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Last Updated on August 16, 2015

The Pale Blue Dot… Our Great Mother Earth…

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Question is… will you leave this cosmic “dot” in a better condition—physically and metaphysically / spiritually—than how it was when you arrived? … And do you remember how to go about doing that, beyond your “Westernised” moralistic education on what is “right” and “wrong”, and “good” and “bad”?

What of LIFE Herself, and what She intends to give rise and expression to through “you”?

Need we even consider such things? Looking around the state of affairs on our blue dot, it would seem we do.

WE, THE PEOPLE are destroying LIFE on this cosmic dot at an unprecedented and unsustainable rate.

No one of us can really blame this destruction on “someone else”, claiming some kind of independence from the whole… from humanity, from WE.

There are ways and means to maintain the balance of the Earth. By my estimation… Since the beginning of time, there has never been a moment when the Earth was without certain groups of people who were 100 percent dedicated to restoring and maintaining the balance of the Earth (and of Creation itself). Even today, there are people in various locations around the Earth who are dedicated to that vital task. It’s a serious undertaking, and one without any form of worldly recognition. It’s an act performed in silence, Heart to Heart with the Living Mother and Her Earth, Her solar system, Her creation.

Few pause to consider the cosmic role and function of Man beyond the fulfillment of our apparent needs, desires, and all-too-often self-centred dreams and aspirations. Few pause to consider that to counter the imbalance created by over seven billion people, a tiny fraction of humanity has been and still is tirelessly working in the opposite direction, to maintain the balance of the our pale blue dot. Have you?

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