Last Updated on August 5, 2015

The Genesis of Life

If you’ve even been into native bush (as we call it in New Zealand and Australia), or into a jungle or old growth forest, looking and feeling around such a natural environment, some important things may have become apparent to you. In simple terms, the form-side of Life (everything you can see, sense, and tangibly identify) is in service to the form-less side of Life, and these two aspects of manifest and manifesting creation are in service to Life itself. The personification of “Life itself” is perhaps most easily referred to as ‘The Divine Mother’. An aspect of Divinity and manifest creation so profound and omnipresent She is known by a great many names, being recognised by most, if not every, ancient religion, spiritual path, and native/traditional culture I have come across.

Genesis of LifeWhen we realise human recognition of the Divine Mother is primordial, her cultural and religious prevalence is not the least bit surprising. There is surviving evidence for human reverence of the Great Mother Goddess dating back to 35,000 B.C.E. Most, if not all, major religions of our present era continue to recognise Her in one form or another, often in a multitude of concurrent identities and manifestations. She is a prevalent figure in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shivaism, Islam and Judaism (particularly in their esoteric branches, Sufism and Qabala, respectively), just to name a few of the traditions familiar to most readers. Looking into my “Western” cultural roots, I find her central to Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Platonism, and it doesn’t take much digging around to find The Mother hiding away behind the patriarchal backdrop—or perhaps I should call it a facade?—of contemporary Christianity either, most overtly in the Catholic tradition. At the roots of the Black Madonna, The Virgin Mary, and the Black Virgin, Mary Magdalena and, some might argue, even the Holy Spirit, there is ample evidence to show these are just some of the Christianised masks donned by the primordial Divine Mother. The Virgin Mary, central to Catholic tradition, is the extension of the earlier Isis tradition in ancient Egypt.

I shall digress no further. The proposition being made is not so much that there is universal—or close to it—cultural recognition of the Great Divine Mother, but simply that all forms of life—in the natural world—are in service to Her. What I wish to draw attention to is the fact the natural world in which Man stands within and is, of course, an integral part of, exists and functions as a unified, co-operative, self-arising, self-sustaining, self-organising holistic Being. Everything we might rightly call ‘natural’ serves the wholeness of Life, and that wholeness is the creation of a Divine something we have for time immoral recognised as The Mother… a vast ineffable Cosmic Motherly originator and genesis of all-that-is. Recognising the entire natural world serves and uplifts and glorifies Life, Man, I propose, might do well to ask him and herself, “Whom do I serve?”

Whom do you serve?

angel-astrariumThat which is life-taking—apparent forces operating as an antagonistic antithesis to Life—is what Man commonly refers to as the Devil. This is, of course, another personified recognition of a cosmic something that Man has universally recognised for time immemorial. Like The Mother, in the great theatrical play of creation, these forces go by many names, the more common being Satan, Lucifer, Dark Forces,  Beelzebub, Darkness, evil spirits, and simply evil—to name the most common found in English nomenclature. The soul of Man finds itself on the precarious threshold where the Light of the Divine extends, coalesces and fades into the darkness seemingly beyond. On a more personal level Man experiences this threshold as the cusp between consciousness and unconsciousness; knowing and ignorance.

“Whom do I serve?” is perhaps the fundamental question Man would do well to regularly ask, and to answer—I propose—on a daily basis. From one perspective Man either serves the Divine or Man serves the Devil. Put into terms perhaps more approachable to the anti-religious bent many of us have, we might say Man either serves the light or the darkness; Man serves Life and that which is Life-affirming, or serves death and that which is life-degrading. From a moralistic perspective, most of us were taught there is right and wrong, good and bad. Yet morals are a human invention, prone to misunderstanding. What I observe in the natural world is that there’s that which supports and glorifies Life, and that which detracts from and degrades Life—in the simplest of terms, that which is life-giving, and that which is life-taking.

Spiritual orphans…

Spiritual OrphanAccording to the Original Knowledge of the Great Mother, as passed to Man aeons ago, there is not some other options available to us, like a third alternative. The form-side of Life is either with Life or against it. The purely human phenomenon of self-centredness—the act of simply serving one’s own limited and (typically) misconstrued sense of self—is not somehow a third option that excludes Man from this dualism of for and against Life. The challenge for ordinary Man is that s/he has forgotten his genesis… his origin.

