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(A poem written on 22 February, 2011)

The ecstatic simplicity of being,
Thus far not tasted, touched, nor seen.
I meditate.

Sitting, silently, aware,
I await my introduction,
An initiation, an audience of sorts.
How much longer, I wonder, and wander.
A question of time, how long?

Not wedged between past and future,
Timeless It is, and shall remain,
Timeless as I Am.

A thousand minutes, years, lifetimes,
It matters not, for I Am,
Here, now, regardless of time,
Irrespective of space.

No time to wait,
No time like now.
That which I seek, so far beyond,
Only glimpsed vicariously,
Or through windows in time,
Ineffably graced, by the nameless One.

I meditate. Poised.
Waiting, or simply present?
The ecstatic simplicity of Being,
No history; future revoked,
I bow before You, within You.

The meditation, involuntarily complete.
The meditator, vanquished.
Now. I am meditated.
Ineffably graced,
By the nameless One.

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