Birthing the Christ Within – Retreat

The archetypal story of the Christos or Christ has been shared for many thousands of years within cultures all around the world. Only in the last 2000 years was the journey of the Christ popularised into an historical and literal account of one particular man (Yeshua Ben Yoseph or Jesus the Christ). This one change in the archetypal story of the Christ was motivated by politics not spirituality. It has separated the truth of the Christ from Man; it has separated Man from the Heart. Now, it’s time that changed. Let us join together at Easter for two intensive days of rediscovery… of birthing the living Christ within the Heart of Man… within you now.

Who would attend Birthing the Christ Within?

If within your Heart you feel moved & inspired by the real possibility of awakening your true potential—as portrayed in the ancient archetype of the Christos—join with me in this experience of Birthing the Christ Within. We are literally midwives to our own Perfection. Part lecture, part active meditations, part questions and answers; this is an opportunity to feel intimately empowered & at home within the depths of your Heart… within your life… within your world.

Some of the topics you can expect to explore

• The true nature of Man/Woman as a Divine Being
• Merging the I AM Presence into the body
• Integrating past pain & emotion—to be here now
• Seeing the world through the eyes of the Christ
• Moving beyond intellectual structure and form
• Moving beyond dualities, judgment, and suffering
• Cleansing and nourishing the body~mind
• Three ways of entering into the Space of Love within the Heart through an a special meditation