Chances are, you’ll give a least some consideration to whether or not they might be carrying a sexually transmittable disease. With this in mind, you may decide to only engage with them if a condom is used, or perhaps only after you have both done an STD / STI test confirming you’re both free of such infections. It goes without saying that this is because there’s a very real chance your physical body could be infected by a sexually transmittable virus they carry in their physical body. Exactly they same principle applies in spirit, when it comes to the soul, and to the luminous body. Yet how often do we consider what is occurring to us in spirit, as a soul, as an energetic being, before we engage in sexual interaction with someone?

With the above in mind, it should be apparent that when engaging with someone sexually it’s important to pay attention to the fact they may be carrying something in their luminous body that has the potential to infect or compromise your luminous body. In modern society, which maintains a great deal of unconsciousness around human sexuality, it’s not uncommon for a person to have a dark force hi-jacking their energy, and by opening yourself to them sexually you are exposing yourself to that same force, and can end up hi-jacked as well. It is accurate to say, that just one spiritually compromising sexual encounter has the potential to completely change the direction of a soul’s journey in a given life-time. This is especially true when people engage in intense sexual interactions under the influence of drugs and alcohol. One of the most potentially compromising scenarios is when one or both partners are barely conscious due to the effects of alcohol, and likely remember little, if anything, the following morning. This is sadly a relatively common scenario in today’s world, and yet potentially very dangerous to the integrity of the soul.

The effects on women

A woman’s luminous body is naturally receptive, relatively to a man’s luminous body. When a man and women engage sexually, her luminous body naturally receives and attempts to incorporate the energy (and subtle information) passed to her from the man. If the man has serious issues—mentally, emotionally, or spiritually—there’s a high chance the woman’s luminous body will be informed (impregnated) by those issues, and by their causes. The degree to which this plays out, and the level of influence this has on the women, depends on a great many factors which I won’t attempt to elaborate on here. It is enough to say that many a young woman is infected with malice and anger, and a great many other negativities, from poorly select sexual partners.

It is natural for a woman’s luminous body to attempt to incorporate into its structure the energy she receives from any man she has allowed to orgasm and/or ejaculate in her. Depending on her own strengths and weaknesses, her luminous body might reject or accept what she has received. If his energy is rejected, it’s akin to an immune response in which the physical body rejects infection from bacteria and viruses. A bit of reactivity might occur, but for the most part she will come away unscathed. If the immune system is weak or compromised, it’s possible it will fail to reject incoming foreign bacteria and viruses. Similarly, if the luminous body is weak or compromised, it may be more susceptible to taking on and being influenced by what is projected into the woman by a male sexual partner.

The effects on man

Because sexual energy typically runs in a circular exchange between a man and woman during sexual intimacy, he can also be prone to taking on things that are affecting the woman. Again, if the male is energetically strong his luminous body has a good chance of assimilating and transforming or integrating (in a healthy way) the energy he receives from a woman.

A considerable number of woman are infected or influenced by what could be referred to as the “dominatrix” energy. It’s an unconscious and dark force that will work through a woman in order to capture the life force of men they come into sexual contact with. To the extent that males and females embody the feminine, men and women can both be susceptible to the dominatrix, and both can infect another with it. It’s not always something overt and obvious when it plays out. The dominatrix energy is a significant aspect of the dark side of the feminine, being the primary cause of the feminine’s fall from Grace. This is a large topic, which I am just skimming over a few details of.

A man’s luminous body is naturally projective, relative to a woman’s. This does not, however, mean that he doesn’t take on energy and negative links and influences from his female sexual partners.

Infiltration doesn’t require penetration

It would be a mistake to think that a man and woman only share sexual energy and, therefore, potentially dark and light spiritual influences through penile penetration. Sexual energy runs and circulates between two people as soon as they start being physically and energetically attracted and aroused in relation (physical or imagined) to one another. The more intense the arousal, and the more intimate the connection, the more intensively their energies (luminous bodies) exchange life force. A person can be compromised and spiritually infiltrated, or take on negative demonic links and associations, etc., via a sexual partner even when no penetration occurs. That’s not to say this will always be the case, just that it’s possible and relatively common. This is worth bearing in mind for those who wish to protect the integrity of their soul from dark influences and impositions.

