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Over the past few decades I’ve met a surprising number of people who were actively pursuing their spiritual path and inner development whilst they are also engaged in habitual (i.e. regular and persistent) drug use. What I mean by a “surprising number” is that it may in fact be the majority of people I meet who are pursuing “spirituality” and spiritually orientated lifestyles. What I mean by “pursuing spirituality” refers to any combination of exploring yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, various Native American spiritual traditions, New Age teachings, channelling, psychic phenomenon, and likely a great deal of other “alternative” and metaphysical topics and paths. The reasons why the extent of drug use within the contemporary spiritual subculture surprises me is what I will outline here in this article.

Context of this article

Just as the “setting” is rightly said to be crucial in the balanced use of psychoactive substances, I feel the context from which this article has arisen—and, as you read this, has now come to your attention—is important. So, to put this into context—to elucidate the intellectual, spiritual, and experiential setting of my perspective—I will first say psychoactive substances are not foreign to me. As a teenager I was very much into exploring anything and everything that I felt enabled me to shift my state of consciousness into non-ordinary perception and realities. From my perspective, the desire to experience wider and more profound states of consciousness—compared to the ordinary waking state—is an inherent and natural drive within Man. Anyone who claims otherwise is either in denial, is in a state of ignorance, or simply misunderstands what constitutes an ‘altered state of consciousness.’

There is substantial evidence indicating human beings have pursued ways and means to expand and shift their perception as far back as any reasonably substantiated records of human activity reach (e.g. at least 35,000 years). For me, in my own journey, this pursuit has included and incorporated as long-term practices various forms of meditation, Chi kung, numerous forms of yoga, Tai chi, reading (yes, just reading an absorbing book shifts our consciousness into an altered state), spending prolonged periods in natural environments, spending extended periods in sensory deprivation chambers (aka. float tanks), and more. Suffice to say I’ve been exploring heightened, deepened, and non-ordinary states of consciousness for most of my life—my earliest memories of this pursuit go back to when I was just 3 or 4 years of age—and there was a period when that exploration incorporated the use of powerful entheogenic plants in Peru.

I’ve also lived with and or studied with a number of enlightened and highly conscious Yogis, a Buddhist master (not sure how to refer to him, he didn’t identify with labels as such) in Europe, an extraordinary spiritual master in Switzerland, an exceptional “Shaman” (not what he generally refers to himself as, but I am not sure how else to refer to him) from Colombia, a Shaman-priest (i.e. Kahuna) of an ancient Hawaiian tradition, and numerous other beings who embody a profound level of stabilised spiritual perception and experience. It’s a journey that has had me visit and live in a long list of countries on every continent. I mention these experiences because each has played a part in weaving together the fabric, or matrix, of perception I live with today. In hindsight I can say that entheogenic substances played the least significant role, overall, in my experience of non-ordinary reality, and in the bringing to fruition my present on-going state of expanded consciousness and perception of non-ordinary reality. What’s more, the negative impacts of these drugs, which I was blind to at the time (despite being aware of that potential at the time) is something I have had to put considerable Intent, time, and energy into resolving and clearing as my spiritual awareness developed more fully. Simply put, in my experience, the residual effect (at a psychic level) from seemingly “mind-expanding” drug experiences—which I deeply valued at the time—later on became a limiting factor in my natural spiritual development and self-realisation.


It will be impossible to not make some generalisations in what follows. Also, with every point I make, there will naturally be exceptions to the case. Let’s just agree that’s the way life is. We don’t live in a black and white world. So, what I am sharing are general observations (which I consider significant and substantial enough to incorporate into this article). To qualify every generalisation and every exception, by stating it as such, will make for tedious reading. So I invite you to simply use your own discernment about the overall applicability of what you’re about to read, and to not get hung up on whether a statement was a generalisation, and thinking it is therefore less valid.

Cannabis photo

Are there benefits?