Imagine a child born within a healthy family, raised by two kind, generous, and loving parents, who at some stage in her childhood simply forgets her parents ever existed. She turns seven, for example, and on that day not only forgets the parents she came from, but is oblivious she came from anyone at all.

Such a degree of not-knowing would be a rather strange situation, requiring equally strange circumstances at its cause. Perhaps a deep concussion out of which this seven-year old developed a profound case of amnesia could explain such a plight? In forgetting the fact parents even exist, as a natural phenomenon, she would experience herself as something without any roots, without any substantial history, utterly bereft of ancestry and origin. How would she function? What would be her point of reference for her existence and for the meaning of her being? It’s hard to imagine, is it not?

As strange as this analogy can seem, is it not painfully similar—to one degree or another—to the situation faced by a great many people on the Earth today? How many people have you met who know the following three immutable facts about themselves, as clear as they might know their human (hi)story:

  • Who they are, as Spirit;
  • Where they came from, as Spirit;
  • And, Why they are here in/on the Earth, as Spirit.

To Know Thyself is to know oneself as Spirit. To know another, is to know them as Spirit. Yet spiritual orphans know themselves as a conglomeration of impressions, impositions, conditions, and projections, neatly (or not so neatly) packaged into a body and mind. As orphans from Life it is difficult, if not impossible, to see other people and the other expressions of Life as part of a holistic totality. We tend to perceive Life in small, fragmented, and disparate parts, with only mundane connections and relationships to other parts with which there is a tangible and measurable association.

The Orphans’ Rebellion

Spiritual-rebellionA great many people are not aware that, first and foremost, they are spiritual essence arising through and into human experience; many go to great lengths to argue against spiritual reality entirely. Is it no wonder we find ourselves in the midst of what ecologists identify as the sixth mass global extinction, and that this is the first time Man is able to claim the distinction of being the primary cause of such a planetary plight? Perhaps more bizarre is that a great many human beings are not even aware that Life on Earth is well along the path of dying at the hands of humankind.

All spirituality aside, at a purely pragmatic and scientific level there is no rational argument against the fact all human beings originate from and are, from conception to death, nourished and sustained by the Earth. At this ground level of rationalisation, it’s by no means a stretch of logic to state, ‘The Earth is our collective Mother’. In recognising this fact, is it not folly and misfortune to fail to recognise there is a massive rebellion underway? A rebellion of Earthly and spiritual orphans destroying the home given to them by a Mother who is by now barely a faint glimmering memory in their over-stimulated minds. In this very moment, a significant proportion of humanity is killing its Mother, ripping her to pieces, raping her, selling and enslaving her into prostitution—by capitalising on her so-called “resources”, in just the same way a pimp profits from the sexual “resources” of the women he controls. This is the orphans’ rebellion, and its well underway.

Content with the comfort of ignorance…

I think it safe to say readers of this article have all heard about pollution, global-warming, fracking, the global monopolisation of all human water supplies, deforestation, peak-oil, and likely a host of other environmental concerns. Although how much do most of us really know about these subjects? Having just a periphery knowledge of these issues is in some ways a comfortable compromise of human intelligence. There’s a strange kind of comfort in “knowing” the world has problems, whilst living as if it didn’t. It’s the kind of knowing that stimulates the mind yet too often fails to arouse and stir the heart. “Yeah, I know about global warming, that’s why I drive a Prius” can be a comforting thought, and yet wouldn’t you agree we must be so careful to not convince ourselves that simply driving fuel-effecient cars and making an effort to recycle our trash, is potentially just a slap in the face to our Mother when the entire orientation of the society we willfully participate in is unconsciously hell-bent on destroying the world it depends upon?

