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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

Having taken a look at the inevitability of success, where I did also touch on the nature of failure, I’d like to now take a quick look at the illusion of failure in more detail.

Failure is defined in the dictionary as:

  • Omission of occurrence or performance
  • A lack of success or adequacy
  • A decline in strength or effectiveness
  • The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends
  • The condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short

Obviously a failure is something that fails.

The word fail is derived from the Latin word fallere , which means “deceive, be lacking or defective.”

I see from this etymology that failure was never a descriptive word (i.e. “I am a failure”), rather is is a verb or an action / state.

When I am deceived by my limited sense of ego/self as to my true identity then I am in a state of failure. Yet my true nature will always remain the same, so failure is an illusion. Failure is an omission; a condition of being insufficient; a lack of success. As we know, every choice is succeeded by an outcome. So a lack of success is truly not possible. So we are left with being in a state of omission, and a condition of insufficiency.

The reality is, however, that the Universe / God is entirely self-sufficient. In every moment the perfect conditions exist in order to maintain the perfection and integrity of what is. So it is really not possible to experience true insufficiency. I can only do that whilst under some spell of belief cast forth by the my sense of ego. That leaves omission.

Yes, it is possible that in this moment I will omit to see the true nature of THAT I AM.

Omit comes from the Latin word omittere, which means “to lay aside” or “disregard”.

If I lay aside the Truth of what I am, and disregard the reality that is before me (extending through me into what I experience as the world/life) then I will experience the illusion of failure. I will in that moment fail myself—yet only in illusion.

I would say that the key to avoid failure for the rest of eternity is to simply remain aware, alert, and attentive to Now. With total awareness directed through attention within this moment it is not possible to be in a state of omission. If I am not in a state of omission then I surely can not fail. If I can’t fail then I can only succeed.

One other definition given above for success is “The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends”. In my experience the Soul (if I may call it that for a moment) has only one intented end or purpose—namely the absolute experience of Love… and the evolution of Awareness that will arise through that experience. If your egoic sense of self has you desiring all sorts of things that are contrary to this end then it is quite possible you will experience what appears to be failure and disappointment. Again, the answer is to remain alert and aware.

With awareness here now you will know what you are to seek in this moment—and rest assured you will be moved to seek higher and higher expressions of Love.

Be well…

With heart…


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