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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

Are you ready to truly Love what Is — right now?

What would happen if you did?

What would your life be like if in this moment you were absolutely in a place of love and acceptance with what is — right now ?

I invite you not to just read those questions and continue on through this article. I invite you to pause. Breath. Read them again. Continue to breath and feal.

Within the dream, a vital step necessary to waking up from the dream is to come to a place within oneself where all things are accepted and loved. Now, I’m not talking about soft lofty ideal of love and peace and all things fluffy. To truly come to a place of loving what is — all of it — is hard work. I will add that it’s only hard work because most people are so attached to their ego-mind and it’s vast array of beliefs and thought-forms that keep it dissident to Truth.

I invite you to sit and make a list of all the things that you can think of which you presently do not accept as they are. This can include all aspects of your present worldly situation, financial situation, your health, your body, your self, your upbringing, other people, etcetera. Be honest. Be open. Breath and feal and write.

Once you’ve compiled this list stand up and step back, with intention.

Be very ware of your breath and then slowly and increasingly allow your body to shake. Start with the fingers and allow the shaking to move up your arms, into your body, and down your legs, until your whole body is shaking. Remember to breath.

Now that some energy has been freed up, sit back down and take a look at your list.

I invite you to pick out a couple of items on that list that are fairly distant and low-energy for you — meaning that they don’t hold much of a charge in your life right now. Then also pick a couple of items that are really present for you and hold a strong charge. Once you’ve picked out 4 or so items from this sheet of data, write them on another clear piece of paper. With intention, put the other piece of paper aside and give you attention to this new sheet with this data you’ve recorded there. Read over these items. Starting with whatever one you feel to.

Breath and come into a place of clear intention — “I intend to engage my awareness with the feelings surround this event / person / situation”. Repeat that a few times to yourself. Once per full breath (inhalation and exhalation). Now on another piece of paper write down your story as it pertains to this piece of data (person, event, situation). What is your story? What do you tell yourself and hold true in relation to this data? Write it all down. Be as emotive and expressive as you can. Here’s an example… “Joe’s a fucking arse hole. He always treats me like I’m a little kid or something. The wanker. Fuck I hate it when he does that. It’s like he’s my father or something, treating me like a kid and not respecting me and my views on things…” — etcetera.

The language you use is over to you. But I invite you to choose words that embody the feelings you have around this data. Do this for ONE of the 4 or so items you had selected out of the main list. Once you’ve written everything, stand up.

Step back — with intention and awareness — and again go through the shaking process as described above. Let the shaking take over your whole body until your become the shake and cease to be the shaker. Be careful not to throw your head around too much though as you may hurt the muscles there and feel sore the neck day.

Now, again — with intention — sit back down to the story you wrote. Breath. Feel. Come down into your belly, and read over it. Read over it as many times as you can. At least 10 times. Twenty times, or even thirty times. Each time engage with the feelings there are expressed in that story. Remain very aware and intentional with your breathing. I’m not talking about the usual piss-arse attempt at breathing most of us are used to — I am referring to full body breathing. Starting the breath in the lower abdomen and filling that entire region up and then letting the upper abdomen expand and then let the chest expand slightly but WITHOUT raising the shoulders and collar bones. That’s what I mean by “breathing”. Read it out loud in a normal voice.

Read it in a whisper.

Read it at level of shouting.

Read it silently.

Once you’ve read it 10-20 times try reading it with a big smile the whole time. Even laughing if possible — of cause it’s possible, so try it out.

Again, really engage with the feeling behind what you wrote and read the whole story again.

Now ask yourself —
– Can I be sure this story is true?
– Can I be absolutely certain that this story is true?
– How can I be 100% certain that this is true?

Explore that for a while. Breath with intention. Be aware of yourself reading these words and asking these questions. Give your attention to that part of You that is watching you read out these words and asking these questions. Stay with the feeling of that part of you that is watching you ask these questions. Now read over the story again, holding your attention the whole time on that part of you that can watch you sitting there reading the story. Breath. Now I invite you to turn your story around.

Let’s say Joe was one of the people in your story. Remove Joe completely. Joe does not exist. He is a role that YOU have created in order to tell this story you’ve just read oh so many times. So take him out of the picture. Now that Joe — or whoever you had there — has been taking out, there is only You left. So now read through the story but put yourself in place of Joe. “I am a fucking arse hole. I always behave like I am a little kid or something. The wanker. Fuck I hate it when I do that. It’s like my father is there, and I am feeling like a kid and not respecting myself and my views on things…”

Turn the whole story around. Rewrite it this way. Trust your innate intelligence.

After reading the original story so many times I am sure you would have found that it started to hold less and less charge for you. In fact, did you find that it started to be quite funny — more like a comedy story as opposed to the horror story it started out as? Turn it all around and rewrite it. Also, if you feel up to it, look at the words you chose to express yourself. Taking a look at the example I put wrote… Let’s look at “fucking arse hole” and “the wanker”. What’s the story behind these words? What I see here is “fucking” and “arse hole” which are both tied in with the 1st and 2nd chakra. “Wanker” is also tied in with these two chakras. These are fairly degenerate expressions of the energy from these two chakras. “Wanker” also has an element of judgement in it… it is a term used to negatively refer to someone that masturbates — which is only viewed negatively from a place of self-shame and dysfunction around ones sexuality which is an expression of Life-Force or Vital Energy. Feel into this.

Read over your rewritten story, where everything has been turned around and back in on yourself. Bring your full awareness to the idea that “Everything is happening FOR you and not TO you”. Breath with that for a while. Take that thought a stage further. “Everything is being created BY ME and not happening to me”. Feal into that. Now, what is this rewritten story telling you about yourself? What does it have to say? Actually what do You (Higher Self) have to say to you? If life is nothing but a mirror, what is this story reflecting to you about yourself? If you are a Divine Being by nature, then what is this story telling you about how / where / why you’ve forgotten an aspect of your divinity? — the aspect that’s involved in this story.

Right now you might find that you’ve just learnt something really interesting. You might have also found that this story and all the things with the story no longer hold such a charge over you. In fact they might not hold any charge at all. It might have taken a few hours to go through this process and you’ve only looked at a couple of “chapters” in your life story listed on those original pieces of paper. You might be thinking that “This is hard work… It’s going to take ages to get through all this”.

What I’d like to suggest that your life-story is like a woven carpet. Once you start to unhitch some of the stitches in that carpet then it will start to unravel. You’ve just got to be willing to be open to “Walking” around on the carpet or shaking it out (breathing, being aware, and feeling). This movement on and with the carpet will cause the holes you’ve made to start unravelling. Also, rather than mindlessly weaving more patterns and segments into this carpet day-by-day, you can — when you remember — instantly turn around events that take place which bring up energy within you. Hold the intention to stop viewing life from the place of the victim. Turn everything around by removing the “Other” (whatever and whoever that might appear to be).

This process of removing the other and turning events around is something I’ve been exploring and applying for maybe 8 years or more. I’ve found it very powerful. It does require a high degree of self-honesty to make it effective though — and a willingness to let go of old patterns and emotive habits of relating to life.

I am aware that a lady called Byron Katie teaches people a process that is quite similar to this. She also has a book called “Loving what is”. That’s where I borrowed the name for this article. I’m not that familiar with her work — although I know she calls it “The Work” and people I know have found it to be very transformational. Hence I recommend you check out her work and her book. I’ve flicked through the book in a book store some time ago and in my assessment it looked like something most people would benefit from. Her website is at www.thework.org.

With love and blessings, Jonathan

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