Last Updated on February 8, 2020

A few days ago I posted a link to Facebook. The message was:

These secret meetings will have repercussions for you and your descendants. 17 meetings have been held so far. Yet no media coverage. What we are looking at here is the creation of sovereign corporations that exist outside the legal jurisdiction of the countries and economies in which they operate. Basically it’s the final stages of a complete corporate take over.

The following contributions were posted from a few contacts on Facebook:

Melissa: The energy flows where the attention goes. What is the solution here, if any? Because I would much rather focus on a solution rather than a problem….love rather than fear. What purpose does this posting of yours serve? When I first heard about this back in 2008 all I did was get angry and spread my fear. Then I realized I was just contributing to the creation of that which I feared (via universal laws). Educating people is fine if they are ready to receive the info and without judgment can co-create a better world with some positive solutions. Only thing is…most people are so caught up in fear through no fault of their own. So…what do you propose we do (or feel) about this?

Therese: Our light brothers and sisters have positive moves in place, all will be well and so it is.

Katz: Hoorayy! Aho!
Let us rise above the density with open hearts & high vibrations to collectively create our highest destiny & greatest beauty of collective connective love and light on earth & beyond! So be it x

After some careful consideration, and I felt these responses indicated that some keys elements may be missing in the views of those who shared them. Realising only a very small number of people read what I post on Facebook, I also realised the comments expressed were potentially indicative of views held by a much wider group of people into spirituality. My response is as follows:

Fearful Reactions

Melissa, these are important points and questions you have raised. Indeed, human energy does follow human attention. I would add that a great deal of energy is leaked and displaced from Man through a lack of attention and/or misdirected or hijacked attention (i.e. through attention being captivated into trivial, superficial, fictitious, and invented concepts devoid of Reality). Ordinary Man is mostly asleep to what is playing out in this world we have co-created, and that’s a major challenge we all face together.

From my perspective, I get the impression your reaction to what I posted carries a charge of mis-qualified energy that is held in your what you refer to as your “past” (2008, etc.), or what I would refer to as your Luminous Body. Are you certain that energetic charge was fully resolved and integrated? You mention having felt angry and fearful, and spreading that fear. You mention that (in your opinion) most people are caught up in judgement and “fear through no fault of their own”, and implied this means people should not be informed about world issues that might invoke their fear. From my perspective Man is not a victim to fear, and is entirely responsible for the fear he/she experiences. We can face it, like any other challenge in Life, and resolve that which qualified our energy into what we know as fear.

The Purpose Of My Message

You ask what purpose does my FB posting serve. I see two sides to that question and its answer. The first is the purpose for which I posted it, the second is the specific purpose it served in you (and for anyone else who reads it). These purposes are not separate, and are closely related. The purpose for which I posted it was to simply raise awareness on an issue playing out in the world WE THE PEOPLE are co-creating. I can not be the judge in advance (have prejudice) of how each person might react when they become aware of the issues WE THE PEOPLE are co-creating. For example, for at least the past 20 to 25 years I have been vividly aware of the ways in which Man is subjugating Man to negative and life-degrading agendas, and yet I have never been afraid of this. So why would I assume other people will only feel fear? Unfortunately the issue addressed by the article I posted a link to is minor relative to the full extent of what’s playing out in our world, and yet it it does tie in with much deeper and more life-degrading issues WE THE PEOPLE are facing (unknowingly, for the most part).

If knowledge of human issues invokes fear in people, is that not also important? Just as you went through a journey of becoming aware of your fear and taking steps to move beyond it, is that not a journey the other fearful people you refer to must make?

The second purpose—the one it served in your world—is for you (each reader) to determine as part of your own journey into walking this Earth in consciousness. It might take some self-investigation to come to a place where you are clear, from a spiritual perspective, on what purpose it served in you. What you have posted in response brings to light some (although perhaps not all) of the elements the purpose this message served in your world. The primary and secondary purpose are both about Awareness. Global awareness, and self-awareness, neither of which are ultimately separate.

If I may say so, I see it as life-giving that some years ago you realised your fear to global corporate agendas and conspiracy was ultimately unproductive and was potentially stirring up more fear in the world around you. AND, as I am sure you realised, denial of the issues that provoked such fear is not the answer to the fear or the issue. From my perspective, your fear may have been the deeper issue, and once that fear is truly resolved (at its core) awareness of these issues in the world will no longer invoke fear in you. Pure awareness is neutral, and yet always life-giving.

