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Last Updated on August 16, 2015

Ordinary Man is like a spiritual orphan. The innocence—our pure Heart—in Man forever longs to be with our Mother…. with our Genesis. Knowingly or unknowingly, through pain or through consciousness, Man is making that journey home, to the Mother… to LIFE.

[youtube id=”4W6yrFgeOtA” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1000″ parameters=”?modestbranding=1 controls=2 showinfo=0″]

The the above video I see a wonderful and rich allegory of our journey back to the Mother. In it I see representation of many key elements of the Original Knowledge of The Mother and how we can Be with and in Her:

  • Man’s present state of disability (many are blind, many struggle to hear and express) — the damage endured by Man’s luminous body
  • Not letting that disability/damage stand in our way
  • Our childlike innocence
  • That innocence’s longing for the Mother
  • The need for perseverance and dedication
  • Brotherhood/sisterhood/community
  • Sacred alliance (we can’t do it alone)
  • The importance of being attentive to the opportunities Life provides for us to return Home
  • Taking action, at times swiftly… time is of the essence
  • The power of confession… acknowledging/admitting our situation, our weakness, our intention
  • That all people are our relations… our uncles, aunts, brothers, and sisters
  • That in a purely physical world we experience only a re-presentation (the grave) of our Cosmic Mother, and yet in the Heart the experience of Her is living, direct, and instant.
  • That with all these elements in place, we are bound to be successful… in our return to the Grace of our Living Mother.

Please, feel free to share those metaphor you see.

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