Mind-altering substances absolutely have the potential to open a window into other realms, and induce non-ordinary states of consciousness. From my own direct experience and from the experience of many people I have met, I have no doubt about that. Since you’re reading this article, I gather you know that too. What’s more, I have no doubt it is vitally Man become aware of these expanded or non-ordinary levels of consciousness—and the realities they reveal—if we are to grow spiritually and, more importantly, if we’re to stand any chance of transitioning through the life-degrading way humanity as a whole is presently living. Experiencing it, however, through a mere ‘window’ is not enough. A window allows us to see what is beyond the walls that surround us, but they are not typically a suitable way to go beyond the wall. It gives us a taste, an indication. It awakens us, at an experiential level, to the fact that there is a great deal more to Life than what meets our eyes and other senses, in their ordinary condition. We may ‘know about’ these grander realities at a mind level, but actually experiencing them for oneself can be truly and deeply life changing. It is an awakening.

BuddhaHaving said that, in my experience, and that of the spiritual masters I have spent time with, the real benefits of such awakening only come when we find a stable, consistent, and self-arising entrance into these other realms. We also have to find the key for that door, so we can unlock it and come and go as we please. A door allows us to walk beyond the walls of our ordinary waking consciousness at will. The windows lets us see what is out there, and we can even stick our head out the window and get a taste for what is out there. The door lets us have the full experience. Genuine spiritual practice provides the door, as does Grace. It might be a poor analogy, but hopefully it’s enough for you to effectively explore what it refers to, to derive an understanding of the subtle difference between altered states of consciousness brought about by exogenous chemicals (and plant ‘spirits’) and those brought about through inner self-application and investigation.  From my perspective, entheogenic substances often only provide a closed window through which we can see the world outside but not leave our prison and walk in the open fields beyond.

The Cost of drug use

The primary psychic issue I have seen with majority of people I have met who use or have used psychoactive substances is that they have opened themselves to entity possession and/or attachment. The kind of entity can vary, and usually there are a great many of them in the luminous body of many drug users. Many people who smoke cannabis will have the plant spirit of cannabis in their astral field, for example (along with the many other entities that are common with pot smokers). There are a great many shadow beings in the astral realms, and almost every pot smoker I have met had a multitude of these entities in their field. Along with that is a certain haziness around their chakras, usually with an accumulation or concentration around their head centres (the third eye, pineal gland, crown chakra, etc.). It’s quite possible some or most or all of these people already had issues with entities before the smoked cannabis or took other psychoactive substances. So I don’t wish to imply there is a singular cause-effect relationship here between the two.

The fogginess in the pineal and pituitary region is almost a guaranteed side-effect of cannabis smoking. An advanced Yogi (i.e. a yogic spiritual master, not simply someone who does a bit of yoga) I know once pointed out that cannabis use sets up a certain state of spiritual delusion which centres around the pineal gland. I have time and time again observed the effects of this. How it often plays out is that the person will feel, and even strongly believe, that cannabis use makes them more spiritually ‘connected’ and ‘aware.’ They will often justify their use of cannabis with the argument it makes them ‘more conscious’ and ‘spiritually awakened.’ Almost without exception I observe that this is a manifestation of spiritual delusion. It can be very subtle, and very hard for the person caught in it to see what’s going on and sort it out.

When a person first starts using cannabis it is quite likely the experience will in fact open them up spiritually. The usual sensory filters they have been conditioned with are reduced, and their perception opens up to a great array of what is in and around them. This is especially true if their personality is anchored in materialism, which is pretty much the case for most people in modern society — even the “spiritually aware” ones. Most psychoactive substances enable the user to become more aware of their own astral body, and it can help to temporarily dampen down the mental body which for many people is over-active and plays an overly dominant role in their perception of Life. Toning down the mental body and amping up the astral body therefore opens the person to a significant and potentially growth-full shift in perception and consciousness.

