My intention through this article is to impress upon your mind that there is a great deal of control taking place in this apparent world we live in. I also wish to impress upon your mind that this is our co-creation and is reflective of something going on within the human psyche. If you are already aware of what many refer to as the ‘New World Order’ you may or may not find the first part of this article interesting—you will, however, quite likely gain some new insights from the second part of this article.

Ever since I was perhaps less than 10 years of age I was aware that this world was not as we commonly perceive it to be. By my early teens I was aware that this disparity between how we see it and what is really going on plays out on many apparent levels. By the time I was 15 I was very aware that nearly all of the systems I perceive around me in this world are not unfolding in a ‘free world’ as many seemed to like to think. I was aware that all religious institutions were controlled and about control. I was aware that all governments I had knowledge of were also controlled and about control. I was aware that many inventions that would be of great benefit to humankind were controlled and kept from us. I was aware that the medical system had nothing to do with Health and was all about ‘disease management’—to put it into the terminology the medical system actually uses itself—and was again about control and that it was controlled.

I was aware that politicians and priests were as a whole totally corrupt, controlled and controlling. I was aware the the mass-media was controlled and used to control. I use to sit and try to watch the news yet I would get this horrible feeling inside that made me have very little interest in all commercial forms of news and media. I would sit there watching the news on TV or reading the paper and I knew I was being lied to and an attempt to control my mind was taking place through this medium. I am aware that many chemicals, viruses, technologies and other systems are employed on this earth to control people. The fluoride in the drinking water in some countries is a form of chemical control. Fluoride, aside from being a deadly poison, literally ‘constricts consciousness’ and makes the population docile and ultra-susceptible to suggestions and lies.

I was aware that the monetary system was controlled and a complete fabrication of lies. I was aware that the stock exchange systems were again another fabrication. I was aware that the history books were primarily distorted lies, again controlled and used to control. I was aware that the education system was controlled and used to control. I was aware that the energy industry was controlled and used to control—and that so called ‘free-energy’ was available at least a hundred years ago. Yes, we could have all stopped wasting money on energy (such as petrochemicals) and ceased fowling up this planet over a hundred years ago by my estimates. In fact I am not aware of any apparent ‘problem’ facing humanity today that has not in the last 100 years already had one or more perfectly viable solutions developed to deal with it. We don’t see these solutions in our world because much is at stake—for the controllers at least—in maintaining this apparent ‘problems’.

These things might sound pretty far out to you. That’s fine. I can only invite you to open you eyes, and take a deep and honest look around the world you find yourself in. Question everything you’ve taken for granted, which is likely to be almost everything.

I used to talk about this subject as a youth to my family and they’d get so pissed off and annoyed at me. They (their ego-mind) saw the truth in all this as a threat. Why? Because the ego-mind created all this friggin control in the first place.

After a bit of investigation it became apparent that that which was controlling all these things I have mentioned (and much that I have not mentioned) is a very small number of people on this earth. These people have strong karmic patterns from the certain soul groups they are a part of. They are not of this earth, although many of us aren’t these days. These people have been playing out certain roles on this planet for thousands of years in an attempt to impose something upon the earth and the human’s that are hear. I am not going to go into further detail on this just now. I will simply say that there are a small handful of ‘families’ that own and control much of the material aspects of this world. This is nothing knew. Please, if it seems somehow far-out and revolutionary to you then simply do a search on ‘illuminati” or “new world order” in google and you’ll soon see this is not news. It’s old stuff that people have talked about for thousands of years also.

What I wish to impress upon you is the realisation that as far as the many systems and institutions of this world are concerned nothing is as you have been led to believe. We are not looking out at a ‘free system’ of development and evolution. I invite you to stop kidding yourself if you think that’s the case.

Now, here’s what I consider to be the more important part in all this.

Everything we perceive playing out in this world is a projection of the collective ego-mind. When you look out there and see some controlling faction within society this is a role that WE have co-created. It is not being done to us. We are not victims to this control. That mentality or thought-form is all part of the control that is in place. You and I have chosen this. They mass human psyche has chosen this and it is a reflection of something that is innate within the human psyche.

