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If Man only knew how precious and delicate be the soul, she would bring into question almost everything previously assumed to be true, and thus taken for granted. With each and every experience, with each and every event and interaction, and with each and every choice, act, and relationship, she would ask, “What impact does this have on my soul? How does this affect me in spirit?”

All here and now

This enquiry and investigation can also be made in retrospect. How did that “past” event, experience, interaction, etc., affect me as a soul? How did it impact my in spirit?

What we think of as the so-called past is all right here now, stored as luminous and dark records within the subtle anatomy of the soul. It’s like vibrational frequencies or vibrational records within the fine and subtle filaments of the luminous body. It’s also stored within the links, chords, and connections we have right here and now, with all that we’ve ever come into contact with. It’s all there waiting to be revealed by the presence of consciousness, which that only a willing and luminous heart can bring forth.

This is the great and mighty task every human being is forever faced with, and yet sadly—in our present culture, fixated on mod-cons, or the con of modernity—the great predicament of our times is that we have all but completely forgotten it. In forgetting almost all that is real, we substitute what is essential and natural with all that is artificial. So our challenge is first and foremost a mighty task of remembrance.

How fully, and deeply, am I willing to remember?


To face the great challenge of remembering we must be willing to let go all that we had previously held and believed to be true. The degree of our attachment to those beliefs is the degree to which it will seem impossible to really perceive reality as it is.

That divine power creating us fresh and new in every moment is constantly conspiring to bring us, Her creation, into full consciousness and realisation of our true and luminous nature. This realisation is inevitable, and yet it is up to each of us in every moment as to how much we suffer through the pain of our own ignorance and our disobedient refusal to simply Be natural, or instead how much we surrender into the Unknown, and align with That which is life-affirming. What will it take for each of us to tenderly, lovingly, gently come to terms with what is so natural, so spiritually obvious and real; to embrace the sacred essence of our heart?

For every human being, far greater than the pain of our many trials and tribulations within any given lifetime, is the extraordinary pain of realising at the end of a life—at the end of an embodiment—just how much I failed to remember into a living embodiment. Just how much I failed to see, to recognise, and to put into action. This is perhaps the greatest source of suffering and remorse for a human soul. It is this remorse that propels that bundle of energy to once again take up the sheath of a human body, and to once again go through the challenge of remembering its spirit into full embodiment.

Cyclic existence

The painful recognition of our failure to re-member our spirit into matter and into the human soul is what propels the soul to go through what seems like an unconscious choice to endlessly experience cyclic existence. To constantly keep taking up the mantle of a human body, of a human incarnation, and to cycle again and again and again through the same basic succession of events and experiences and circumstances and situations. Each time we have the perception we’re living out something new, yet if only we knew that in fact it was a great repetition that can go on for a relative eternity.

It is in the full light of consciousness, and the subsequent recognition of the spirit, MAN comes to realise that all of her many lifetimes were in fact akin to a fragment of a hologram… a re-presentation of one essential cycle in the development of a human soul coming into full consciousness of it’s being.

There comes a point in a souls development when it recognises that in fact there’s just one life-time—one multifaceted experience of life-in-time—and the whole notion of linear re-incarnation is something we’ve had to invent in order to put the ineffable reality of cyclic existence into a perspective we can relate to with the rational mind. As mentioned, from my perspective, the life of a human soul is like a fragment of a hologram, through which the light of consciousness shines brightly, creating a multidimensional projection upon the metaphysical backdrop of materiality. That projection is a slightly blurry re-presentation of what is; of what it is we hold and contain; of what it is we are attempting to re-member into existence; of what it is we have come to lovingly birth into consciousness. To put it another way, it’s an emanation of what the Mother of Life intends to emerge into existence through this unique phenomenon we have each come to know as “my self”.


If we only knew how precious and delicate be the soul, we would collectively and individually reorientate our human world, actions, and pursuits as fast as humanly possible.

In the early experiments with nuclear energy, people foolishly yet willingly exposed themselves and many others to harmful levels of radioactivity. We had no idea just how powerful of an impact could be had from something invisible and seemingly harmless. In fact, because we couldn’t see it, at first we didn’t realise radiation existed. We learned about its existence the hard and painful way. Today, many people willingly (perhaps unknowingly) expose themselves to toxic chemicals in their food, their artificial living spaces, and to powerful xeno-estrogens and hormone disrupters in plastics, and to toxins in vaccines and prescription drugs with a long list of serious side-effects, and a massive list of other harmful things. I’ve just touched on just a few. It begs the question: Why do we do it? Simply because we fail to see what is toxic about these things. Another example: Many parents willingly expose their children to the well proven detrimental effects of smart phones, tablets, and other digital devices, because they are blind-sided to the effect it has on the development of their (invisible to the naked eye) brain, and the artificialising impact it has on their soul.

