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Last Updated on February 8, 2020

I have never been a supporter of the concept of mass routine use of vaccines. I have many reasons for feeling that way, although I don’t wish to get into those details right now.

What I will say is this: A profound Yogi I know once came out of a deep state of meditation (during the time I was living and studying with him) and told me he saw how his consciousness was being subtlety affected by vaccines he received as a child. This was of some surprise to him, as he’d not thought about vaccines and hardly even recalled receiving them. It was perhaps 40 years prior to that day. What he saw, or was shown, is that the viral material in vaccines is a product of certain “beings” that wish to negatively impact humanity and to exert a subtle control over human consciousness. That those who make the vaccines don’t really understand what it is they are involved in, and are unaware of the subtle forces working through their endeavours. I was quite fascinated by this as his comments mirrored theories (so-called “conspiracy theories”) I’d see over the years. This Yogi lives a reclusive life for the most part and is not exposed to alternative books, media, and conspiracy theories. The whole vaccine thing was new to him; not something he’d given much consideration. He spent the better part of a few weeks working on clearing the energy and infiltration of these vaccines from this body and mind.

Whilst I don’t totally resonate or agree with the approach the makers of the following video have taken in presenting their story, I feel it brings together information pertinent to us all. I am presenting this particular video because it touches on the idea vaccines are being used to dumb humanity down.

May it be stimulus for further research to those who have not already realised vaccines are toxic and detrimental to their health.


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