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Original Living Wisdom — The Essentials — PART II


This is Part II in the Original Living Wisdom — The Essentials series. If you have not read Part I, please click here and do so now. Why? It’s simply that these articles are not being presented to you as a mere source of information. Reading and taking them in is a process, your process.

To initiate that process, I suggest you start with Part I, and go from there. It’s only natural to do so. To do otherwise is like having a one-night-stand with a total stranger, without any time for developing a true relationship, and the connectedness and shared sensitivity that comes with the subtleties of deep loving union. Although rather popular these days, sex with a stranger is relatively cold, and it’s heartless. One can hardly call it a relationship at all, as it’s more of a mechanical transaction, like commerce or trade. You give me an approximation of what I think want, and I’ll give you an approximation of what you think you want (which often isn’t the sex at all, but the need for approval, validation, and the fulfillment of a mental fantasy).

That approach won’t do you well here. These articles require the engagement of your Heart, or else there’s a high chance they will be reduced to mental entertainment or, even worse, a source of mental confusion. The same goes for what we do after reading them. To avoid making a one-night-stand of your interlude with what’s shared here, I suggest you revisit this subject matter, within the space of your own awareness, moment-to-moment throughout the day. How does any of this apply to you? How do these things play out in you? What are their implications in your life?

Now that we’re done with the formalities, let’s continue from where we left off in Part I.


As mentioned in Part I (Life Force, Power, and Perception), Power is a product of perception. Life-force gives rise to perception, for the simple reason that perception arises within consciousness, and consciousness is animated, stirred, and vitalised by life-force. Consciousness is a quality of life-force. The more complex the form-side expression of life (e.g., a “life-form”), the more consciousness it is capable of embodying and sustaining in a stable continuum.

Like the life-force it is an expression of, Power flows in cycles. It cycles between two polarities, which we commonly refer to as feminine and masculine. In different contexts, these are also referred to as yin and yang, left-side and right-side, Mother and Father, matter and spirit, etc.. Polarity is not something fixed or absolute. They are relative to each other.

We see this in a battery, with its two terminals. The negative terminal has an excess of negatively charged electrons, relative to the positive terminal. We can vaguely liken the flow of life-force to the way electrons flow when a battery is put into a closed circuit. Two polarities are required, which are the positive and negative terminal. Both terminals are necessary, neither is right or wrong, better or worse than the other. The electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive. The negative side is the source of the electrons. When that flow of electrons is directed through a circuit between the two terminals it equates to power. It might be the power to operate a complex electronic device, or to simply make a light-bulb glow.

In Life the “negative”, feminine, or “dark side” is a source of energy to affect change in the manifest world. This is a key reason there has been such a long-standing agenda within numerous human cultures and religions to control and/or subdue the feminine. Not simply the feminine polarity of human beings (i.e. females), but also of the Earth itself, and various feminine forces in nature.

In creation, power (life-force) comes from the Divine Mother. Therefore, if it’s not being received from that supreme source, it’s being stolen from elsewhere, which means it’s being taken from the Mother subversively and indirectly. Having rebelliously cut themselves off from the Mother, so-called “dark forces” are in the business of stealing life-force. That’s also the nature of sorcery, and numerous dark-side occult practices. Namely, stealing and using life-force in ways that are not aligned with the Mother, with Life. This is the work of what the Bible generally refers to as Lucifer, or Satan, or simply evil.

The negative terminal is the feminine side, the positive is the masculine side. This is not synonymous with female and male. Those terms refer to gender, whereas feminine and masculine refer to polarity. Males and female genders embody both polarities (in different ways).
dance of man and woman

For power to flow in a life-affirming way, both the negative and positive (feminine and masculine) polarities must be equally involved and present. This means they must function in perfect reciprocity. When the relationship between the two is not balanced with reciprocity, it degrades and eventually becomes destructive. Such is the dance of life, and of true love. Love, at the human level, is the intelligent co-operation between these two polarities. Remember, both males and females (genders, as opposed to the polarity mentioned) can embody and oscillate between masculine and feminine polarities. Love is an exceptionally fast and coherent (intelligent / life-affirming) oscillation of life-force between these two polarities.

Any situation where the feminine (in any of its many expressions or emanations) is being compromised, means it’s likely power is being harvested by forces that are up to no good. Obviously, most human beings have engaged in such acts to some degree. Therefore, lovingly bringing such acts and tendencies to the light of consciousness is a key part of what we each must do here on Earth, if we are to ever function as the Spirit of Man is originally intended to be. Which means, to be a guardian, lover, and caretaker of the Earth and all Creation. Not as the cause of its demise and destruction.


