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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

E.R.The word doctor is a Latin word. It means teacher. Someone with a PhD, for instance, is a Teacher of Philosophy (doctor philosophiae) and to have a PhD meant one was suitably qualified to teach in one’s subject of expertise. In case you are wondering, philosophiae is derived from the words philo (love of)  and sophia (wisdom). It refers to someone how has a love of wisdom or a love of learning. The word medicine is from Latin medicina, which means to heal. Looking at the original meaning of these words a few things quickly become apparent. Let’s take a look.

The first consideration is that the traditional role of a Doctor of Medicine (and M.D.) is that of teaching people how to heal (themselves). The role of your doctor (if you have one) is to teach you how to heal. Another word closely related to teaching is education. This is derived from educare, which means to draw out or to lead out. The role of a teacher (as someone who educates) is to draw out or lead out that which is already within the student or recipient of their education. Thus we can logically surmise that the traditional role of a Doctor of medicine is to draw out the healing power or capacity residing (perhaps hidden) within the patient. By the way, patient is also a Latin word meaning suffering. The patient is suffering (from dis-ease or being mal-eased) and the Doctor is there to lead them into into a state of health.

The other fact that becomes apparent is that very few Doctors are really living up to their responsibilities. Data obtained from the American Medical Association indicates that death by medicine is one of the leading causes of death in the USA. It is possible the medical establishment has determined the people of America are so sick that death is really the only way to put them at ease (R.I.P.), but I would rather think that the whole practice of medicine has been utterly hi-jacked for commercial interests.

The next time you visit a Doctor (assuming you employ the services of Doctors) remember, he or she is an educator. An educator does not dictate the destiny (prognosis) of your condition of health, rather a true educator leads the suffering into a state of health… drawing health into manifestation from within the patient. Be sure to ask your Doctor plenty of questions so that you can learn as much as possible. Questions such as “and would you please show me the medical studies substantiating your recommendation that this vaccine will help me (and my children) whilst also doing me (and my children) no harm?” and things like, “Would you please show me the list of side-effects of this drug you are recommending?” You could also ask even more useful things like, “In light of the fact the AMA has published studies showing that the regular ingestion of Vitamins A, E, and C will dramatically improve the health of those with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease, and that medical research indicates the Aricept you are prescribing does not actually work… would please enlighten me as to how you determined an expensive drug with toxic side-effects is the better choice over improved nutrition and eating habits?”

There are many health related questions I would like to ask a Teacher of Healing (a Doctor of Medicine) but unfortunately I suspect many of them have been too indoctrinated into the drugs as medicine paradigm that they are really not qualified to teach me about health. Because they have extensive training in reductionistic science of disease and “disease management” they are likely qualified to teach me about the reductionistic view of disease states and symptoms, but unfortunately for the suffering (their patients) this is no necessary something of great use when it comes to leading the patient into a state of vibrant health.

My advise with regards to putting your health into the hands of an M.D.? User beware (be-aware). Approach with caution.

If you find your Doctor is not fulfilling their role adequately you might like to meet with a doctor of Ayurveda, or a Naturopathic Doctor.

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