An arrangement of psychoactive drugs

An arrangement of psychoactive drugs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The trap is that many people get stuck in the fog brought upon them by cannabis use. Often the result is they become apathetic and spiritually deluded about where they are at. Access to higher or more subtle realms, beyond the lower and perhaps upper astral realms, will generally remain blocked and obscured, and yet they will believe they are advancing more than they really are. The entities which typically become involved complicate the situation even more. Identity loss can result, which means the person will lose a clear and lucid sense of true self-definition. Most people will likely have no idea what I even mean by “true self-definition,” but hopefully you have at least some sense of what I am getting at. Instead they will become defined by the influence of the entities they pick up on, combined with their own unresolved and enlivened astral baggage.

Stronger psychoactive substances such as LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), Ayahuasca, mescaline (peyote, San Pedro), can all have similar effects. Marijuana, however, appears to me to be more unique with regards to the fog it creates in the head centres, and that can hang around as a residue for many years after the person stops smoking it. The other substances I just listed don’t tend to do that in quite the same way. They do, however, open people up even more powerfully into the astral realms, even certain higher astral and beyond, into the causal realms. That can be very consciousness expanding, but it can also be very problematic. The problem arises when people don’t take these substances under the right circumstances, nor with the correct intent. Entity intrusion is again a very typical consequence. This naturally results in a diffused or distorted sense of self-definition, and that is completely contrary to true spiritual awakening.

Let’s put this in simple terms. The act of turning to a plant spirit in order to awaken yourself spiritually is potentially a misconceived idea to begin with. You are essentially acting on the misconception that you are somehow deficient unto yourself, and that you are lost and without the internal means or power to awaken into the human experience in the methodical, disciplined, and intelligent way Creator/Divinity design you to awaken and incarnate into you full potential. Of course, many people argue or reason that perhaps Creator/Divinity put these plants on the Earth so we could wake up. According to the Original Wisdom of Life, known to Man for aeons, that’s a misconception, resulting from a degraded state of consciousness (i.e. A fall from Grace). We could equally argue that Creator/Divinity powerfully poisonous plants on the Earth too, and that means when we get old, rather than dying naturally, it’s much better to do it by taking one of these deadly plants.

The other issue with most psychoactive substances is that they can leave us in an ungrounded state. Being grounded, which (in the simplest of terms) means being deeply connected into the living intelligence of the body and the Earth and the world around us, is vitally important to our spiritual emergence and development. I’ve met a lot of people who feel or believe that “being spiritual” means being spacey, ungrounded, floaty, ‘out there’, and so on. Taking drugs becomes a means to spacing out. What often comes with this is a certain disinterest in life, a state of despondency, and a habitual state of self-denial. From where I stand, there is little, if anything, truly “spiritual” about such a state. On the contrary it often leaves a person spiritually incapacitated, whilst also generally being immobilized and ineffective at a worldly level. I wrote an article about Grounding here on my yoga site.

A few clues

Our contemporary use of drugs, and the potential negative consequences of this use, leave a trail of pertinent clues, for those with a discerning and honest eye, about what may be lurking behind these activities in the deeper recesses of the human psyche.

LANGUAGE: Consider some of the language commonly used in relation to drug use. When referring to being under the influence of drugs, particularly cannabis, many people commonly speak of getting ‘wasted‘, being ‘stoned,’ ‘munted,’ ‘fucked,’ ‘hammered,’ ‘smashed,’ ‘doped,’ ‘baked,’ ‘totalled‘ (as in when a car is totally destroyed in an accident), ‘stewed,’ ‘fried‘, ‘ripped,’ etc.[1]Many of these terms can be seen here in this thesaurusFar out, it was such a great weekend… we got so out-of-it man…‘. Perhaps you and your spiritually orientated friends never use this kind of language in reference to your use of drugs? Perhaps you are more ‘enlightened’ than that? Yet, a lot of people do, and I suggest it’s worth investigating why. Language is highly representative of the consciousness from which it emerges.

