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From Ancient Huna Wisdom, as I have received it, we have a set of reality based principles. Here we explore the first two, with focus on the principle stating “As a Divine being, your only need is a mirror“.

The first two principles of Huna

1. You are a Divine Being

2. As a Divine Being, your only “need” is a mirror. All other needs we perceive ourselves to have, are the result of forgetting principle one (forgetting our true nature).

Let’s take a look at how this applies to the student-teacher relationship. In essence, the teacher is a mirror for the student. Ultimately there is nothing the teacher can give to the student, except a reflection of the student’s inner nature. Sure, skilled masters can assist a student energetically, but ultimately the student has to do his or her own inner work in order to really benefit from what the teacher has to offer.

If the teacher has limitations or is a complete fraud, that in itself will form the basis for what a student is there to learn from such a teacher. If I spend 20 years following a so-called Guru, thinking she is God incarnate, and it turns out she is a phony, I will (for instance) gain a lot by asking myself:

– What are all the ways I am a phony in my own life?

– What are the ways I misrepresent myself?

– What are the ways in which I am blind to my own issues and limitations?

– When was a first deceived in my relationship to Life?

– How am I being deceptive in my Life. To myself, and to other people?

Whoever we select as a teacher, we made the selection at the level of spirit. Both parties agreed beforehand to come together into a student-teacher relationship. The teacher, even as a phony or fraud, has played his or her role perfectly; just as it was agreed. The learning I derive is not so much about the words that come out of a teacher’s mouth. Any reasonably intelligent human being can sound wise, all-knowing, even God-like. Most important is what arises within me in relation to this teacher. Exactly how does this relationship affect my interiority? That is what’s important.

The nature of the teacher—how realised they are, or not—will determine the kind of students they attract. With all this in mind, it becomes clear there are no “victims” to phony teachers, and it is not mere chance if you happen to meet a genuinely enlightened Master. If you meet an enlightened Master, and become their student, it indicates you are already on the cusp of your own enlightened nature arising into manifestation. That Master will very likely assist you into full liberation. His or her fully realised enlightened nature will mirror to you your own enlightened nature, on the verge of arising into being.

Every Teacher, the Perfect Teacher

So all spiritual teachers are the perfect teacher. If a spiritual teacher has nothing to offer you, changes are you’ll never know about them, or you’ll hear about them and feel no attraction. So long as you feel sufficient attraction that you act on it, and enter into a relationship with a teacher, they have something to teach you… to draw out of you through a process of reflection, and possible transmission. A teacher can only transmit to you what is already on the cusp of emerging into your reality. The teacher is a midwife to that emergence. A midwife can’t produce a baby from a women who is not pregnant, or is not on the verge of having a baby. First the water must break, and that happens from within the woman. It has its own timing. Once the water is broken the midwife can step in and assist the birthing process. The midwife can, and usually does, assist before that moment too, but in a different way. Long before the women is 9 months pregnant, the midwife assists by transmitting knowledge, loving reassurance, and a sense of certainty to the woman. It’s all much the same for a spiritual teacher helping you birth your true nature into and through matter.

Sri Kumare

There is an excellent documentary that makes this whole point perfectly clear. If you have not seen Kumare, I recommend you watch it. I was introduced to this movie by some who watched it and came to the conclusion it shows that teachers and Gurus are completely pointless—just a big scam. He thought the Kumare experiment made it clear all you need is yourself. I would suggest this is not what this movie portrays at all. Man is not an island unto himself. Rather Kumare highlights the extraordinary importance of spiritual teachers to reflect to us our spiritual nature, to whatever degree we are ready in any given moment. It also makes very apparent that, for the most part, this process of reflection is all a teacher can do for us, and yet that’s profoundly helpful.

In the Kumare experiment, Vikram Gandhi attracted those exact people who were ripe to learn the very lesson he was in a position to teach. What he taught was a genuine expression of where he was at, even though it seemed he was just making it all up. What he “made up” and taught, was as much an expression of his own development and state of consciousness as the teachings of any other teacher. His intention was to show people that what they are looking for—in terms of happiness and spiritual growth—is inside of them. He reflected essential truths to the students who felt drawn to him. Vikram may or may not realise it, but his experiment didn’t prove spiritual teachers are a sham. Rather it proved human beings innately need contact and connection with other human beings in order to discover and learn more about themselves.

What we are exposed to, we become

What we, as humans, are exposed to will stimulate into formation particular qualities. Everything about what you think makes you human is the result of you being exposed to other human beings since birth. The way you behave, your language, the way you walk and hold your physical body, the connections you make with people and the world around you, the way you eat, and much more.

There are extraordinary examples of ferrel children which perfectly bring this point to light. A well studied case is that of Oxana Malaya. She is from Russia, and was raised by dogs until the age of 7. When discovered, she barked just like a dog and didn’t speak any human language. She would get around on all fours. She would eat and drink, urinate and defecate just like a dog. She did not know how to form relationships with other human beings, and yet has a profound connection to dogs and other animals.

Another case is that of Sujit Kumar, also known as “Chicken boy”, from Fiji. As you may have guessed, Sujit was raised by chickens. When discovered, he behaved like a chicken. He would peck and eat like a chicken, and scratch the ground with his foot. He would even sleep perched like a chicken, such as on the edge of a chair or table.

Most people are raised by other human beings who are not enlightened. We are raised and surround by human beings who have most, if not all, of their attention captivated by materiality. As a result, it is very rare for the the enlightened nature of a child to develop and emerge into being. If we are fortunate, it is by meeting an enlightened master that our enlightened nature is reflected to us, perhaps for the first time. If the relationship is deep and sincere—meaning it is impactful on deep levels of our subconscious mind—such a relationship can elicit into being our previously unrealised enlightened qualities.

When we consider that our most important behavioural and perceptual patterns are laid down in the first 4 years or so of our life—and are exceptionally hard to change after that time—we see there is another important point to understand. For the most part, it takes time for a student-teacher relationship to have far- and deep-reaching consequences for the student. Flitting around from one teacher to another is typically a disservice to the student.

Remembering that time is energy, when I say, “It takes time,” we can also read that as, “it takes lots of energy”. If the teacher embodies and can transmit high levels of energy, and if the practices we engage in can draw forth high levels of energy from within our being, our transformation will take less time.

This also means that the more energy I invest into the relationship, and the higher the quality (intensity) of that energy, the faster the transformation will appear to take.

I trust this information is helpful to you, and that if you have any questions or comments you will post them below.

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