Since his late teens Jonathan has been assisting people to find greater clarity and perspective in their spiritual development, holistic healing, and natural approaches to health and nutrition. His work with people as a mentor and guide has been in demand in many parts of the world, including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, England, and Panama.

Jonathan has an extensive background rooted in traditional yoga from India and China, a broad range of holistic healing practices, traditional naturopathy, and numerous authentic lineage based spiritual traditions—Western, Eastern, and Indigenous. His life-time of spiritual and worldly investigation into the holistic well-being of humans and of the natural world, culminated in him remembering and teaching what he came to call the Wisdom of the Heart.

In early 2013 Jonathan entered into a life-long apprenticeship with his mentor and teacher, the legendary Andean spiritual Maestro, known as Koginka K’Amaru Xue, founder of Xolar Vibronics and the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation in North America. Through this profound process of intensive spiritual training in the ancient solar arts of the Andes, and in the Original Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother, he has come to realise that the “Wisdom of the Heart” is the original spiritual inheritance of MAN, passed to every human spirit by the original Mother/Father Power that creates us.

If you wish to receive an authentic introduction into the timeless wisdom of the Divine Mother, and to have on-going training in your journey of spiritual empowerment—the bringing forth of your spirit into full moment-to-moment consciousness—you are warmly encouraged to submit an enquiry into the possibility of mentoring with Jonathan.

After the initial introductory session, participants are typically asked to commit to at least 5 sessions.

Meetings are conducted online, or in person whenever possible.

Rates for Jonathan’s services vary, based on various factors including the personal circumstances of those seeking his assistance.

Feeling ready for deep transformation?

How would it be to feel secure in the knowing you have a mentor deeply dedicated to the well-being and empowerment of your Spirit?