SUBCULTURES: The subculture of the ‘spiritually curious’ is actually a relatively minor contributor to overall drug use in the world. Another obvious group—and it often-times overlaps that of people into ‘spirituality,’ and one might argue is using drugs in a ‘positive’ way—is the subculture of ‘creatives’ such as musicians, actors, and artists (of various forms). Consider how many actors and musicians get into drug use, and the degrading ways this often affects them and their career, or even plays a significant role in their demise and death. Consider the amount of drug use among criminals—not the crime surrounding the sale and distribution of illicit drugs (which is obviously a problem created by society ignorantly making these plants and substances illegal), but the actual use of drugs by criminals (people engaged in life-degrading anti-social behaviour). I am sure you have sufficient social and worldly awareness to continue adding to this list of drug use among people often in a degraded state of consciousness.

I am not suggesting drug use is inherently ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’—nothing is. My point is simply that it doesn’t take much investigation to see there is a strong parallel between drug use and people who have lost their dignity as a Spirit and as a human being, and people in a degenerate state of being. Did the drugs “cause” this, or did their degenerate state lead them into using drugs? That answer is not what’s important, and is not likely to present a clear and one-way cause-effect relationship. What’s important is recognising the parallels between human degeneration and drug use, which are not hard to see.

I encourage you to investigate (inwardly, with your Heart) the many other subcultures that commonly get into drug use.

The point here is to make your own investigation of looking at the wider culture and human behaviour commonly (in general terms) surrounding drug use. What clues might this provide us with about the possible effects of on-going drug use, the level of human consciousness such use resonates and aligns with, and the unseen psychic issues linked to drug use?

I should add, if you are anything like I was during my period of drug exploration (primarly between the age of 15 to 18, by the way), it’s very likely you believe your situation is different. That your use of drugs is more ‘sacred’ and ‘sanctified.’ That you use them with a different intention, and that makes it all positive. These things may or may not be the true. But whatever the case, my point here is to en-courage you to make an effort to inwardly investigate the sort of human activities and states of consciousness most predominant when it comes to drug use. And to then investigate, spiritually (in your Heart, not rationally—although that wouldn’t go amiss) as to why that might be the case.

Entities and demons

The Eve of the EntitiesYes, you read that right. As much as a lot of fluffy New Age spirituality might try to deny it, or ignore it, or in some way write it off as “this stuff does not apply to me,” entities, inorganic beings, Malu (an ancient Hawaiian Huna term for ‘life-taking spirits’), demons, dark-forces, malevolent spirits, etc., etc., etc., are very real at a metaphysical level (ie. in the astral realms). Surprisingly few people are aware of them, but that doesn’t mean they not affected by them. On the contrary, I would say it’s our wide-spread lack of awareness that makes these dark forces all the more effective and troublesome.

On a regular basis I will identify a cannabis user by simply observing the darkened haze around and in their head centres, and by the type of entities in their luminous field. These entities will usually be around the head region, but they are can also show up elsewhere in addition to being around the head. A good friend of mine who is an exceptional, world recognised energy healer, with amazing clairvoyance, has the same experience. Just much more vividly than I do. Just walking in a room where people recently smoked (or commonly smoke) the green weed, and she can “see” this to be the case. How? Because she’ll “see” the entities hanging around, and when she tracks their source, she’ll “see” they are linked with marijuana use. I went out of my way to confirm the accuracy of this on many occasions.

It is not my intention to do a full write-up on entities in this article. I’ll leave that for another time. If it’s a topic you wish to know more about, for now I suggest reading through the site by Peter Michael[2]Please don’t consider this an endorsement of Peter’s work or healing practice. I have no experience with it, and have not met him. I … Continue reading. What I will say is that using psychoactive substances under inappropriate circumstances is perhaps the fastest way to open ourselves up to a whole host of life-taking forces, entities, and energies. I will add that establishing or identifying ‘appropriate circumstances’ is not something a great many people are likely to have any meaningful clue about, and the majority of ‘spiritual drug users’ I have met have did not understand much, if anything, about establishing suitable circumstances for safely and cleaning exploring the realms made available to them by ingesting entheogenic plants and substances.