Namely it is a reflection of how ‘out of control’ we are. We are Creators equal to God yet we wander around like mindless idiots from birth to death.

Let me take one of my favourite examples to show what I mean. At one stage I did quite a bit of research into free-energy. What I discovered was that ‘free-energy’ has been available to us for quite some time. What I mean by that is that the technology necessary to make free-energy available to human use was created quite some time ago—in fact a number of times within the last 100 years. Now I am also familiar with certain circles of people that get all wound up over the fact that free-energy has been suppressed and controlled by ‘the powers that be’. A common theme is this is the sentiment that we are somehow victims to this outside control and domination by some sort of sanction of the governmental elite who run right in black suits etc and prevent free-energy technology from being released into the world. ‘Victims’ is the key word here, for the rest is in fact a fair description of what goes on.

We are not, however, ‘victims’ to any of this. Energy at this time comes with a high cost. The way we are creating and utilising energy—our relationship to and experience of energy—comes with a high cost. It appears to be destroying the environment and costs countries and people huge amounts of money etc. This to me is a reflection of our the mass of humanity have no control over their own energy. Until we, on a mass scale, learn to live in way were we are managing our energy in a responsible and constructive way we will continue to see in the world mirror a energy crises and struggle. Until we are no longer inwardly ‘out of control’ (of our energy) then the world mirror will continue to show us how ‘out of control’ we are of our energy. It’s as simple as that. Humankind is not yet ready for free energy. Most people can hardly cope with and be responsible with their emotions and thoughts from day to day. How on Earth will they be able be responsible with unlimited free energy if it was given to them today?

It’s a bit like that documentary on many of the people that have won vast sums of money in the lotteries. Many of them completely lose the plot. Some over time wind up in jail with criminal charges. Many wind up bankrupt and financially stuffed. Why is this? Well, in many instances we have a situation where a person that does not know how to responsibly handle large sums of money (energy) is suddenly given the equivalent of an unlimited amount of free energy. Simply put they can’t handle it and become destructive in their actions and behaviours. Something similar, but perhaps worse, would take place if humanity had ‘free energy’ over the last 100 years. Actually I would go so far to say that intuitively I feel that the Earth would have been destroyed, or at least humanity would have destroyed itself.

So long as we are ‘out of control’ then we will continue to create/project a world that is ‘out of our control’ and which therefore appears to control us. The ‘world out there’ can only appear to control that which we have lost control of. It starts with us losing control. Then the world out there ‘takes control’. It’s all, of course, part of the illusion—but so long as we still experience ourselves within the illusion then this is, I think, an important aspect of how the illusion operates that —through a right understanding of—we can eventually stand free from.

So the point I am making is that what we experience in the collective world scene is a projection of the collective world psyche. Therefore we are not victims to what is going on in the world. We are co-creators of it—until such time as we free our Mind from the illusion—at which point we will become co-creators of God’s Vision or Divine Plan. I will add that God’s Vision might have very little to do with the world as we know it—for this world as we know it is an illusion that does not exist in God’s Vision. Hence God’s Vision is not—as far as I can tell—simply a nice rosy version of life on earth were everyone gets along and we all hold hands and love each other and rub each others’ backs. This is a projection of the ego-mind as played out through common New Age tripe or human ideals. I am sorry if that bothers you—and I suspect a few will find this thought a bit bothersome. In my experience this is simply how it is. You can take it or leave it—your choice.

No, God’s Vision is something we simply can not comprehend nor even begin to imagine. I have a deep feeling for it yet I am well aware that it I don’t actually have a clue in terms of what it is really like because I still experience the illusion of being bound up in this Dream to some degree. Yet I am aware of That I AM beyond this illusion and from there I get a sense of God’s Vision but there is no thought process that can translate it into human terms. So this is were Faith comes in. In allowing this Universe to vanish into the puff of nothingness from whence it came we can only do so in the faith that God has something rather glorious lined up—but again I will state that it is not simply a glorified version of life on Earth. In Truth there is no Earth and no Life even remotely in the way we like to think there is—based on our false perceptions.

With love,