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Last Updated on December 18, 2022

On a New Zealand specific Facebook group I keep an eye on, some “discussion” came up around the woes and merits of water fluoridation.

Actually, the “discussion” was almost entirely dominated by folk with strong views against water fluoridation. One young chap (who I note studied Health Sciences at Otago University) chimed in by saying, “…unfortunately I prefer to read peer reviewed academic research papers that can identify true causality and the appropriate measures of association of fluoride ppm and fluorosis. 1ppm is hugely unlikely to cause fluorosis, and very very likely going to reduce dental caries.

Wondering just how much he’d actually looked into the matter, I figured I’d enquire into the depth of his conviction.

If you’d like to jump over this information on water fluoridation, directly to what I recommend you can do to eliminate this toxic substance from your body, click here.

I asked, “Would you kindly post links to the “peer reviewed academic research papers” showing that ingesting hydrofluosilicic acid results in a significant reduction in dental caries. I would be very interested to read over these papers.

I also mentioned, “Whether ingesting fluoride (hydrofluosilicic acid) does or doesn’t reduce tooth caries, it seems odd that society has decided to mass-medicate with fluoride (and, to a much lesser extent, with iodine in salt [I say “lesser” because water is a greater necessity to human life than processed/demineralised table salt is]) is an acceptable and recommended practice. For example, I am sure there’s lots of research indicating aspirin reduces headaches. I meet a extraordinary number of people who experience headaches on a regular basis. Yet we don’t add aspirin to the drinking water. There over 1000 scientific papers indicating vitamin C has profound medical benefits, yet we don’t add that to the drinking water. Nor do I think we should. It undermines basic human rights to mass medicate in any way whatsoever.
There is no logic to picking out this one substance and mass-medicating society with it. If there was, we should be applying the same rationale to a great many drugs and vitamins and nutrients in general, by adding a whole concoction of nutritional (and medical, if we are that way inclined) essentials to our drinking water (and, by default, EVERYTHING made using that water [which likely includes much, if not all, of the Beer and Soda some people have mentioned as a better alternative to water])”

His reply (to my question), “Jonathan, you do realise hexafluorosilicic acid dissociates in water? And that when it is diluted to 1 part in a million it negligibly alters the pH, so it doesn’t acidify water. Anyway here is a review by an expert panel: http://assets.royalsociety.org.nz/…/Health-effects-of… ;

“Here are some other reviews of efficacy:

To which I shared the following (which I am publishing here in case it is of use to other folk beyond the discussion in which I originally posted it):

(in response to William’s point about hydrofluosilicic acid disassociation in water)
hanks for pointing this out. I am, however, not drawing any particular attention to whether or not hexafluorosilicic acid makes water acidic. What I am most interested to see is the peer reviewed scientific studies clearly showing the significant safe and effective benefits the ingestion of fluoride (specifically hexafluorosilicic acid, in a disassociated form, be it as it may; or even as sodium fluoride) has on the reduction of dental caries. It’s a subject I looked into some years ago, and I was unable to find any substantial information on. I got the impression your research into this subject turned up information I’d find useful.”

(In response to the links William provided)
“William, looking over what you’ve shared in response to my request, and the references you later shared with Lisa Er, these all appear to me to be meta-studies. Am I correct in assuming you’ve read through each of these meta-studies in full? The links you provided to me went no further than an abstract. I would be most interested to know which specific peer reviewed academic research papers looked at by these meta-studies you found provided the greatest certainty in substantiating that ingestion of fluoride safely and significantly reduces the incidence of dental caries in human subjects? I would also be interested to know what safety criteria you personally believe are worth taking into account.

As many other folk have been pointing out, there are many other “studies” and “experts” indicating fluoride either does not significantly reduce dental caries, and/or does not do so without causing or potentially causing other equally or more serious health issues. I realise most of these other people are also not citing any particular references for the points they are making—which in some ways is unfortunate.

I am aware of numerous studies indicating fluoride can produce a wide range of potential negative health effects. These range from its impact on IQ; the fact it readily crosses the placenta (thereby potentially exposing fetuses to risky and completely uncontrollable levels of fluoride); the fact it is an enzyme inhibitor and the human body fundamentally depends on healthy enzyme activity in maintaining homeostasis; the fact fluoride is a powerful endocrine disruptor, and can be particularly detrimental to iodine utilisation in the body, and therefore readily disrupts thyroid function; and so forth. What this tells me is that even if ingesting fluoride is effective at significantly hardening dental enamel and reducing the incidence of dental cavities, we can’t in any way conclude it does so without potentially contributing to or causing negative health effects. Can we?

