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Last Updated on December 11, 2011

As God,

I stand.
Heaven, On Earth,
My beauty all around me.
As a tree, Strong,
Tall, Steady,
My feet firmly rooted in ground.
A seed,
Of Love,
I gave,
To all my children,
To plant in their souls and grow.

That one day, Omega,
They might climb the great vine,
High up into the heavens within,
And sit, again,
With I.


Comment: Whilst looking for some old notes on my computer I found a whole lot of things I wrote on a little Psion handheld computer (the orginal and earliest PDA’s) whilst travelling about 9 years ago. These things are just collecting virtual dust here so I figure it’s best to make the available for interested people to read and possibly enjoy. Blessings, J

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