Inspired Health & Intelligent Nutrition – Workshop

For thousands of years Man has been progressively disconnecting from Life, from the Earth, and from Nature. In all areas of our human affairs from our mundane existance to our spirituality, we are feeling the pain of being cut off and removed from the intelligence of Life.

Today, more than ever, people are typically emmersed in a way of life that is far from Life-affirming. This is no big secret. Most of us feel it every day.

Inspired Health & Intelligent Nutrition is a unique opportunity to recreate your relationship to yourself, to your body, to food, to Life, and to Nature, all through a simple yet profound approach to health, healing, food and nutrition.

After this, it will all make perfect sense.

Is this workshop for you?

If within your Heart you feel moved & inspired by the real possibility of using nutrition to awaken and support your inner genius and full human potential, you’re going to love this workshop. Yes, this one is just for you. If you have ever felt confused by all the conflicting and highly complicated information available on food, nutrition, diets, and health, come and be inspired by the simplicity of what Jonathan shares on these vitally important topics.

More and more people are discovering just how great it feels when they can relate to food with empowerment & certainty. Are you next?

Topics we will explore

• The true nature of Man as a Divine Being
• The intelligence of nature and how it supports Man
• How to free yourself from anti-acids, pain-killers, bloating, excess gas, acid reflux, headaches, and more
• How to minmise your chances of developing a terminal illness before your time
• The original intent within natural and whole food
• Restoring your acid / alkaline balance
• Eating super-intelligent foods for optimum well-being
• A naturalistic approach to health, food, and healing
• Dispelling many myths and much confusion about food
• How to eat less, spend less, feel incredible, and potentially say goodbye to all future medical expenses


Your Facilitator

Inspired health & Intelligent Nutrition is facilitated by Jonathan Evatt, author of the award winning book Peace, Power, and Presence. Exploring, remembering, and living a Path with Heart (the path of Freedom) since early childhood, Jonathan has a clarity and depth of understanding that both inspires and transforms. He sees it as his purpose to help catalyse the profound shift in consciousness emerging in the world today. Sharing the ancient art of intelligent nutrition, health, and vitality is one of the ways he fulfils that intention. Jonathan has been studying natural health and holistic nutrition since childhood.