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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

A poem

You and I are Free

How long it takes,
For each to let it go,
How long it takes,
For each to see we know.

One, In its many expressions,
Seemly held seperate by fear.
One through love,
Alowing the other to get near.
The experience of seperaton,
For ultimate union,
The experience of fear,
For ultimate love.
The experience of something out there,
To know that which is deep inside.
Together we have come,
For love, and light, and fun,
Together we rise, eat, and sleep,
In harmony with the sun,
Together we are here,
Strangers merged as one.
Hold God’s hand,
In every stranger,
Feed God’s hunger,
In every meal,
Feel God’s love,
In all you see,
Know that you are It,
That you and I are Free.

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