It’s a common and superficial understanding of human sexuality to think so long as there’s no penetration we’re somehow not exposing ourselves to physical and spiritual complications from sexual encounters. Just as you can take pathological bacteria, parasites, and viruses into your body by kissing a partner, or by putting your mouth in contact with their genitals, and end up with an unwanted infection, the same is true energetically. If you have a relatively healthy immune system, most of the shared bacteria, etc., will have little, if any, impact. Yet, even there are times when taking in those pathogens has life-changing effects, and we may never know where we picked it up from. The same applies to the spiritual dimension of non-penetrative sexual interaction.


Celibacy is a big topic, and not something I will cover in this article. Yet, there are a few cursory points I feel it’s important we touch on.

In my observation, there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about celibacy. Typically what people have in mind when it comes to celibacy is little more than an idealised form of sexual suppression. This may have the effect of minimising the chances of a person contending with and being infiltrated by dark forces and demons associated with human sexual energy. Yet, if it’s not practiced correctly, it can have the effect of creating energetic debt, caused by a subtle misuse or misdirection of life-force. Sexual energy (life-force) always has a destination and function. To simply suppress one’s sexual energy will likely result in life-force not fulfilling its intended function, and accumulating in an imbalanced way.

The build-up of sexual energy that can occur when practicing celibacy in a suppressive way can cause mild to serious issues in the luminous body (often these will manifest as “psychological” and “emotional” issues). This energy accumulation can also make the person a target for dark forces intent on hooking into this reservoirof unused life-force.

The word celibacy means “to be unmarried”. We can take that as marriage to another human being, but also as marriage the material world and the corporal body and its passing pleasures. In true celibacy, one instead marries—which means, one creates a deep soul union—with the Divine Mother / Father. Life force, in the form of sexual energy, is then refined and directed into the many other functions it naturally has, aside from those of procreating and creating a loving bond with a partner. This is not a practice ordinary people—those without sufficient training and a suitable soul agreement—I would advise to attempt. Also, in many instances, it may only be advisable for set periods of time, during the course of doing specific spiritual practices, spiritual training, and spiritual work. That’s all I’ve got to say on this topic for now.

What to do?

My greatest encouragement to any human being is to be very aware of the ways in which they may be overly exposing their precious soul to unseen and unconscious dark and life-degrading forces, influences, and mis-associations.

In modern society I see three primary ways in which such exposure and soul-compromise is common. 1) Through the excessive use of alcohol; 2) Through the use of mind-altering substances, including cannabis and so-called “plant medicines”; and, 3) through compromising sexual interactions. It’s not without sound reasoning that most religions and spiritual traditions place a lot of emphasis on being very cautious about alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Does this mean it’s best that we repress our sexual energy?As mentioned at the beginning, sexuality is as natural as eating, breathing, sleeping, etc. Just as it pays to be conscious of what we eat and the quality of the air we breath, it’s also vital to be conscious of how, where, and why we use and share our life force through sexual relations. Just as it’s important to ensure the people you have sex with aren’t infected with an STD, it’s important to ensure they are not infected by some nasty demon or entity they are oblivious to the presence of.

Unconscious sexual repression and unconscious sexual expression are two sides of the same coin. What’s required of us is that we bring our sexuality and use of life force into consciousness, and into a place of impeccability with our spirit. According to the Original Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother, human sexual energy has very specific functions with far-reaching implications. That’s not something I can elaborate on through this written medium, as it requires training to really become conscious of in a balanced way.

Quotes on this subject

Whilst looking for an image to feature with this article, I came across the site of Bernhard Guenther, and his article Sexual Vampirism and Entity Attachments. Below are some quotes he included in that article, from other sources, which are very relevant to what I’ve shared in The Dark Side of Sex. Please take the time to read over these quotes, as some of them touch on important points I’ve not taken the time to mention in the above article.