I have been looking into (as a matter of personal and professional interest) the issue of water fluoridation for approximately the past 24 years. I am yet to come across what I would consider to be a reputable study showing fluoride is the best and safest way to reduce the incidence of dental cavities, without potentially causing or contributing significant health issues. Of the studies I have seen that indicate fluoride can potentially harden tooth enamel, it would appear this effect is mostly, if not entirely, only derived from the topical application of some forms of fluoride, and not from systemic ingestion of fluoride. I am also aware of a recent study (and I apologise for not having a reference on hand at this moment) that indicated even the hardening effect from topical fluoride application affected a insignificantly thin layer of enamel. The researchers concluded this hardening effect was so superficial as to be of very little, if any, real value.

Here’s a few studies and meta-studies that contribute to my views on this:

There is also the question of impurities in the “sodium fluoride” (and other forms of fluoride) added to water supplies. For example, a laboratory set up by Mike Adams recently did a study on this, with results posted here, or http://bit.ly/14cGlTz
— His comment on this study was,

We now have irrefutable scientific proof that the sodium fluoride used in U.S. water supplies is contaminated with toxic elements, heavy metals and other elements which have radioactive isotopes (strontium and uranium) that are present in the environment at trace levels.

As we know, scientifically, all of the 11 substances/elements he found in sodium fluoride samples are toxic (and many bio-accumulate), this alone suggests the safety of adding fluoride to drinking water is highly questionable.

— Another potential issue is that of the effects of fluoride when combined with other elements, such as aluminium. You may find it interesting to look at research done by medical doctor and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock on this matter.

– There are also a great many studies accessible here: https://fluoridealert.org/studytracker/ — most, if not all, are studies indicating and/or substantiating that the ingestion of fluoride in water is potentially harmful to human health.
An over-view of each of these potential negative health effects is available here: https://fluoridealert.org/researchers/health_database/

As you are likely beginning to appreciate, there is a great deal of research suggesting the ingestion of fluoride additives in water is anything by harmless, and likely provides little, if any, practical benefits in the reduction of tooth caries.

All this, without even looking into the research and medical opinion suggesting there are far more effective ways to reduce caries. Better nutrition being one of them. I suggest we also not forget that even _if_ drinking fluoridated water had real-world benefits, and minimal negative effectives, it is poor science and a highly questionable medical practice to be administering such a powerful and potentially toxic substance in such an uncontrollable fashion. When we fluoridate drinking water there is essentially NO way to control the dose of this “medicine” people are receiving. Some people may continue to not get “enough” of this “medicine” whilst other folk could very easily end up getting way to much. That’s hardly sound medicine, is it?

What I would like to encourage you to do William, is to take a serious look at both sides of this debate. Thoroughly, and sincerely. Then let me know if you can honestly say that water fluoridation can be considered harmless to human health, and whether it has any real-world benefits to dental health, and that these are benefits (if any) that could not be more soundly achieved in other ways (even, for instance, through topical application of sodium fluoride—for which there is perhaps at least a small amount of evidence it hardens dental enamel to a meaningful degree).”

My advice on eliminating fluoride from the body and decalcifying the pineal gland

Personally, I consider fluoridation of water, salt, and (in a few places) milk to be an evil affront to the dignity and spiritual integrity of Man. I recommend all folk seriously engaged on a Path of Spiritual Freedom, and those people interested in maintaining good health, to minimise their fluoride exposure, and to take measures to reduce or eliminate this toxic substance from their body. I wrote a comprehensive article on this subject—namely, how to eliminate fluoride from the body—in early 2012. I recommend reading that and applying the knowledge it imparts. What follows is a much briefer look at some of the ways to assist the body in eliminating fluoride.

Here are a few things that have shown to be effective in helping the body deal with and eliminate fluoride (if you have Amazon in your country, the following links may help with finding the products I am recommending, and may give me a small Amazon affiliate fee for my time in sharing this with you):

From my perspective it’s also important to avoid drinking tea (green and black tea). It has some of the highest sodium fluoride levels people are commonly exposed to (as much as 200 ppm [2 parts per billion], which is at least twice what is typically added to drinking water, and if the tea is made from fluoridated water, it’s even higher). Most non-stick products leach fluoride, such as teflon pans and teflon based water-proofing / stain-proofing chemicals (often applied to carpets, car interiors, and home furniture by manufacturers).

I also suggest reading up on bromine and the many ways in which you may be exposed to this. Both bromine and fluorine are what are known as elements known as halogens. So is iodine, chlorine, and the lesser known astatine. We need iodine, but not bromine or fluorine. Because Br and F are most highly reactive compared to Iodine, they have the ability to dominate in the body and block iodine uptake, particularly in the thyroid. The same, to a lesser extent, may play out with chlorine (also added to drinking water in many places). Simply put, avoid exposing yourself to chlorine, bromine, and fluorine. Bromine and fluorine are both gases, so various salts of these elements are what you’ll be looking to avoid (sodium fluoride, for instance, is a common sodium salt of fluorine, and potassium bromide is a common salt of bromine).

Again, the above information is just a brief look at what I cover in far greater detail in my 2012 article, Reclaiming the Window of the Soul—de-fluoridating the pineal. Please read that.

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