I am sure you know, as much as I do, fear is not the answer. Rather it is a significant element helping to enable the problem. In simple terms, if Man was not in such fear (and subsequent denial) of his/her own Divine nature and what that really means, he/she would not participate in co-creating a world that is maliciously ruled by a few elitists, whilst most human beings struggle and suffer as little more than spiritual and physical slaves.

It is our Love and Awareness, and a significant (inner) battle through which we each reclaim our own inner sovereignty in perfect alliance with the Divine Creator, that will resolve these serious, although ultimately illusionary, issues WE THE PEOPLE are facing.

Will we be saved?

Therese has suggested the answer to these issues will come via “our light brothers and sisters making positive moves”. As a result, “all will be well, and so it is”. Whilst this sounds very “nice” and may provide some of us with a sense of comfort, and whilst I hate to be the one to point it out, I suspect there are some all-important elements missing in this scenario.

It is Man who was granted the right and responsibility to act in the material world as a co-creator with the Divine. Originally, Man was meant to act in accordance with the ruling of The Great Mother. Yet, either from the onset or over time, most human beings choose, spiritually, to do their own thing. WE THE PEOPLE are the “light brothers and sisters” spiritually sanctioned by The Great Mother to look after this planet (materially and, more importantly, spiritually), and to resolve the challenges we face. So I am not sure, Therese, what other light brothers and sisters you are referring to, nor how they can act in the world except through WE THE PEOPLE. Would you please elaborate?

From my perspective, making a decree such as “all will be well, and so it is” is in essence based on a true and potentially powerful spiritual principle, and yet without certain key spiritual and practical elements (actions) to support the manifesting potential of such a decree (and in fact any decree) it will at best be ineffective, and at worst result in a less than life-giving outcome.

Without wising to mock any of the comments any of you made, I’d like to present them in a way that might highlight possible limitations they represent. Picture the following situation: A group of people are in a house, having a tea party. One person goes out to the kitchen, and discovers the kitchen is seriously on fire. She needs help to deal with it. She runs through to the others and tells them, “Hey, the kitchen is on fire. If we don’t act the house will burn down!“. Someone in the group responds, “Oh, please, we’re having a tea party. What is your purpose coming in with this negative energy? Don’t you realise that giving energy to such negative things only makes them worse? And look, you’re making some of us feel fear… why would do you do that?“. Another responds, “… and anyway, our brothers and sisters at the fire department have some moves lined up that will sort that fire out.” Then another makes the point, “Yes, out with all this negativity… all will be well, and so it is!” In the mean time the fire is only getting bigger, and it won’t be long before it is beyond control. Needless to say, the house will burn down, and the members of the tea party will go with it.

Decrees and Intention

Perhaps it would be helpful if I share a little on the principle of decrees and intent, as I have come to understand it. A decree is an expression of intent, formulated and resounded in the realm of spirit. For that intent / decree to subsequently impress itself through the mental, astral, and etheric realms, and into the material world, key elements are necessary. Otherwise it is like a leaf in the cosmic winds. Perhaps the most important element is human energy (a combination of human intent, Power derived from perception, and mana or life-force). This human energy must be qualified in a way that is supportive to the intent infused by our decree. Simply put, our human energy (our luminous body) and the energy of the intention must resonate in a harmonious and sympathetic way.

Depending on the intended outcome of the decree, in most cases human action is required. This can involve subtle action (spiritual action) and gross action in the physical world. Subtle action occurs in the spiritual, mental, and astral planes. If this is effective, and if there is sufficient life-force (chi, prana) in the etheric body, the intent will impress itself into the material plane. Subtle action may include making necessary shifts in perception to afford the decree with the Power required to see it through to manifestation.

The subtle action might also involve a process of serious self-investigation in order to uncover and clear imprints (etc.) within the luminous body that resonate in opposition to what we are have decreed. If the content of our luminous body is discordant with our intent, the intent has little chance of manifesting—at least not as a pure expression of the intent. This discordance is typically located in the mental and astral bodies (as imprints, mis-commands, trauma, unresolved emotion, maliciousness, etc.) which are all integrated “parts” of the luminous body. It is also important to note that if the person is not awakened within their Heart, connection to the plane on which an intent is best formulated is likely absent.