“The openness and surrender during sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors. The thoughts, feelings, habits and desires do not seem foreign if they have been present for a long time, even from childhood. This is a major factor in the widespread denial of the concept and lack of acceptance of the phenomena of discarnate interference and spirit attachment, obsession or possession.” _–_Dr. William Baldwin, Spirit Releasement Therapy

“Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours. Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realize is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into your life.” – Lisa Chase Patterson

“There is always a drawing of [occult] vital forces from one to another in all human social mixture that takes place automatically. Sex is one of the most powerful ways of each drawing upon the other’s vital force, or of one drawing the other’s, which also often happens in a one-sided way to the great detriment of the “other”. In the passage come many things good and bad, elation, feeling of strength and support, infiltration of good or bad qualities, interchange of psychological moods, states and movements, depressions, exhaustion – the whole gamut. People don’t know it – which is a mercy of God upon them – but when one gets into a certain yogic consciousness, one becomes very much aware and sensitive to all this interchange and action and reaction, but also one can build a wall against, reject etc. People who have desires add to the mental formation a kind of small envelope, a vital shell which gives it a still greater reality. These people are usually surrounded by a number of tiny entities which are their own formations, their own mental formations clothed with vital force, which come all the time to strike them to try to make them realize materially the formations they have made. You have perhaps read the books of Maurice Magre. He describes this; he had come here, Maurice Magre, and we spoke and he told me that he had always noticed – he was highly sensitive – he had always noticed that people who have [excessive/pathological] sexual desires are surrounded by a kind of small swarm of entities who are somewhat viscous and rather ugly and which torment them constantly, awakening desire in them. He said he had seen this around certain people. It was like being surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes, yes! But it is more gross, and much uglier still, and it is viscous, it is horrible, and it turns round and round the person and gives him no peace, and it awakens in him the desire that has formed these entities and they batten on it. It is their food. This is absolutely true. His observation was quite correct. His vision was very true. It is like that. The sex-vampire eats up the other’s vital and gives nothing or very little.” – from “The Hidden Forces of Life (Integral Yoga) – Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

“In several of the cases, individuals reported feeling that their partner was some kind of conduit or host being overshadowed or temporarily possessed by another spirit. In the case of Wiz and Koral, Wiz experienced a twisting, contorting knot in his solar plexus area after having sex with Koral. As the relationship progressed, he became confused, exhausted, and depressed. Even after he and Koral broke up, Wiz continued to experience paranormal activity and unusual dreams, as if a dark force followed him around, sucking his energy. He reported this to me years after the relationship ended, and could feel a distinct energy-draining sensation between his shoulder blades, as if an entity had become attached to the back of his heart chakra area. This often happened in conjunction with sexual “astral attacks” in which he believed his sexual energy was being siphoned by predatory inter dimensional entities. What could be happening with the Dark Side of Cupid is an indirect form of psychic feeding. One partner tends to have the greater psychic vampire features, but instead of being a direct, consciously feeding vampire, the partner is used as a sort of portal for an interdimensional, parasitic entity. The Dark Cupid is accessing the two lovers’ energy through some kind of mediated energy transfer. The question may then be, “Is Cupid, or whomever is behind this mask, a psychic vampire?” One of the disconcerting issues that Dixon brought up with deep psychic feeding or communion with a vampire is the permanent psychic link that will be maintained with the donor or unwitting partner. This powerful connection is often felt as true love for the one being fed upon. For the vampire, the partner may be nothing more than an energy fix or addiction. This may result in unrequited love for the unfortunate ones caught in the nest of psychic feeders, as unintentional as it may be. A hazardous by-product of psychic vampire sexual feeding, is a powerful connection which feels like one’s true love or soul mate. Hence, the counterfeit soul-mate connection. Sexual chemistry and sexual intercourse itself is also a preferred method of creating a powerful link for psychic feeding. It is very important to not participate in the normalization of sexual behaviors that are not based in mutual respect and deep reverence. This may sound prudish but I do think human sexuality is powerful and threatening to the dark forces and they use normalizing sexual deviance and loose sexual behaviors to destroy people and to prevent the true spiritual potential of human sexually from being realized and enjoyed. There is no comparison when sacred sexuality is honored, realized and or known. Lower forms of sexuality are then obviously repulsive, low and degrading to every person involved. Having the good sense to set appropriate boundaries, finding and addressing our blind spots and past traumas that create unconscious reactions and developing the capacity for highly evolved skills of discernment is of extraordinary importance. If we have not addressed our own blind spots and unconscious triggers or do not have a clear sense of what is really going on, this can be one of the easiest ways that narcissists and entities can use to take and misuse our energy.” – Eve Lorgen, The Dark Side of Cupid

