Last Updated on February 8, 2020

Shortly after the Gulf War of 1991 I learnt about and started informing people about the fact the US and UK military used munitions (bullet heads) made from depleted uranium. Some say the purpose of such an act is to seriously compromise the population of the area in question, long after the official war is over. Some might even consider it an act of possible genocide. The official story is that DU ammunition is only used because it can penetrate certain forms of metal armor. Some have pointed out that the targets didn’t have armor of this sort, rendering the official use of DU as unnecessary.

The UK and US used the same evil and illegal tactic in the 2003 attacks on the Middle East.

Depleted uranium is, needless to say, radioactive. Although only very slightly. Some say its radioactivity is an issue when inside the body. It has a half-life of 4.4 billion years which means that if its low-level radiation is an issue, it’ll be an issue for a very long time. Essentially, in 4.4 billion years the DU will have decayed by 50%. So, in 8.8 billion years 25% will still remain in an active (radioactive) state.

Perhaps more significant than the radioactivity issue is the simple fact the DU is an highly toxic heavy metal. One that is known to cause serious birth defects, among a host of other serious issues.

Here is a quote about the official purpose ascribed to use of DU in military applications:

In military applications, when alloyed, Depleted Uranium [DU] is ideal for use in armor penetrators. These solid metal projectiles have the speed, mass and physical properties to perform exceptionally well against armored targets. DU provides a substantial performance advantage, well above other competing materials. This allows DU penetrators to defeat an armored target at a significantly greater distance. Also, DU’s density and physical properties make it ideal for use as armor plate. DU has been used in weapon systems for many years in both applications.


DU is not the only issue though. In 2003 attacks on Iraq the US deployed white phosphorus. This is an extremely toxic substance. You can read what the EPA have to say about it here:

To learn more about this crime against humanity (the use of DU), the web site for the book Metal of Dishonor provides a great deal of content from the book. The site is here: (I have not read the book, so this is not an endorsement).

So, it has been over 22 years since I, and many other people, suggested Iraq was going to experience significant problems within the population, caused by DU. Getting news on these issues is not as simple as looking at mainstream media. This crime is obviously an act the perpetrators would rather people don’t know about. Thanks to the Internet we can search for the News we’re missing.

Rather than reiterating what has already been published online, I am going to post some links. – We’ve moved on from the Iraq war – but Iraqis don’t have that choice – by John Pilger – Horror Of US Depleted Uranium In Iraq Threatens World – by James Denver – AMERICA’S FALLUJAH LEGACY: WHITE PHOSPHOROUS, DEPLETED URANIUM: THE FATE OF IRAQ’S CHILDREN –

And here is a video on the subject: