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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

Perhaps the following image helps explain, graphically for those who struggle with words, to gain some insight into why the modern, and particularly “American” (trans-global / multi-nationalist corporatocracy), way of life has degraded into being a somewhat sorrowful life-negating state of affairs. It need not be that way.

The industrial military complex—and the corporatocracy it is a key component of—has hijacked Man’s precious life-force, and is diverting it into destructive endeavours. This hijacking is only possible because Man makes the mis-take of equating his/her “life-force” with money. Most then get lost in the slave-like pursuit of money—”having a good job” and all that this entails—rather than the quest for, nurturing and promotion of LIFE.

As a famous fellow somewhere in the Middle East once said… LET THERE BE LIFE

Annual US Science vs Military Spending (2011)

Annual US Science vs Military Spending (2011)

Living in the USA? Where does your tax money go?

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