Without getting into the full complexities of spiritual rebellion, we’ll touch on the basics here. For specific reasons, certain spirits broke away from sacred alliance with the Mother. They wanted to go their own independent way. Eventually they convinced many other spirits to join them. As a result, they became cut off from the Mother’s creativity. Since then, they have been attempting to grasp and control her creation to their own advantage, and misuse her creativity (lovingly infused into every aspect of our natural Being).

These are not “past” events. This means, it’s playing out right now, in consciousness. Human beings (influenced by a host of unseen and rebellious forces) have invented and devised a great many ways to harvest and subdue the Mother’s life-force. Our modern societies are full of such inventions. What’s more, we are an A-grade source of life-force, and this makes us targets for forces cut off from the Mother. They are attempting to cut the human soul off from the Mother, and use it for energy. I will touch on just a few major ways we humans willingly participate in this rebellion …

… the building of “temples” and religious/occult structures on sacred sites, in order to subdue nature and spiritual forces in nature, and to harness and redirect the vital energy of such spaces;

… and, the twisting of Yogic/Tantric practices by spiritually arrogant men lost in the labyrinth of their artificial and self-serving hierarchies, who use women (themselves, often mistakenly hungry for validation in life-degrading ways) in order to harvest precious feminine life-force (the Mother’s nectar) for their own advantages;

… to the violent destruction of natural environments—jungles, forests, mountains, mineral deposits, lakes, and more—in order to amass power and hold control over Man and the Earth;

… the enslaving of human beings by religiously and politically infecting, by force and by trickery, the collective mind of cultures the world over, with the magic spell (i.e., an abuse of language) of self mis-conception, aborting the developing soul such that it comes to see and believe itself into being an error, a mis-take, a something-wrong-with-me, cut off from its creator;

… likewise, with another spell (or tricky spelling), convincing Man en masse, that he and she are less in value and capability than a superior elite minority, who are therefore our superior rightful leaders, be that religious, royal, or political;

… and, cunningly, putting food and the means to produce, store, and obtain it, under lock and key, and thus tricking humanity into enslaving themselves to the machinations of the artificial matrix and its slippery systems of monetary debt, just so we can fulfil the basic need of feeding ourselves and our children, in order to survive;

… and, the list goes on.

The only solution to this messy abortion of the soul’s emergence into a harmonious synthesis and symphony of spirit and matter (essentially both one and the same), is the recovery of sacred reciprocity.

Sacred Reciprocity

As mentioned previously, on a Path of Freedom we must learn the art of tracking Power. This requires being increasingly conscious of the ways in which we use, mis-use, and ab-use life-force. Such an investigation is ultimately very subtle, yet begins right here in our obvious day-to-day behaviour and experiences.

Ordinary Man’s greatest error and folly when it comes to the management of life-force, is that we forget the fundamental principle of reciprocity. To give is to receive, and to receive is to give. Blind to the dynamics of reciprocity in all but the most materialistic ways, ordinary Man tries to control life-force—not simply her own, but that of other people and of the Earth—through the artificial amassing, and therefore mis-using, of Power.

At the grossest level, the mis-use of life-force plays out through the stealing and sequestering of material “resources”, which are literally substance manifest from, and organised by, the Mother. Today, the seriously life-degrading effects of such actions are evident everywhere on Earth. Remember this: All life-force originates within, and belongs to, the Great Mother. Our Mother. Therefore, to misuse and horde life-force for self-centred pursuits is, ultimately, a direct affront to the Mother. A great many spiritual traditions, practices, and paths have made this serious serious error. We must be careful what we get involved with whilst in the pursuit of validation, “self-improvement”, and as a mistaken remedy to a false sense of deficiency.

the hunter
A tracker has to pay great attention to her surroundings. This includes her own internal state of Being, in response and relationship to her surroundings. Most especially, she pays attention to the ways in which she loses and acquires power, and the ways in which she is completely oblivious to the exchange of power taking place in her every interaction with people, places, spaces, and events. In broad terms, this is what it means to hunt or track your power. It’s all about being conscious of how we manage our life-force. This is somewhat mirrored in the way modern people, companies, corporations, and governments, etc., must pay great attention to their fiscal budget, to the incoming and outgoing flow of money.


A quick aside: Why did I say, in all but the most materialistic ways? The majority of people I speak to about reciprocity at first have no idea what I am on about. Yet, for those of us living in the experiment of Modernity (i.e., modern life), there is one astoundingly obvious way in which the principle of reciprocity is incorporated into our daily lives. It’s the economic and monetary system. These systems represent the control and flow of currency (a debased representation of life-force). This is a classic example of the way in which a dark agenda has hi-jacked and debased a universal principle. In this case, that of reciprocity.

