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This is censorship at work

Whilst I’ve not actively “followed” Dr. John Campbell’s videos during the “Covid-19 pandemic” fiasco, I have seen perhaps 10 to 15 of them. They’ve come my way through articles and social media I’ve looked into. In my estimation he’s done a relatively good job of attempting to remain relatively objective about the matters I’ve seen him cover in his video blog. I found it disappointing he wasn’t at all apologetic to his audience when he started discovering and reporting on some of the data bringing the safety and efficacy of the cvd-19 vaccines into question. Vaccines he openly recommended people take based on their safety and efficacy “at reducing severe symptoms”. But that aside, he’s at least been a steady voice looking over cvd related data, reports, studies, and more, helping the general public better understand what’s what.

Dr. Campbell sheepishly caving in

This video is a classic example of censorship and industry capture at work. That would be the pharmaceutical and medical industry. It would seem Dr. Campbell has had his hand slapped for saying something that our pharmaceutical overlords didn’t like … something related to the cheap off-patent drug they went to huge lengths to dissuade people from using as a treatment and preventative for you know what. John’s fine example of caving in to the pressure of censorship is one to take to heart. It’s happening every day, all over the world. Politicians, doctors, professors, scientists, and more, going along with a lie in order to protect their future, their jobs, their status, and so on.

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