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Last Updated on February 8, 2020

The true nature of this world—actually all of creation and the universe as we know it—is something that the human ego-mind (in its present state of developed) has a great deal of trouble accepting and is inherently afraid of. This is not to dissimilar to how most very young children are   So great is this fear that it has deeply embedded itself in a profound self-projected illusion set up in nearly every regard to protect itself from the Truth. The ego-mind is doing all it can to keep you from God and from ever really knowing and experiencing that that which I AM never separated from God and this this world—as we know it—never actually existed.

Now just what do we make of that?

“Never actually existed” means exactly that. Although the ego-mind will struggle until the end of time to fathom just what this means and where this leaves you in the grade scheme of things.

God is. This world is not “of God”. Rather it is “of the ego-mind” in it’s attempt to maintain the false notion that it is somehow separate from God.

What I am starting to see is that in this world—which was created by the ego-mind—we go to great length to justify our position in the universe and we also go to great length to aggrandise what is essentially our own self-projected illusion. We talk about “self-fulfilling prophecies”—when actually the whole of life is a self-projected—and therefore—self-fulfilling mythology of the ego-mind.

It is our deep attachment to the illusion of separation that ensures we always avoid the unacceptable Truth that there is only One and hence you and I do not exist in the way that we have come to imagine. And it is all of the imagination.

What I am starting to see is that within this world we go to great length to “improve” our situation. Whether we try to improve it materially or spiritually, there is a constant striving and hoping that we might improve things. I have seen many people step into much of what the “New Age movement” seems to have to offer because deep down they would like to improve their life and the situation they find themselves in. I have also seen many step deeper and deeper into materialism in order to improve their “lot” through the procuring of money, wealth and physical objects. Both these paths will lead to the same experience—namely the ongoing experience of separation. This experience is a lie that we create for ourselves because the perceived pain and guilt we imagine we will experience if we let the lie go brings about too much apparent anguish for the ego-mind to handle.

Yet, that’s the idea. The ego-mind is not meant to “handle it”.

God is meant to “handle it”, and God know’s—as does That which I AM—that there is really nothing to handle at all.

What more can I say? I ‘feal’ I have said enough—I shall leave the rest to you.

May the Truth set you free.

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