Life’s natural system of reciprocity is intelligently designed to maintain the magnificence, balance, harmony, and ascension of all manifestations of Life. Whereas the modern monetary system was long ago hi-jacked and manipulated. Rather than serving us, it very effectively keeps much of humanity in a depraved state of endless slavery. It does, however, have the potential to be used consciously in life-affirming and liberating ways. All money actually belongs to Life, to the Mother. It will be a great leap forward in consciousness when we relate to money as such, and use it in ways aligned with the Mother’s intent.

Self-pity and the victim

A successful hunter knows he doesn’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for himself, of getting caught up in self-pity, feeling like a victim to life. Self-pity typically includes a diversion into the self-imposition of guilt and blame—both of which can squander our potential. Let’s say that for a time the hunt is not going as intended. Blaming oneself for being “wrong”, and getting entangled in self-pity is not a useful response. It may be okay for a few moments—perhaps some hours or days, at a stretch—but that’s about it. The useful response is to lovingly and intelligently take stock of the current situation (the currency of the moment), and how we arrived there, and continue in the emerging process of Life.

To successfully continue tracking “forward” (continuing our emergence into Being), often requires back-tracking (recapitulating) the trail taken so far, until we identify the moment in which we diverged and went off course. Going off course is akin to diverging from the intent emerging us into Being. Typically, this is a moment in which we gave up or mis-used our Power—for whatever reasons, and due to whatever influences. Perhaps we were negligent, deceived, deficient, disobedient, lazy, misled, etc. Self-pity—and the destructive game of blame, guilt and “make-wrong”—is intimately connected with the mis-taken state of believing oneself to be a victim.

If we recognise we are exquisitely created units of life, intricately and intimately woven into the vast fabric of Life, what can we possibly be a victim to? Only the burden and error of self-imposed deception.

In Part 1 I stated we can either hunt or be hunted. The warrior knows that if she is not hunting her own power, eventually something else will be. Life-force is exceedingly precious, and if it’s being expended in unconscious ways—misused, squandered, or neglected—the dimensions of the universe in which Man functions are home to a great many predatory forces, many of which will happily hunt you for your misspent or under-utilised life-force. The effects of this give rise to the experience of seemingly being a victim to life, to circumstances, to unfortunate events.


The tracker realises he is constantly, among other things, hunted by Death. Death’s pursuit of us is unavoidable. Under normal circumstances, we have very little control over when death reaches out and taps us on the shoulder, beckoning, Come with me. What we do have control over is our degree of impeccability in the all-important moment Death takes us by the hand. The warrior does all she can to ensure that when that moment arrives, she is inwardly in a place of impeccability. What does that mean?

Essentially, it means to be in a good place with her spirit. To not be misaligned with her spirit. The disparity between the sum of our acts as a human, and our intent or purpose as a spirit, defines the degree of suffering (discombobulation and shock), we encounter at our death. The quality of our death defines the quality of our birth (or emergence) into the next stage of Life.

The warrior knows that only when she has truly lived well, lived fully, wholesomely, and completely, and with Heart, can she look Death directly in the eyes, and say with total certainty, I am completely ready, my job here is done, let’s rock it out baby! Such a soul has no fear of death, and no anxiety about its inevitability.

To live well and fully doesn’t mean, as is often promoted in Modernity, simply living a life full of excitement, risk, and adventure. It means knowing yourself as spirit, and being fully engaged in the deep fulfillment of your function and purpose as a spirit, here and now, within the experience of being human.

It is when we are not impeccable in our actions and deeds that a person has cause to fear death. In this way the inevitability of death is a great ally, constantly provoking us to pay attention to the ways in which we are not living impeccably. This is why a great many people caught in Modernity have an unnaturally disempowering fear of death. Such fear is the effect of the disparity between the original intent of our spirit, and a life of personal self-centred history. Such a life is mostly, if not entirely, dictated by the ego (a mistaken sense of independent selfhood).

A good hunter pays great attention to the signs and indications arising from the environment around him. Like a tracker seeking an animal for food, it’s do or die. If the tracker consistently fails to find what he is tracking, he’ll go hungry and will forever remain unfulfilled. Death reminds us there’s little time to expend on self-pity and believing oneself to be a victim to circumstances. Whilst wallowing in such a state, our pray (i.e., Power) is getting farther away, making it almost impossible to catch up with. Eventually death will take us, and we’ll be miserably unfulfilled. In that moment it will become profoundly apparent that the only source of true fulfilment is deep service and loving dedication to Life and all living beings With that realisation also comes the shocking truth of just how futile it was to have lived a life in the pursuit of self-centred, self-pleasing, phantasms.

