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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

Your Divinity is within.

Your brain is a bio-metaphysical reality creation mechanism. It is a somewhat like a film projector. Your mind feeds in the film, The Light that is God and your I AM Presence, shine through that film, et voila! You perceive reality as you know it.

Your mind uses what you call your brain and your nervous system to construct the perceptual experience of a tangible reality. Your mind and brain are much like the software and hardware of a very impressive Holodeck—like that seen on Star Trek.

Your heart is a tuning fork that picks up and atones with the frequency of the reality you are creating with your mind. It is through the heart that a tangible experience of Love (your true nature) is made manifest in the reality you are creating. Look after it and use it wisely and openly.

Your Divinity is within.

There is no point in looking out toward ANYTHING at all for your Divinity. Do not look out to “God”—for That is also within.

Do not look to a Guru—unless you find a Guru that is willing to return you 100% back to That which is within, rather than distraction your attention with his or her ego.

Do not look to religion. You might like to get a handle on what various religions have in common. Fine. But to join a religion is to go without. Better to be religious, to cultivate a state of religiousness, then to join a religion.

Do not seek a teacher. If you’re going to be served by a teacher than that teacher will come. Until then, it’s just a waste of energy.

Go within.

You are an exquisite Being.

You are magnificent.

Trust That

Love That

Be That


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