I am being frank and up front about these things not from a sense of superiority, but from a sense of wishing to make it very clear there is a great deal more involved in safely and cleaning using entheogenic substances than most people realise. Can it be done safely? For sure. Is that common? Not from my perspective. Yet I am aware of people who get easily self-deluded about their own abilities in this regard, and can easily think, “Oh yeah, but this entity stuff doesn’t apply to me… I know what I am doing,” or “I just call upon the light, and that sorts those dark-forces out.” It would be nice if it were that easy. Reading a few Carlos Castaneda books, for instance, is unlikely to give you the necessary tools and wisdom to safely and cleaning use entheogenic plants.

Psychic Links and Energetic Associations

This is a topic I will write about in more detail in another article. I will only broach it here for some initial consideration, as it is beyond the scope of this article.

In simple terms, Life has increasingly revealed to me the profound spiritual significance of links, connections, and associations. I’ll simply call these ‘links.’ This may be direct links, such as the link you directly have with your mother and father (for example), and indirect links such as the links we make through intention, and intentional actions and activities.

Imagine five light bulbs all lined up on the ceiling, with no wiring. They just site there, and do not affect each other. Now, if we link three of these light bulbs with copper wire, the continue to have very little meaningful effect on each other. Just three light bulbs linked in a circuit with some wire. Let’s say we connect one of the remaining two light bulbs to a source of electricity. The bulb lights up. Then we link that one bulb up to one of the three bulbs we joined up previously. All three of those bulbs will light up. The one remaining bulb that’s own its own—without links to any other bulb—is the only bulb not illuminated. Coming back to the illuminated bulbs: One bulb was directly linked to a source of electricity. And that bulb was linked up to just one of the other three, but all three light up because they are linked together.

This is an example—albeit a somewhat basic one—of the significance of links. At the risk of oversimplifying things, I will say it is your relatively strong psychic links with your parents and siblings that enable them to have a stronger psychic influence on you than perhaps most of your friends. These are what I’ve referred to as direct links, meaning that there’s a tangible or exogenous connection—they are links formed through factors external to your (conscious) intent[3]Of course, it can be argued all connections result from our intention on some level, and the notion of “external” and … Continue reading. But there are also endogenous links, those that come about through an inward act of intention, and the focus of our attention. These are links we generate from within ourselves, as an act of conscious intent.

These principles are put to effect in a great many religions. For example, in many yogic and Tibetan Tantric Buddhist traditions a great deal of emphasis is put on inwardly visualising the lineage holders of the tradition, or perhaps the enlightened master, Being, or Deity, who originated the tradition. What this is understood to do is to provide the practitioner with the psychic support of the lineage or masters who utilised the same spiritual practices for their liberation, even it that was thousands of years ago. Psychic links transcend time and space. Merit and grace is understood to be derived from such links. Rather than doing a particular Kriya or yogic practice in one’s own private world, the practitioner is advised to deeply link in (through the power of imagination and visualisation) with the enlightened beings who originated and/or used these practices. This strengthens your own practice, and provides a level of protection, support, and spiritual upliftment. People focused on the dark arts and dark forms of occultism will go to great length to create links with demons and dark-forces. It is understood that the stronger and more plentiful their links with powerful demons, the stronger the effects of their sorcery and ceremonies will be, and the more powerful the results.

I am barely scratching the surface of this topic. But hopefully this is sufficient to get at least an initial appreciation of the nature and effect of our psychic links.

Coming back to what I mentioned about degraded human behaviour and subcultures in A Few Clues, above, you may be starting to put one and one together. That’s as much as I’ll say on this for now. You can figure out the rest.

Does this mean we should not use such substances at all?

visionI would have to say the appropriate answer is different for each person, and something only you can answer for yourself.

The key consideration is this: If you feel moved to explore the use of entheogenic substances it is vitally important to be very clear on how you go about it AND very clear on when it is time to drop it and move on. As soon as the substance becomes addictive and/or when it ceases to bring about genuine and meaningful expanding of your consciousness, it may be time to drop it, detoxify (many drugs leave toxicity in the body), and move on. What’s more, if you notice you have any kind of dependence on the substance, then greater self-awareness is called for. For instance, if you depend on smoking pot in order to “have a good time” or to simply go out and socialise, I would suggest you are deluding yourself if you think you are using cannabis for “spiritual” purposes.