In the same way, human beings are constantly exposing themselves to forces, events, and circumstances with the very real potential to cause untold damage to their soul, to their luminous or energetic bodies. Without the means to “see” the unseen, we go through life exposing our soul to degraded environments, excesses of alcohol, powerful psycho-active drugs and substances, toxic sexual encounters, harmful relationships, and so so much more, mostly (if not entirely) unaware of the detrimental effects. I suspect most people later recognise the painful symptoms of these spiritually toxic events, but fail to connect those symptoms with the real cause. These exposures are to the soul like radioactivity is to the physical body. It is this predicament many religions have historically, however poorly and crudely, attempted to protect people from, by imposing their basic religious “laws” or “commandments” upon their followers. But that was in an age when the level of individual responsibility expected of a person were much less than what we experience today. Today, the spiritual seeker can’t afford to not take full responsibility for their state of being, and, when necessary, seek out direct assistance in the areas of their lives where they are blind-sided.

Spiritual Assistance

The more people I meet who are seeking spiritual assistance, or help in their life, the more apparent it becomes that the greatest challenge ordinary Man faces at this time is that we’ve become so mesmerised by a superficial and artificial form of materialism, it blinds us to the unseen forces profoundly affecting almost every aspect of our situation, our sense of self, our relationships, and basically everything we perceive and experience. In my own life, this was a mighty hurdle to overcome, and one that is never really finished with. We are, after all, consciousness extending into infinity. Realising, “I am unconscious of what I am unconscious of” and that, “I don’t know what I don’t know” I sought out someone with a level of sight far more encompassing than my own, who could assist—to help me see what I was blind to.

From where I presently stand, I consider that step an unavoidable one on the journey of any soul into consciousness. The Mother didn’t create anything in creation to function alone and independent from everything else. In reality, there’s only one “thing”, and overall it functions in an integrated and holistic way. Failure to realise how profoundly our soul depends on the assistance of a great many forces and spirits, both human and non-human, in order to successfully transverse the many challenges of Life and its emergence into consciousness, can be greatly detrimental to the soul. Such rejection of natural living reality unnecessarily sets the soul up for exposure to trials and tribulations that would otherwise be avoidable. Anyone who has an outright aversion to their natural dependance on spiritual allies—perhaps justifying this with the self-professed idea, “I am my own guru and teacher… I don’t need assistance from those who have more fully emerged into consciousness than I have“, would do their soul a great service if they brought the spiritual origins of this deceptive thinking deeply into question.

Post Religious Stress Disorder

I have come across many spiritual seekers who suffer from unresolved experiences with toxic authoritarian relationships. They readily get overwhelmed by the reaction of primal defense mechanisms when it comes to the notion of receiving spiritual guidance and assistance form another human being. It’s very tricky how this plays out. Another very similar and related condition I commonly see is one I call Post Religious Stress Disorder (PRSD). This most typically plays out in the individual who is aware society is trying to pull the wool over their eyes, and that reality is not as limited as society would like them to believe—so they are on the search for deeper meaning. Yet, they avoid most forms of genuine spiritual enquiry, or they engage in spirituality mostly on an intellectual level. Anything that has any association with spiritual authority or organised religion—and many of its concepts—freaks them out. I’ve found it’s common for people affected by PRSD to maintain a rather crude and childish concept of “God,” which they have plucked from a very superficial religious presentation of such matters. With this in mind, they strongly reject all notions of “God” on account of that childish concept of God being so ridiculous. They might also reject the notion of human beings having “soul” or “spirit” on account of their rejection and abhorrence toward institutionalised religion and its concepts. In such cases, I would say it’s a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Mis-conceptions, such as those just touched on, readily become detrimental to the soul. They can lead to serious spiritual blind-siding, causing the person to unnecessarily expose themselves to a great many toxic and soul-degrading situations. They can also make a person tend toward rebelliousness and rejection of the spirit. As the consciousness brought forth by the spirit is essentially the very thing that will most help them, this is a precarious position to be in. There is nothing quite like the transformative power of consciousness to relieve us from what we are blind-sided to, and negatively impacted by. But if I habitually and reactively reject all things “spirit” related, what position does that leave me in? It’s a form of self-imposed helplessness and punishment (aka., learning though pain rather than through consciousness).

Conclusion — The Application

In bringing Part One of this article to a close, let’s review the essential points, which you now have the opportunity to apply in your life.

The main point is to increasingly recognise you are first and foremost a spirit. That most of what you are exists as unseen energy, existing and functioning within your Unknown. The physical (Known) aspect of your body and “self” is only one very superficial dimension of who and what you are. With this in mind, make a habit of always asking yourself, in your heart, “How is this situation affecting me as a spirit?” Before taking a course of action, ask, “How is what I am about to do likely to impact me in Spirit?” It’s also worth asking, “Is the act I am about to do in alignment with my spirit?” If it is not, one might enquire, “What forces and unconscious tendencies are at work here? (making me feel to take such a course of action)”. Going somewhere, ingesting something, having sex or being intimate with someone, watching certain kinds of movies and entertainment, hanging out with certain people, working in certain jobs, et cetera, et cetera, are all acts worth questioning the spiritual cause and effect of.

I have found the more I attune my attention to the “heart” the more this line of self-enquiry guides and directs me away from toxic situations and actions, and toward that which is wholesome and life-affirming.

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