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Last Updated on August 16, 2015

This is one of the most important videos I will post this year. It’s message is one I suggest we all need to hear. In order to hear, we must first listen. In order to listen, we must engage our Heart. Please watch, listen, hear, and share.

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If you are reading this and you feel a calling to learn (i.e. remember) more about the Original Principles of the Divine Mother, as shared with me by my Mentor in the Original Wisdom in collaboration with the Kogi Mamos of Colombia, you are invited to contact me in person and discus the options to explore this timeless wisdom. If you live in New Zealand there may be options to work closely on the exploration and application of how to restore and support the balance of the Mother’s original organisation of the Earth.

Declaration to Restore Mother Earth

Please watch this much shorter video. If you feel thus moved, please sign the declaration here.

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Kogi Wisdom

The more I share the Kogi message, as passed to me by my mentor and the Kogi Mamos he collaborates with, the more I discover relatively few people are actually aware of the Kogi. In most of the public talks I’ve given on the Wisdom of the Kogi and the Original Principles of the Mother, people express their surprise that such a people as the Kogi exist and yet have remained so hidden. “Why have I not heard of this amazing race of people before?” people ask me.

This is not simply by chance. The Kogi have gone to great lengths for around five centuries to keep themselves unknown to the rest of the world.

When the Kogi speak of Man’s responsibility for balancing and harmonising the Earth and the Creation of the Mother, they are actually referring to very specific practices they say were transmitted to Man at the beginning. The call this the Original Knowledge of the Mother. There are specific ways in which Man—in particular, the Spirit of Man—can engage with the living Earth and the Mother’s original spiritual organisation/configuration of the Earth. It’s an extraordinary process, that we all hold the memory of in our Heart, as seeds of the Mother’s Original Knowledge. Like any seed, they require the right conditions to successfully germinate, grow, and bare blossoms and fruit.

People with a genuine (i.e. sincere) interest to learn more about the Original Knowledge of the Mother, as preserved by the Kogi for thousands of years, are welcome to send me a message via the Contact form on this web site, and we can look at some options for making that happen.

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