Many people are familiar with my Brahmananda Balls recipe. They actually evolved out of what my father and I affectionately call the Swamp Juice, which is a super-intelligent smoothie. I’ve been drinking superfoods in a smoothie form, pretty much daily, since around 1991. Back in those days I had far less options for ingredients. Back then, I would use spirulina, ginseng, royal jelly (from bees), and bee pollen. Today, there are many other ingredients available. Read on to see the list of powerful ingredients that goes into my Swamp Water now.

There is no fixed recipe for this drink. You’re welcome to follow the recipe below, yet once you get a feel for it, I encourage you to change it to your heart’s content and to your liking.

Which of these ingredients you have on hand and which you use is all entirely over to you. This recipe is simply the gist of how I make this drink, if and when I have these particular ingredients available. You can mix and match as you like. Include everything here or skip a few. Those I consider most important are at the top of the list. All ingredients are certified organic (free of chemical sprays and fertilisers) and in a raw/living state:

  • 800 to 1000 ml (a little less than 1 quart) of pure untreated or filtered water
  • 1 – 3 tbls – Hawaiian (or Californian) spirulina powder (NB. I don’t use spirulina from China and India. If you want more info on why, read my popular spirulina review on Amazon)
  • 2 tspn – Bee Pollen (take care if you have bee allergies)
  • To sweeten it a bit… Either one ripe organic banana (my preference), or replace 1/3 of the water with organic apple juice (for example)
  • 1 tspn Chlorella Powder
  • 1 – 3 tspn – Fresh cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • 1 tspn – Raw extra virgin coconut oil
  • 3 tbls – Sprouted sunflower seeds two days of sprouting, so just a tiny stem coming out)
  • a handful of soaked almonds (soak overnight or around 6-8 hours)
  • 3 tspn – Raw Gogi berries (Lycium berries). You can soak these overnight in the refrigerator for best results
  • 1 tbls – Gelatinized Maca Powder
  • 1 tbls – Raw Mesquite powder
  • 1 tbls – Raw Lacuma powder
  • A few tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds
  • 1/8 tspn – Cayenne pepper powder (enough to give it a little zing, but not too much!)
  • 1/2 tspn organic ginger powder
    OR 1/2 to 1 inch (1.5 to 3cm) of fresh, skinned ginger root, chopped
  • 1/4 tspn – Cardamon powder (optional)
  • A few tbls of cold ground (raw) hemp seed powder (a.k.a Hemp protein powder) – enough to get correct consistency

So, that’s quite a list of goodies… all of which will in-form your body with a great deal of the intelligent wisdom of nature from many locations. Talk about plugging into the global consciousness of the Earth! The Himalayas, the Peruvian Andes, the Amazon jungle, the deserts of Mexico, the deep ocean waters off of the coast of Hawaii, and more.

Buying the ingredients – At the best price

Buying super-foods in the USA

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Buying super-foods outside the USA

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The above link is a product list I’ve created for you on iHerb, with all of the above ingredients ready to go. Super-easy super-foods.
Note: I have included two (sometimes three) options of some ingredients. Some are smaller, larger, and with or without “Shipping Saver” status. So please go through the list and remove the options you don’t want. These are all products I use and recommend.

Here are some tips and instructions:

  1. These are not exact teaspoon (tspn) and tablespoon (tbls) amounts. Meaning that I don’t smooth them off to an exact measure. Rather they are heaped, except for the liquids of course.
  2. If using honey–Use only enough to give the right amount of sweetness. I don’t suggest making this drink overly sweet. This detracts from the overall experience of all the other subtle and sublime flavours. We are not making a soda drink; rather it’s a super vitality drink. You might find you can get away with no honey, or you might like to add a little raw, green, powered stevia leaf as a sweetener. Stevia has, among other benefits, the added advantage of helping the body balance its blood sugar levels!
    Raw honey is, I think, the best sweetener to use because it has a much higher level in intelligence. Although if you have issues with your blood sugar and need a low GI sweetener, then go with Stevia.
    Better yet… I generally use a ripe organic banana. I usually buy a lot of them, let them ripen to perfection, then skin and freeze them in a ziplok bag ready for use.
  3. Add some hot water to the mix if using frozen banana, otherwise the coldness will make the drink harder to digest.
  4. The spices I have listed: I often add one or more of these spices. Perhaps no more than 1/4 to 1/2 (not heaped) teaspoon of whichever ones I am using. The cayenne powder is something I like to add a little of as it gives the drink a little zing, helps digestion, improves blood circulation, and it assists the body in distributing the goodness and nutrients from the other ingredients throughout the body.
  5. Make this drink in a blender, or if you want to make a smaller amount use a Personal Blender. Reduce the amounts above accordingly for a smaller serving.

It is my preference to have this drink in the morning. I make about a litre of it (about 1 quart). After that, I don’t get hungry until about 2pm.

Watch out! This drink has literally changed the lives of many people I know around the world. It’s a powerful concoction, one serving of which will give your body more nutrients, natural intelligence, and powerful vitality than the average American is likely to get in a a few weeks of eating depleted, lifeless regular “food”. This stuff is rocket fuel.

Warning: Many people will have a mild to severe detox reaction when starting out with a superfood smoothie like this one. If you are not accustomed to eating a vibrant, living, whole-food diet, I suggest starting slowly with the Swamp Juice. Symptoms of a reaction could include nausea, tiredness (might also indicate digestive issues), spaciness, etc. Simply use much less of the green powders, as these are what are most likely to cause a reaction in people still clearing out toxicity and the long-term effects of malnourishment, which is unavoidable on the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Be sure to add ginger to it. This will help your body to digest all the goodies packed into this super smoothie. After sharing this recipe in my very popular spirulina review on Amazon, numerous people left stories of their positive results, in the comments to that review:

Positive Results

I’ve had many people report to me personally their positive results with drinking this smoothie.

I found and began making this recipe a couple of months ago. The only thing I do not put in it is the maca. My family, at first, thought I was crazy. However, my body feels magnificent, my skin is glowing and I just overall feel “chipper”. Now, I already exercise and eat a pretty healthy diet….I was not feeling “bad” when I decided to make this. Just curious. I have a smoothie every other day. My husband and daughter, after witnessing how I’ve benefited from the smoothies, have now started taking spirulina tablets every day and have been feeling wonderful as well. So, I want to thank you for sharing this recipe and your knowledge. I also wanted to share how the smoothies have helped me. (view on

Thank you for your article. I have been making your shake for a few days and feel great. I had a hard time finding Lucuma powder where I live, so I just make it without it and it still tastes good. I have stopped drinking coffee, and I just feel better in general. (read on

I am very grateful for the very detailed review and the really good advice. I purchased all the items you linked to make the smoothie. I just got my package and made my very first smoothie it is absolutely delicious!!!! Thank you very much! (view on
Thanks for all this info! especially on the super smoothie! I’ve been making it for a couple weeks now and I’m in love! (read on
Hi!! I received my Nutrex Hawaiian spirulina & ginger yesterday, (I already had all the other ingredients) and I had my first Spirulina drink this morning. Made the recipe with only 1 teaspoon of it to start. I mixed all the ingredients with 1/2 OJ & 1/2 water. (say this as if singing “Love Potion #9”—>) I held my nose, I closed my eyes…… I took a drink! Haha actually it tasted good!! I will definitely increase the spirulina next batch. (view on


P.S. For people concerned about only buying and eating locally produced foods…
I agree with this idea in principle, and I add my own take to that. Check out whatever other articles and audio recordings you can find on this site pertaining to super foods and intelligent nutrition for further insight.