But there is a common trap: The majority of “spiritual” drugs users I have met, in my opinion, lack the necessary discernment and spiritual self-awareness to know when that time has arrived. If one continues to use these substances beyond that point, it typically becomes harder and harder to see the fact it is time to move on. That’s when many drug users, including those who do it for “spiritual” reasons, end up in the spiritually deluded states I mentioned above.

Speaking a little more about dependency and needing drugs to socialise: Going out into dense environments such as parties, nightclubs, bars, movie theatres, big gatherings/raves, etc., under the influence of psychoactive substances is highly unlikely to help you evolve spiritually. Such activity is highly likely to expose you to a significant amount of discordant energies, entities, and shadow forces, and under the influence of drugs there will be very little you can consciously do to identify, avoid, or ward off these energies. Basically you’re a sitting duck. Remember, Man is primarily psychic being far more than a physical one. We are more greatly affected by psychic phenomenon and on a psychic level, than on a physical level.

What if I am already using drugs?

The most common state-changing substance I see in use—aside from alcohol and perhaps tobacco—among spiritual seekers is cannabis. I’ve met and known a lot of cannabis users, from a great many walks of life. This is not surprising, when I consider that in 2014 a United Nations report of global drug use indicated 14-15% of New Zealanders[4]Data gather by United Nations, from 2012, and sourced from New Zealand Government, as detailed here and here (specifically). (where I was born and raised) use cannabis.

From where I stand, if a person has been using cannabis (for its consciousness altering effects), consistently, for more than perhaps 1 to 6 months at most (depending on how often they use it in that time), they have very likely surpassed the point at which it would be best (life-giving) to drop it.

Of course, this presumes you wish to continue developing spiritually.

The spiritual aspirant—or what I sometimes refer to as the warrior, at an archetypal level—prizes and protects two things above all else:

  • her sobriety as Man, and
  • her impeccability as Spirit

A few months of cannabis use, as an exogenous means to altered states of consciousness, is likely to give a person all the meaningful benefits cannabis can provide, before it starts taking a troublesome toll. Beyond that it starts to diminish our sobriety in a way that becomes increasingly hard to get clear from. Clarity is lost, and our lucidity is then lost and or distorted. If you’re reading this, as a yoga or meditation practitioner, for instance, and you’ve been using cannabis for more than six months, I suggest it may be time to take a serious and honest look at what purpose your cannabis usage is really serving in your world. Using it just a few times will open many people up in the ways it so readily can. But that’s all the use and meaningful purpose it can serve, ultimately. If you haven’t got it within a few months then you’ve likely missed it, or overstepped it. I’d say it’s time to take another look at what you’re using it for.

Past experience tells me, however, that people who use habitually—however often or regularly—experience strong and convincing sentiments toward using it, and against the suggestion it may be spiritually (i.e. psychically) detrimental. That, to me, is a fairly sure sign there are infiltrating forces using the cannabis user, in much the same way the person is using cannabis—as a spiritual crutch.

Does the experience stabilise?

This is an important consideration for any serious spiritual aspirant, which I will explain. In yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices, a key prerequisite to successful and continued spiritual development through such yogic and meditative application, is a certain subtle (and yet grounded) stabilisation into the fruits of the practices. This stabilisation of the practice and, more particularly, its effects, is not something easy to explain in rational terms. I won’t attempt to do so in this article.

