It has been a many years since I listened to or read any discussion and information pertaining to the contemporary notion of Enlightenment. It’s a topic I explored extensively as a teenager, and a little in my early 20’s. After that, well what can I say, it just hasn’t interested me in the same way as it use to.

Yesterday I was reminded of one reason why modern information about enlightenment is not something I am attracted to. I have found that nearly every spiritual teacher I have come across, in particularly those who claim they are “enlightened”, is that their teaching establishes a situation that is both impractical and impassable to a human being seeking freedom. The aspirant is told he or she must transcend his or her current experience of reality, as if to step over it or around it. On the one hand the aspirant is told he is imperfect and unenlightened as he is, and thus must strive toward his enlightenment, and on the other hand he is told that enlightenment is the end of all striving. You must seek a state of non-seeking. You must search for a state of non-searching. How is the aspirant ever meant to reconcile this dichotomy?

I also find that time and time again enlightenment related teachings come across as being so anti-life. They consistently manage to dismiss the magnificence of life and the perfection of all that is. It is as if life here on Earth was one massive mistake that we must now figure out how to escape. This sets up the aspirant with an impossible situation. On the one hand she experiences her emotions, her challenges, her personality complexes and so forth, yet on the other hand she is instructed to go beyond these things. But who is it that is going beyond them? It’s as if to say, “Get over yourself.”

I find this approach lofty and ungrounded. I don’t know what the word is to describe the opposite of pragmatic, but this approach is just that.

The Path of Freedom, as I experience it, is an approach to reality that fully embraces life. It fully embraces the aspirant’s experience in every regard. Nothing is brushed aside, nothing is ignore, and nothing is seen as anything less than the means to that person’s liberation and total empowerment right now. It uses the combination of the aspirants total experience and their total innate awareness to bring about a shift in perception. This shift in perception results in Inner Peace.

The book I am about to publish will explore this topic in full.