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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

The source of all suffering is separation.
When separation exists within the Mind it gives rise to duality.
This duality creates a fragmented experience or perception of Self and of the world.
The world, of course, is based on separation and on duality.
Pain and suffering are not necessarily the same thing.
For those who are willing to turn the world around making it an inward rather than outward affair,
Pain is a blessing.
For pain, viewed through open eyes and a lucid Mind, will bring a person back to what is true.

Suffering will arise when pain is view through closed eyes and a dull mind.
Suffering is the result of spiritual ignorance.
Ignorance is neither “good” nor “bad”.
It just is, within the human experience.
Suffering results from resisting the Truth of what really is,
And adhering to the “truth” that is maintained and projected by the ego-mind.
The ego-mind is again the result of ignorance.
Again, that is neither “good” nor “bad”. It simply is what it is within the human experience.

Separation and duality will always result in judgement.
Judgement is a projected evaluation of the world and of self,
Based on the false perceptions of the ego-mind.
The human mind, the ego-mind, can not perceive things as they really are,
For it derives its apparent existence through an erroneous perception of reality.
Such a mind will always judge self and the world.
The small human self and the world are the same thing.
The later is an projection of the former.

Love extends itself, whereas fear and the ego-mind projects.
Part of this projection is judgement.
To judge a situation as either good or bad,
Actually as anything other than consciousness unfolding,
Perfection extending, awareness expanding,
Will result in either attachment and craving,
Or aversion, criticism, and grievance.

The way out of this dance within the ego-mind is the Law of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not an action you can take.
Nor is it an escape through which you can indulge in the fantasy that all is well,
When in fact your experience is that of pain and suffering.
Forgiveness is not the same thing as acceptance,
Although true acceptance is often a predecessor to forgiveness,
And may indicate the formative stages of such.

Forgiveness is not tolerance,
In the form of “The capacity to endure hardship or pain”,
Nor in the form of “The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others”.
The state of conscious that is forgiveness,
Does not in fact recognise that there is an “other”,
At least not separate from and independent of the self that is aware of the form of the apparent “other”.

Forgiveness is a state of Mind that will arise,
After a certain degree of release and letting go.
What must be released is the attachment to the ego’s mis-perception of the world,
And the ego’s mis-perception of “I”.

Forgiveness is the knowing,
The deep saturating feeling,
That there is no “other” separate and independent from myself,
And likewise there is no phenomena or event what can arise,
Separate and independent from That which I Am.
Therefore there can be no victims,
And there can be no attack upon my Self.

It is only my false perception of self that can be attacked.
It is only that which I do not in fact have,
That can be taken from me,
And hence there can be no real loss brought about by events in this world.

Forgiveness is the undoing of judgement,
The undoing of separation,
The undoing of all false notions of reality,
The undoing of victimisation,
The undoing of the ego-mind.

Once forgiveness is complete,
It is finally the undoing of forgiveness itself,
And in that moment is the soul set free.
Free from judgement.
Free from pain.
Free from illusion.

Forgiveness is the means to Love.
It is the means to liberation.
Love sets its course along the path first cleared by forgiveness.
Love within duality is only the shadow of love,
And is always be tainted by that shadow, which we call “fear”.
In a world set free by the Law of Forgiveness there is nothing to fear.
For there is no-thing separate and apart from That which I Am,
And therefore all that is happening in my world,
Is in fact happening for me and not to me.
Sinking even deeper into the realisation of Truth,
We can rightly say that not only is everything happening for me,
But that it is also created be me.

Not by the ego-mind me with a birth date, a name and a history,
But rather by the I That I Am,
The “I” that is all things,
The “I” that is God extending itself through forever expanding awareness in liberation.

Forgiveness is a mechanism that shall become habitual with practice.
Not that we are practicing some act,
But rather practicing the Presence of That I Am.
Practicing the will to choose that which is real,
Rather than that which is false and unreal.

Once habit within the human mind,
It shall become second nature.
This takes discipline, which is to say that you must become a disciple to that which is within.
Once forgiveness is second nature,
Your true, first and only nature will come forward in your experience.
Once at the forefront your function is to set the world free,
Through brining forgiveness to all things,
And the underlying Power of That which I Am,
Once forgiveness is complete and it’s work within you is done.

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