Perception increases naturally

We are constantly challenged by Life to embrace and harness power in increasingly life-serving ways. Again, Power is a product of perception. Thus we are constantly challenged to improve upon our perception. It has to expand and deepen, becoming more refined and inclusive of what is real—of the Divine Mother’s original and originating creation—and discerning of what is unreal. We can only perceive what is real when we are not deceived by what is unreal. When we are not blind-sided and mis-taking reality for something that it’s not. This requires purification, re-naturalisation, and self-integration. Purification, not of our original nature—which is pure and total consciousness—but of the highly conditioned and manipulated projection of Self. We each experience that projection as our personal sense of “me”.

This process is actually very natural and surprisingly simple, if we’re not attached to what is artificial. Like learning a new language, it requires time, attention, and training. Recovering what is natural in us requires learning the “language” of our Great Mother, and re-immersion into her natural living matrix of Life. It all takes place in the sacred space of the Heart. Yet we are each challenged by an artificial matrix designed to remove Man from our heart entirely.

the innocence of natural perception

Many religious and spiritual paths propose we reject and subdue our human nature—our natural human functions—as the solution to the almighty challenge of bringing forth the spirit. These beliefs are a grave mistake. Such behaviour is an affront to Life, to the Great Mother. Therefore, what’s required instead is a loving process of spirit-matter, masculine-feminine, heart-mind, body-spirit integration.

Our integration as spirit, soul, and matter requires initiation, training, and sincere self-application. Not as some kind of austere imposition, but more as a loving and perfectly natural dedication to the power that creates us. Such re-naturalisation reconnects us with the original living matrix of the Mother. This reconnection empowers us to recognise and avoid identifying with the artificial matrix designed to entrap and consume spirits in order to subversively obtain (i.e., steal) life-force.

The Artificial Matrix

Matrix: 1) the cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops. Derived from late Middle English (in the sense ‘womb’): from Latin, ‘breeding female,’ later ‘womb,’ from mater, matr- ‘mother.’

Modern Man is currently in the advanced stages of being utilised (i.e., deceived and manipulated) to create an artificial matrix—in other words, an artificial mother, or womb. From this artificial womb humanity will give “birth” to cybernetic life-forms. I predict the cybernetic “enhancement” of humans will, in the very near future, be promoted and embraced as a favourable, desirable necessity. People, en masse, will embrace this “great scientific advancement”. This will be seen as the solution to the inevitable crisis of us having developed autonomous artificially intelligent machines materially superior to humans. In a bid to regain superiority over such machines—our own foolish technological machinations—and to not be beaten by them, we will ourselves willingly become like them.

Modernity already has most humans well on their way to that result, yet few realise it. Oblivious to the trajectory we’re on, many of us wander around glued and addicted to artificial electronic devices, unable to function without them, not realising we are on the road to rapidly becoming the device itself.

The result of our present way of life is that Man will become artificially intelligent, having completely lost our vastly, infinitely, superior natural intelligence. Our natural intelligence is only found in the essence of the squandered and abandoned Heart, placed in Man by the Mother. If this is allowed to play out, what will result is the completion of a Man’s fall into abject materialism.

Cybernetic man is the complete abortion of the Spirit, terminating the tender process the spirit of Man is undergoing here with the soul, through Earth. The Bible refers to the notion of Lucifer waging against God, claiming he will captivate (convince) human souls to side with evil, with that which is anti-life… anti- the Creator. Abject materialism is the result of that. In other words, the twisting of what is natural and living, into something artificial.

Of course, there are those of us who will willfully avoid such a rebellion into artificialisation. We will dive deeply into the seed of human consciousness. There, at the altar of our original Heart, we will bring forth our essence. This is essential to clearing our affiliation with the rebellious breaking away from the loving bond of sacred reciprocity with our Creator.

Be-aware — A Reminder

For the Love of Life, I suggest reading the above article more than once. Feel your way into it, with Heart, and pay attention to how these matters apply to you, and play out in your life. In most cases, that will not be immediately obvious—not to the rational thinking mind.

Failure to do so is only to waste yet more precious life-force in the act of accumulating mere information, without taking the necessary time and care to gestate that knowledge into all-important wisdom and self-awareness. Take none of it for granted, and make no assumptions.

To be continued …

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