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You are welcome to reach out if you feel moved to do so. Sometimes it can take me a few days to even a few weeks to respond. Please don’t take that as a sign that I don’t appreciate your message. I reply to pretty much every genuine message I receive.

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Please note: I don’t recommend contacting me via any of the social platforms you can find me on (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). I don’t have any of these apps or services installed on my phone, and I receive no email notifications from any of them. I only use these “social” sites very rarely, and via a desktop browser. Weeks, even months, can go by without me logging into them. Email and Telegram is the best option.

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Plant Medicine Fall-out?

Due to the popularity of my articles on the Dark Side of Ayahuasca, I receive a lot of enquiries from people struggling with issues resulting from “plant medicine” experiences. After many years answering hundreds of enquiries, only a small handful of people have offered any form of reciprocity for my time in answering their Ayahuasca related enquiries. If you are about to write asking for help in the aftermath of an Ayahuasca experience, you are welcome to do so. Yet I ask that you give due consideration to how you’d like to reciprocate for what you receive. The recovery of the right-relationship to the universal principle of reciprocity is of utmost importance to all healing and all levels of well-being. It’s not about quantity, but quality… which comes down to Intent and purity of Heart.