“Our DNA distortion [via genetic manipulation/interference by reptilian hyperdimensional hostile forces] is the reason behind pornography in the world today. This artificial and genetically enhanced mechanism stimulates, through frequency emissions within our own DNA, the sexual act devoid of love. This serves as a means of both control and nourishment for these beings. Your raw sexual energy gets fed back to collecting mechanisms within your DNA that then create a feedback circuit within the DNA that cements this mechanism further into place. These beings have been doing this for many thousands of years, and used sex slaves in ancient Sumeria, Babylon, Lebanon, the Sinai, Egypt and the Middle East amongst other places to ‘farm’ this energy for them. And this is still going on today on earth, most notably in the USA. Many porn stars today are replaying these roles [possessed by entities working/feeding through them] , and tens of millions of men and women are hooking into this energy every minute, voluntarily giving away their life force and taking themselves deeper into a vibrational black hole to unconsciously feed those who would call themselves our ‘creators.’ Nothing is further from the truth. Many men and women do experience this membrane 4D cage around the DNA. It is like a dome that prevents humans from moving beyond it into Divine Love. Every time a human being, who still has this DNA cage and particular sexual device in place, experiences an orgasm, the power of this orgasmic energy can be harvested and used to feed the DNA of the reptilian beings who engineered it into the DNA of the human form. Not every human has this sexual siphoning device in place, but many do. But those who do are genetically wired, BY GOD, for sexuality to be a big part of their pathway to Divine Love and God. So it is a blessing for you that these ‘other’ beings saw that potential in you as a confirmation, and see that you are worthwhile for harvesting. Whilst this is quite sick, surely now you have the motivation to free yourself from it and use your pure sexual energy, harnessed with love, to propel your soul’s growth. No one is a victim. You had a hole, a pain, a wound, you did not want to feel or embrace. Then you chose to substitute Divine Love for a pale imitation. You were tempted to stay on the surface of your emotions and fears by promises and seductions that played to your sense of wishing to avoid the pain of powerlessness, hopelessness, terror and other emotions. As an emotion, which one has to feel, embrace and move through, this sexual manipulation can feel sick, shameful and distorted, and it taps into the collective field of this for all humans. It can be terrifying, and the mind may make all kinds of excuses to stop you from entering these places. To understand, feel and release these emotions and their causes, journey into the event and moment you gave away the love energy of your sexuality in exchange for something else. Go into the moment you did this. See it, FEEL IT. Now ask WHY, what was the cause that made me trade myself, what did I not want to feel, what was I avoiding and denying? Others, be it people or spirits/entities, may have taken advantage of this. In the distortion of our sexuality, changing it into a sentimental, physical, pornographic, fantasy driven, needy or lustful affair, know that disembodied spirits are sucking your energy away. Fantasies, sexual toys and the like, so often encouraged as ‘healthy’ by neo-tantric ‘teachers’ fail to recognize this fact, and so their students descend lower and lower into a sorry soul state, going further and further away from true Union of heart‐soul, emotions and the divine. And who has not had sexual fantasies? It is important to see and feel these parts of you, but not to be caught in them. Just be aware now that the next time you feel inclined to fantasize, what exactly are you feeding, and what is your true desire for? You have a conscious choice now. After experiencing sexual and energetic abuse, we can abandon God, blaming Him for not protecting us, saying, “fuck you” to God. And then we become lost, trying to fill a hole for thousands of years, alternating between being the victim of it, and then becoming the initiator of it, becoming the abuser. We replay and continue this ancient pattern within us, cutting ourselves off from God, unwilling and too scared to feel the deep pain of betrayal and abandonment. And, this is what allows for sadistic and abusive behavior, when a person is unwilling to feel his