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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

The governments and our elected politicians will never, ever, solve the problems faced by humanity, by WE, THE PEOPLE. That is not their job, never way, and never will be. Governments primarily protect and maintain the status quo. The status quo at this time on Earth equals (in brief):

  • World domination by the financial elite (bankers, mostly, and less then a fraction of 1% of humanity);
  • Transglobal multinational corporatocracy (democracy died in many so-called democratic countries many decades ago);
  • Global control of all major resources, including all of nature, and seeds, food and water, by a tiny number of multinational corporations granted massive liberties and protected from almost all social and environmental responsibility through transnational “free-trade” agreements, etc.

Where do WE, THE PEOPLE stand in all that? Just another resource we can add to the list food, water, seed, and nature. Also known as “slaves”.

What does this mean? In simple terms, and on one level, it means each person and, by extension, communities of people are being called and challenged by LIFE (the Divine Living Great Mother) to break away from the status quo of evil and destruction and slavery, and to unplugged from the addictions of convenience, comfort, and a false sense of safety… and to directly and actively be involved in real solutions. Worried about drug companies banning health products? Make your own… grow them. Worried about rising oil and energy prices? Move away from needing globalised energy supplies. Go local… build energy efficient homes, and harvest sunlight, micro-hydro, wind, etc. The list goes on. Our society will NOT create a solution to its predominant issues, because it is entrenched in profiting from those issues. It’s up to each of us to wake up to this reality, and break out of the box of psychic limitation most of us have resigned to living within.

This video… just a short promo clip… provides ONE insight into one solution to the issue of using less energy, and being self- and community-efficient in food production… Enjoy. May you BE INSPIRED.

[youtube id=”tvgCucsBke0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1000″ parameters=”?modestbranding=1 controls=2 showinfo=0″]

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