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Last Updated on February 8, 2020

Nuclear threat

I find it interesting much of the political world is up in arms  about the North Korea rocket launch. No doubt you heard… North Korea successfully launched a long-range rocket. North Korea says it was to put a satellite into orbit. Do they not have as much right as any other country to put satellites into orbit? What specific reasons, based on evidence, do we have that they were actually launching this rocket in order to prepare for warfare, for the future delivery of nuclear weapons, and the other fears the UN and member nations have? It’s possible that is what they are planning, and yet it’s possible they simply want put a satellite into orbit.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientist, there are approximately 1016 active satellites in order. 443 of those belong to the US, and 122 of those are military satellites. According to NASA there are 3000 satellites in orbit, so I presume that figure includes roughly 2000 inactive satellites. Based on these figures it’s apparent approximately 12% of all active satellites orbiting the Earth belong to the US military and are presumably used for military purposes.

Is it not somewhat hypocritical for the US Government to get its feathers ruffled about North Korea putting 1 satellite into orbit? Ever more so when we consider US failed to follow through on its agreement to reduce its nuclear armaments in accordance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Nuclear crisis man-made, not an 'act  of...

Nuclear crisis man-made, not an ‘act of god’: experts say

The other major scare-factor is the idea that this rocket may be a sign of a possible nuclear threat from Korea. Whilst I don’t wish to downplay the significance of countries having nuclear weapons at their disposal, I wish to share another perspective. First, what evidence do we have North Korea is building nuclear warheadsand planning to launch them internationally? We know, with fair certainty, they have nuclear capacity, but what evidence do we have they intend to use their now successful long-range rocket technology to launch nuclear weapons? Having said that, even if the North Korean government does have that intention, is that such a significant threat at this time? Relatively speaking, are there not other more significant nuclear threats we currently face? Threats we could actually do a lot more about compared to what we can do about North Korea?

The one nuclear threat I have in mind is the on-going nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan. According to reports posted at Fukushima Update (and elsewhere) the pending global threat of a major nuclear disaster is just as real as it was back in March 2011 when the earthquake hit Japan. Yet how much media attention is this receiving? Even in the media attention it did receive at the time, how much of it really looked seriously at the facts as opposed to playing the incident down? Apparently it was played down so well that it’s result in just about everyone I know hardly even thinking about the event just 6 months to a year after it occurred.

Earth - Blue Marble 2012

Our beloved Earth

Although even to say “occurred” is not entirely accurate. Fukushima is not a past event. It is a current event, happening right now as I write this in December 2012. It is my understanding Fukushima is in a dire situation and, according to many experts, poses a serious nuclear threat to the entire planet. Why are WE THE PEOPLE giving so much media attention to the theory North Korea maybe planning a future nuclear attack and almost no attention to the reality of Fukushima?


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