or her own deep, deep pain. On the surface, the thrill of sexual lust / abuse mixed with violence, blood lust and control (it is all a similar frequency) is very stimulating and addictive, similar to a cocaine high. If one keeps on taking a hit of whatever they are addicted to, they never have to feel the deep emotional, spiritual and existential pains that lie underneath the addiction. One can even become addicted to physical pain, which is a distraction from deeper emotional and spiritual pains. The energy, power, stimulation, thrill, arousal and excitement that comes from sexual energy (and violence and fear) is enormous. It is an extremely addictive drug sensation, destructive to the soul as it has no love to it. It is such a huge energy source for most people that if they were to cut it off they would feel half alive. The energy of control inherent within this is actually our own fear of becoming powerless and helpless, which is what we must all feel to initiate this breaking of the pattern within us, because it is the causal emotion of why we reached out to these other entities in the first place. So there is our personal responsibility, AND a collective one as well. The enormous magnitude of the power of sexuality is because of its true potential as an engine to become closer to God, once it is healed and connected to human love and the soul’s deep feelings. The distortions around it are a result of core causal wounds: the split of sexuality from the heart, the veiling of the true potential and power of the womb and the lingam, the split of the heart from the soul, and the split of masculine and feminine. This has all been encouraged by these reptilian races. We were not created like this, the sorry state we have fallen into today. This is important to know. We are God’s perfect creation, and we have created veils, through our own choices as well as the choices of the collective to experiencing this. The only energy source that is more compelling than these distorted and genetically modified aberrations is sourcing one’s energy directly from God, Divine Love and the energy that flows when sexuality is healed and integrated with the heart and God in Union. Most people have not experienced this, and think they are just a fantasy, or a far away mythical dream. They are not. They are who we are in Truth and what we have been divinely designed to enjoy. If we are not sourcing this energy from our soul, the Soul of Father‐ Mother God, the Sun and Gaia, we are feeding off other humans or off human distortions. Anytime we “need” another (or are dependent on another) this means we are feeding off them, which is humbling to realize. When we recognize ourselves doing this, it may come with feelings of shame, sadness and even disgust. But the disgust or rejection of these patterns only helps to cement them in place. These distorted patterns must be seen and embraced. We only choose these actions and belief patterns in our ignorance, blindness and emotional neediness stemming from our wounds. Once the wounds are seen and felt they can dissolve and heal back into our original sexual innocence. Love is the death of this wounded mindset and distortion, and the control this has on present day humanity. Sexuality + love in orgasm in prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, powerful enough to move even the Galactic Centre. This is not a myth. Loving emotion combined with our precious human sexuality and soul, in alliance with the true God of Love, Creator of all universes, can create a wave that will help dismantle and dissolve the control and fear mechanisms within us.” ~ Padma Aon, Sacred Wounds

There’s also a brief article here, which is worth reading, called Katutura’s rampaging horny demons.


This is a vast subject, and one that for most people requires some level of spiritual training to fully comprehend. My intention with this article was to take a brief look at some of the many aspects of sexuality that many people are blind-sided to. It’s by no means a thorough exploration of the topic. My wish is to simply draw attention to a few of the important dynamics that can play out through human sexuality, so that you can bring greater awareness to this extraordinary, exquisite, and potentially dangerous aspect of natural human functioning.

In Part 2 of this article we’ll take a look more deeply into some of what was covered above. Stay tuned, of join my page on Facebook for immediate update notifications.

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