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Over the past 20 years or so, barley and wheat grass powders have become increasingly popular. I am writing this article because the vast majority of barley/wheat grass powders I’ve seen come to market are a far cry from the original premise for ingesting barley/wheat grass. For simplicity, from here on I’ll be refer just to “barley grass”, yet what I share here also pertains to wheat grass.

Barley’s claim to fame as a health supplement was and is in the form of barley grass juice. The idea of simply grinding up dried barley grass into a whole powder only came about relatively recently (roughly since the early 2000s, as far as I can tell). It’s important to keep in mind the cellulose structure of grass is not particularly easy for humans to digest. It’s likely a lot of the nutrients in barley grass powder remain bound up in the plant structure after you eat it.

The other issue is that you’ll need a lot more whole barley grass powder (non-juiced) to get the same potential amount of nutrients as you get barley grass juice powder. The juice is, in effect, a concentrated extract.

I got into growing and juicing barley grass in the mid-1990s. It’s one of the few “health foods” or supplements I’ve taken and noticed a powerful effect. I’ve tried a lot of super healthy foods over the years, and most of my diet is made up of super healthy foods. Yet nothing has ever compared to having a fresh hit of barley grass juice each day. Keep in mind, I was having around 150 ml (about 5 fl. oz) each day. I can say from first hand experience, it was powerful. My partner at the time literally had her hairline move forward by about a centimetre  (about a 1/3 inch), and she already had long, thick hair. Where my hair had receded at that time, it grew back. I also found it gave me a lot of energy, and I barely needed to eat for the rest of the day.

I’ve never felt or noticed any distinguishable effect from whole barley grass powder. As for barley grass juice powders, I notice some effects, but nothing even remotely like what I experience from fresh barley grass juice.

The short end of this story? Don’t waste your money on barley or wheat grass powders. It’s total BS that companies are selling these products, whilst riding on the back of the known benefits of barley grass JUICE. You are literally eating cheap to grow, dried, powdered grass leaves. If you can afford it, spend more and get barley grass juice powder. If you have the time and inclination, go the whole way and grow your own barley grass, and juice it. Nothing else compares.

If you’re in the US, this is the best Barley Grass Juice powder I know of.

There are, however, many other barley grass juice products. Just be sure to check they aren’t loaded with dextrin or other fillers (which are sometimes used in the process of turning the juice into a powder). And make sure the product is organic, and specifically states it is from juice.

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