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Last Updated on December 11, 2011

Relationship is often the most confusing and challenging aspect of the human experience. Intimate relationships and those with the Beloved can present us with the biggest challenges of all. Mythology indicates it has been this way since the beginning. Even Adam and his first Beloved, Lilith, argued and fought until she finally abandoned him and left Eden. The story says that Adam

wanted him to submit to him sexually and let him be on top. She didn’t agree with that, and then left. Relationship issues are timeless, which is why many ancient cultures developed ways to approach relationship that are mutually empowering and life-giving.

Yoga is one of those ways. Many of us have been taught that Yoga is a set of exercises, postures, and breathing techniques. Jonathan shares that these are simply an approach and means of practising Yoga. Yoga is inseparable from intimacy and relationship. Ha-tha Yoga deals specifically with the union of the masculine and feminine, the solar and lunar forces within the central channel of the body-mind.

You will learn powerful and practical tools for healing all your relationships. Jonathan draws this Wisdom from lifetimes of experience in ancient traditions of self-mastery such as Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Toltec Wisdom for a Life of Freedom, Western mystercism, and Hrdaya Yoga (Yoga of the Heart).

Practical details

This workshop is held in either a three, for, or six hour format. A minimum of 8 people is typically required with a maximum of 24.

If the topic of this workshop is of interest to you and your community please feel free to contact Jonathan about the possibility of holding an event in your area.

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