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Last Updated on January 20, 2020

I realise that the majority of people in the world may in fact be entirely unaware of the true nature of the society we live in along with it’s inherent (yet superficially secret) power structures and power games. I am aware that many people believe in the political systems within their nation and the world as a whole. They are oblivious to the fact that a great deal of world power is held by a very small group of families, a relatively small number of people and their multi-national corporations. These people believe much of what they see on the news. They believe the lies and deceit that the US government has put to the world with regard to nearly every major international “intervention” it has played a role in or instigated over much of the 20th century. Most people are not aware that the world we live in socially, politically and religiously is highly CONTROLLED and manipulated by forces and people unbeknown to them.

So, in light of this, it must be said that the information contained in this article is for those that know, to at least some degree, that the power structures on this planet are not as we’re led to believe. It is for those that are familiar with the work of people like John Pilger, Noam Chompsky, George Orwell and many others who have taken the time to help the world understand what is REALLY going on at a political level on this planet.

Now that I have clarified the audience to whom this article is directed, I will make a few points that I sense are all too often missed.

What we see playing out on this planet in terms of New World Order, Multilateral Trade Agreements, covert World Trade Organisation activity, secret International Monetary Fund agendas and much much more… What we see playing out through this global power structures is not separate from the people of this earth. It is not separate from the people that this very power structures and mechanisms aim to silently control and secretly dominate.

These global control mechanisms are in fact a manifestation of our lack of self-control. We live in a world where people have forgotten how to manage and be responsible for their own Energy. We live in a world where the majority of people have forgotten (“gone to sleep” if you like) their response-abilities as Hu-man beings. What I am intimately aware of is that most of the people I meet (including myself) are in one way or another, “out of control”. We have lost control. We have delegate our control to external forces. We have reneged on the contract all humans have with regard to how we manage out life-force and energy.

The net result of 7 billion people who are emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually OUT OF CONTROL within the Self is the externalisation of structures intended to instigate control from outside the Self.

Let me give another example that has close correlations to this point.
Since around the early 1900’s humanity has had the means to generate FREE ENERGY. This might sound like fantasy to some, but the truth of the matter is that numerous intelligent & inspired people have in fact invented a multitude of ways to harness and generate an unlimited amount of FREE ENERGY – at no cost to the planet and no cost to the person generating it. Now the reason this may sound like fantasy to most people is simple – if we have the means to do it then where is this technology? Why has the USA and UK recently wagged another war on the Middle East in order to gain control of Oil (energy) if the means for Free Energy has been available for close to a hundred years?

The reason is simple…
Humanity as a whole (the mass consciousness of humankind) does not yet know how to manage it’s Energy. Most of us can not even handle our thoughts and emotions in a wholistic and healthy fashion. Most of us are energetically very “expensive”… there is great cost involved in our lack of self-control, in our mismanagement of Self. One consequence of this inwardly is that we (each human being) are generally only granted a very limited amount of Inner Power/innergy to work with each day and in each moment. There are Beings on this Earth who harness, manage and work with vast amounts of “innergy” (internal energy) yet they are not seen by or even known to the majority of people.

So, as as a result of the above mention dynamic humanity does not yet have the external use of Free Energy. Things will continue to be this way until a critical mass of humanity has learnt how to manage it’s internal energy… it’s Soul and Life force (body, mind, emotions etc).

Coming back to the power structures of the New World Order (or ONE World Order as it is more appropriately called)…
There is nothing here to fight. This is an important point so please take note. There is a small percentage of people on this earth that have some idea that the distribution of power on this planet is not at all like we are led to believe. They know at least something with regard to the NWO and the massive control held over humanity.

Yet, I all too often see these intelligent people polarising themselves with these world forces and the power’s that be. There is a victim mentality in all this that really only further weakens the awakening of humanity from these control structures. The US government, the Bush’s of the world, the Illuminati of the world, the Rockefellers of the world etc etc… they are simply playing out a role in the script that WE are all writing. So long as we write this role into the script then “actors” will step in to play it out. So long as we fight the people in these roles (or feel negative toward them) then we will continue to reinforce their role.

The only way to drop these roles from the script is for a critical mass within Humanity to wake up to their Divinity and cease identifying with projecting energy toward these life-taking roles, power games, power mungers, etc.

All of life is in service to one thing… God, Love, Truth… call it what you like. All of Life is in progress toward one end… Awareness, Awakening, Enlightenment of all Beings. Fighting life and it’s many manifestations, or even polarising with these manifestations, on the OUTSIDE is not the ultimate answer. It is not a solution to these apparent “problems” or challenges facing human kind.

Our REAL and ONLY challenge is our Liberation from unenlightened / unconscious states of Being. It is on unenlightened states of Being that brings us Pain and suffering. The suffering has a purpose… It is a mechanism in place to shunt us into waking up. When the pain gets strong enough a person stops what they are doing and looks for new ways… new answers… new questions. When the pain gets great enough many people pause and stop focusing on their personal world and give their attention to something Greater… something impersonal and omni-present.

It is in that pause, that looking UP and WITHIN for answers to that pain that we then start to touch that still place inside that KNOWS THE TRUTH.

We will never truly know that TRUTH if we position ourselves (emotionally, mentally, energetically etc) “against” anything in the external manifest world. In doing that we simply continue to be a part of the game… or a part of the MATRIX as the Movie by that name would call it.


Jonathan Evatt

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