I say this last point because, in my experience, the I AM Presence is best accessed through the heart, either within the spaciousness located spatially near the heart in the chest or in the spacious emptiness accessed spatially high above the head. It’s the same spiritual space or plane, just different ways of accessing it. In this way, and in simple terms, our mind and emotions and felt-sense in the body are brought into accordance with the decree. Needless to say, just stating “All is well, and so be it!” is unlikely to have any real impact on the situation WE THE PEOPLE are co-creating in the world. Perhaps your experience (Teresa) differs, and I honour that possibility.

What can we do about the world?

Melissa, you asked what I suggest people do about the information I posted a link to. I suggest the first step is to be aware of these global issues, for these issues are the creation of WE THE PEOPLE. If I am not aware of what I am co-creating and co-enabling in my realm, what chance do I have of doing anything about it? Next… If awareness of these issues invokes fear, rejection, judgement, denial, or other such reactions, the next step is self-inquiry. In my experience the seeds or roots of this fear (and related reactions) immobilise the effectiveness of my spirit in the world. I know many other people have made the same observation. This immobilisation, en masse, plays a significant part in enabling malicious agendas and corporate/elitist conspiracies to play out in the world.

With awareness of the global issue, and after the clearing of our reactions and personal issues, we stand in a better place to respond appropriately. The most appropriate response I know of is this. I shall first say that these steps are not separate, and not necessarily in the order I list them. First, our primary responsibility as a Spirit in this world is to be clear on what our agreement is with The Great Mother. What agreement did I, as Spirit, make with the Creator? Another step is to come back into a relationship with The Great Mother based on reciprocity. Fulfilling our Agreement is the ultimate act of reciprocity with the Mother. From there, our every move is decreed not by our separate individualised sense of self, but by The Mother.

The same process I loosely outlined for manifesting a degree from the I AM Presence, applies to impressing the Will of the Mother in the material (maternal) plane. Again it is up to each of us to bare the process of investigating our self (Know Thyself), identifying our issues, and clearing. The clearer we become (the more Luminous we become) the more effective we are as the hands and fingers of The Mother (and the Father) in the world. In this way the Creator moves through us and with us, as us. The “I” of Man is discovered (revealed) to be the “I” of the Creator. But we have to do our part.

The role of Man and our allies

As far as I know, there are no “brothers and sisters of the light” who can do this for us. Yes, Man can rekindle his/her sacred alliance with the ancestors, with Luminous Masters, with the Archangels, etc. (which I assume is what you refer to, Therese, as “brothers and sisters of the light”). This assistance typically comes as a vast amount of grace, blessings, and assistance afforded to Man. But again, we have to do our part, and for the most part the only real assistance our allies can afford us is to help us to be conscious, to identify and clear our issues; to be more luminous. Just as I can’t force changes upon you and your world, nor you upon mine, our spiritual allies can’t force anything upon Man nor rescue Man. We are not victims, and are not in need of saviours. What we are in need of is consciousness… the recovery of our full luminosity as Divine beings.

However, the degree to which our spiritual allies can assist us is greatly hampered when we continue to live in violation (actively and/or passively through ignorance) of the fundamental spiritual lores/laws laid down by The Great Mother at the beginning of time. A child who absolutely refuses to behave in a life-giving way is eventually reprimanded. He may even end up in the custody of a jail or borstal. The parents can do their part, but the child has to also do his part… otherwise the blessings and assistance of the parents are rendered useless.

So that, in essence, is what I would suggest we can do about the world situation. Whilst love and luminosity is the guaranteed result, the process is not all love and light. Most of us harbor serious issues in our luminous body. Our denial of these issues doesn’t make them go away, nor does it make our actions any less offensive to Life. Even if our actions are done with “good intentions” if we are infiltrated with dark elements we’re unconscious of, our “good intentions” might not be enough. We have to each bare the process of our own healing, our own illumination. To give just one example, the tens of millions of people killed and decimated by Christian crusades ALL died as a direct result of “good intentions”. How can we really know what the most life-affirming action is, if our attention and energy is hijacked, and our perception is skewed?

I trust this answers your question, and I apologise in advance for any errors or omissions in what I have shared. I could elaborate extensively on all of the above points, but for the sake of brevity in this context I figure this is enough for now.