Humanity not only depends on the Earth for its survival, but the Earth depends on humanity. Not just for survival, but its very fulfillment and completion. According to the Original Knowledge of the Divine Mother, as expressed in traditions encompassed by every major culture and spanning tens of thousands of years, Man was created not to rape, pillage and profit from the Earth but to be its spiritual caretaker. According to this ancient knowledge, Man is here to help complete creation… to play a fundamental role in facilitating the Creator’s intent toward the highest expression and manifestation of Life. The spirit of Man, incarnate as human beings, was originally intended to spiritualise and awaken matter into Cosmic Consciousness. Yet, as spiritual, orphans we degrade and destroy matter at a harrowing rate.

Just how harrowing?

Let’s take one example. I am sure most readers will be familiar with the fact the planet’s oceans are struggling to survive, and yet how many are aware of just how severe that struggle is?

Let’s look at just one known fact about the oceans. It was in 1994, that the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization released a report that concluded that 70 percent of ocean fish stocks were “fully exploited”. This news was mostly ignored by governments around the world as a result of political pressure from large-scale fishing corporations. In 2003 even more dire figures came in. I quote the following from Page(s): 39, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, by Thom Hartmann:

Last hours of ancient sunlight - bOn May 15, 2003, a detailed and thorough analysis of 50 years of data compiled by marine biologists Ransom A. Myers and Boris Worm was published in the prestigious science journal  Nature, shocking the worlds of both politics and science.

“Analysis of data from five ocean basins reveals a dramatic decline in numbers of large predatory fish (tuna, blue marlins, swordfish and others) since the advent of industrialized fishing,” the article’s summary says. It goes on to document how “The world’s oceans have lost over 90% of large predatory fish, with potentially severe consequences for the ecosystem.”

The authors suggest that the U.N. was right when it “argued that three-quarters of the world’s fisheries were fished to their sustainable limits or beyond,” and pointed out that their data is more accurate than previous information available based “on datasets from commercial fisheries, which can be unreliable.” Other evidence is visible from the reports of commercial fishermen, they note. Just after World War II, Japanese fishermen in the deep parts of the Pacific typically caught 10 large fish for every 100 baited “long line” (often a mile or more long) hooks they placed out. Today only one out of a hundred hooks brings back a fish.

Who do these corporations serve? It’s quite obviously not Life they are siding with. Their actions are life-taking, and unfortunately for fish eating humans, in a world where “three-quarters of the world’s fisheries have been fished beyond the point of sustainability” it is a significantly life-degrading act to use fish as food source. It’s one argument for going vegan that’s hard to refute. Although, of course, decisions like that can only be made, one way or the other, by each of us as apparent individuals.

Whom do I serve?

mother-lifeWith every significant action, the spiritually astute person would be wise to ask, “Who am I serving? Life, or my misshapen sense of ego-self? The demonic entities, or the Living Mother? Dark forces, or the supreme source of Being? Darkness or Light?” One might also ask, “By this action am I supporting and uplifting Life, or am I degrading Life?” Relative to the 4 billion or so years of Earth’s existence, you and I are literally living through the lasts few moments of the present form of human existence on Earth. That may sound extreme, and yet unfortunately it’s a statement backed by cold, hard, and irrefutable evidence. We can ignore the evidence, we can plead ignorant, and yet in doing so we only throw gasoline on the already raging fire.

Every day we are granted a certain quantum of energy. It manifests as thought, perception, vitality, sexuality, strength, intelligence, inspiration, joy, emotion, passion, and much more. What do you invest it in? This energy of Life is passing to you right now in this moment, and it’s intended to enable you in playing your part in Her creation. Do you expend and invest your daily allowance wisely, or are you sinking ever deeper into energetic debt? What are your dreams for the rest of your life? What is your purpose for being alive in the world? Do you have clear spiritual intentions and heart-based aspirations, or do you move through life fairly aimlessly? Whichever the case, whom do your intentions (or lack of them) serve, and who do your days of aimlessness serve?

Whom do I serve?

I Am
in service to Life,
The Mother of all Creation.
For She gives me Life,
She is the Life,
and I am That.
I am the Resurrection,
and the Life,
Awakening and reviving to
Conscious Living Presence
The Omnipotent Wisdom of the Earth,
Of the cosmos,
Of all my relations,
In Sacred Reciprocity,
The Living Mother Father
I Am


Are you with Life, or against Her? That’s the question…