What I will say is that in my experience, this stabilisation takes lengthy and disciplined self-application into the practice at hand. It is not something most people—if any—are likely to achieve through the relatively haphazard experience of shifting their consciousness through the use of psychoactive substances. For sure, as already mentioned, the experiences from these substances may, in certain cases, provide a pertinent glimpse into a less contracted (i.e. less filtered) perception of reality, which may prove to provide a stronger motivation for deeper self-investigation and spiritual self-application. But unless the practitioner (or spiritual aspirant) develops and builds upon a stabilisation of ‘consciousness’ or ‘subtle spiritual awareness and organisation’ within their luminous body and the manifest expression of their luminous body (i.e. their mind-body / physical form), it’s often-times a mistake to believe genuine spiritual progress is being achieved. From where I stand, it is safe to say this stabilisation is not at all likely to be attained through drug use. And, almost without exception, drugs use will in fact work against this stabilisation.

Is it worth it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Only you can answer this for yourself. There’s not fixed, set-in-stone right or wrong in this Universe. There is simply that which is life-giving (i.e. supports and is aligned with LIFE), and that which is life-taking (i.e. detracts from and misaligns with LIFE).

My view is this: For the vast majority of people the spiritual costs of on-going drug use far outweigh the potential benefits. Even using some of these substances just once or a few times can have long-lasting negative psychic effects. Often only a spiritual Master with clear spiritual sight will even be able to see these negative psychic effects. Is that something you wish to take your chances on? Maybe? Maybe not?

What’s more, the costs—the price you will very likely pay—are pretty much guaranteed, whereas the benefits are only potential benefits. You may or may not derive much in the way of spiritually meaningful and sustained benefits. It’s a gamble. Added to this is the fact that consistent self-application into a right-approach to a basic yoga and meditation practice is likely to bring about the same benefits, and these are long term benefits that through ongoing discipline will stay with you for life.

It all comes down to Intent

What’s your intention in life? That’s what counts. Are you simply intent on having some relatively haphazard spiritual/psychic blasts—a few times, or maybe on an on-going basis—in order to break free of feeling entrapped in mundane reality? Is that what you’re looking for? If so, then psychoactive drugs are likely your best bet. I have no intention of dissuading you from the path you intend to walk. I simply invite to you walk it with awareness, in Consciousness.

If, however, deep in the hidden sanctuary of your Heart you have a sincere and un-ignorable wish to consciously connect in with what it means to be a fully embodied, cosmically aware, and self-realised, Spirit within the human experience, aligned with Divinity and the ineffable super-intelligence of Life (the Mother), then from my own direct experience and years of spiritual training, I would say drugs is very very unlikely to be best way to fulfil such an intent. What’s more, there’s a high chance (no pun intended) that certain drug experiences may become major hurdles in fulfilling such an intent.

If that later example of Intent is something you relate to and resonate with, I will simply say that Divinity created you (i.e. MAN) and your luminous body in an exquisitely intelligent way. Inherent in your design is the means to methodically, diligently, and gracefully awaken into the full potential available to you in this life-time. In simple terms, that means awakening into full conscious awareness—just as much as you are aware you are reading these roads right now—of who you are as Spirit, where you originated (your Genesis) as Spirit, and exactly why you are here, as Spirit (i.e. your true holistic function or purpose in Creation).

Summary / Conclusion

In summary, the major potential and highly probable cost of using these substances is the infiltration of shadow forces, entities, and negative energies into the luminous body. This is profoundly tricky and challenging situation because these kinds of infiltration can affect they way we think, feel, and “see” (spiritually). It doesn’t take much for these forces to establish a veil in the psyche of Man that prevents most people from ever knowing they are there. It’s a big gamble, and a high risk for a bit of fairly low-level, haphazardly induced spiritual awareness. You will, of course, have to follow your own inner knowing of what is right-action for you. Only you can make that call.

I hope this brief article has touched on enough pertinent points to be useful to you on your journey. Take nothing I say as true or for granted. It’s your responsibility to make something of what you’ve just read. For something to be true for you, you have to apply yourself in order to make it true, through your own direct experience and wisdom, and through sincere Self-investigation.

If you find yourself reacting adversely to this article, ask yourself this: Who is the one reacting to these words?

P.S. Jan 2015: I apologise for the many grammatical and typographic errors and omissions in this article. I wrote it in somewhat of a hurry, and have yet to edit it as fully as required.

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