About Jonathan

For much of my life I have been aware of many profound and subtle aspects of Life. As I grew up, this culminated into an appreciateion for the true nature and purpose of Man. My approach to the world is through the natural Living Wisdom and Living Intelligence of the Heart. This approach has enabled me to work through many of the obstructions that prevent ordinary Man from perceiving reality as it is. It also helped me find, or be found by, a number of true masters who have provided, and continue to provide, indispensable assistance along the way.

What about you?

I can only imagine you’ve come to this page because you think you want to know more about me. Perhaps you read something I wrote, and this got you curious about the author. I propose, without wishing to make assumptions, that the much deeper force driving you in this moment, as you read these words, is the desire to more deeply know yourself. Right? I mean, why else would someone spend time on a web site such as this one?

If that’s true for you, is it also true you are considering seeking my assistance on your journey of self-knowledge? Why else would you want to know more about me? Is it just idle curiosity? I suspect not. Having said that, what’s of most interest to me, about you, is whether or not you’re someone who can feel, sense, or intuit when your spirit is pushing and inspiring you toward your natural destiny—and, whether you’re someone who acts on that?

How’d we get here?

I can only answer my side of that question, and I trust you’ll answer yours.

Whilst enduring my final years at school, I dived into deeply exploring my inner consciousness. I got into studying and practicing yoga, meditation, Taoist chi practices, herbal healing, aromatherapy, working with crystals, and quite a bit more that my heart felt drawn to. In New Zealand we finish school at 17, and since then I’ve pursued many decades of training, exploring, and travelling to over 30 countries. This was all part of my delving into the nature of Life and Reality beyond the usual sense of separation, duality, and confusion veiling ordinary Man’s perception. I found I innately understood and was being challenged to embody a diverse spectrum of the empowering principles found within the art and science of Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic and Buddhist Tantra, Western Mysticism, Toltec wisdom, Hawaiian Huna wisdom, Ayurveda, Vedic science, herbalism, traditional naturopathy, and shamanism.

Since the early 1990’s I’ve been very fortunate to live and study with teachers with a background in numerous branches of self-mastery and the true potential of Man. Some of the most influential of those teachers were a 72 year old Buddhist monk and master homeopath in the Swiss Alps, an Hawaiian Kahuna (Shaman-Priest), Yogis in the mountains of Colorado and New Zealand, numerous gifted healers, a bush doctor on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, a kundalini and Kashmiri Shivaism master in Germany, and, of course, the Living Earth (through deep contemplation and journeying to sacred sites in many areas around the world). In 2013 I finally met the spiritual ally and teacher I’d spent a couple of decades knowing I would one day study with… an exceptional master of the Andean spiritual and shamanic solar arts. It is with him I am presently apprenticed.

Xolar Vibronics, and the Original Living Wisdom

My training as a Xolar Vibronics practitioner, and in traditional spiritual ecology, is in the form of a long-term apprenticeship and spiritual training with Mama Koginka K’Amaru Xue—a legendary shamanic healer and maestro of the Original Andean Spiritual Arts, from Colombia. My teacher works very closely with the Kogi Mamas in Colombia, and is the only outsider recognised by them as a Mama himself. A mama is a highly accomplished spiritual elder of the indigenous people in Colombia, and, in this case, specifically the Kogi people, who reside in the high Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Colombia.

Xolar Vibronics is the ancient Andean solar healing arts (for the holistic healing of people and the planet), refined and organised for the present day through the life-long dedication of Koginka Xue. These principles and practices provide a means for people to recover consciousness of their original identity, their natural state of wholeness and health, and to resume functioning in the world in the way it was originally intended for humans to function.

My approach to Life is as pragmatic as it is esoteric. I am a firm advocate of people being real, authentic, and down-to-Earth, whilst actively exploring and participating in the more subtle aspects of Life and Reality. I see it as Man’s purpose—males and females alike—to take up the responsibility and spiritual maturity of actively assisting the Earth in Her evolution, harmonisation, and emergence into Being. My mentor is a master of the ancient art and science of consciously participating in and harmonising the eco-energetics of the planet.

This web site is just one of the small ways I am fulfilling my agreement to share the Original Wisdom of the Heart with those interested in genuine spiritual awakening—which means awakening to oneself as a living spirit, and fulfilling the natural function of the spirit in accordance with the Power that is creating you.

koginka sewaluna foundationKoginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa

I am also the founder and director of the charity organisation Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa. It is the New Zealand branch of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation in North America, which was founded by my mentor Koginka K’Amaru Xue. The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and proliferation of the living Mother Earth wisdom, as applied and protected by indigenous and spiritual elders since time immemorial. It’s mission is to help restore spiritual, ecological, and social balance on Earth, through the application of time-proven wisdom that was once at the forefront of humanity’s approach to daily living. I have made a life-long commitment to sharing and living this wisdom within New Zealand.

Traditional Naturopathy

Since the early 1990s, I have studied, applied, and practiced the principles of natural, holistic, healthy living. It is a modality I refer to as Traditional Naturopathy. You can read more about this here.


To those heart-inspired souls looking for depth and substance in their lives—beyond the relatively shallow experience of what one can read and YouTube about—I offer mentoring and spiritual training. If you are inspired by a sincere interest to know yourself as a spirit, and to holistically recover your natural state of well-being, feel free to read out and ask for assistance. More information on these services can be found here.