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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

The following is a look at how forgiveness and healing are closely interrelated. Healing in regards to returning to a state of greater wholeness through releasing false identification of Self and transforming actions and choices that were once life-taking into that which is life-giving as a natural expression of Divinity into form.

Reiterating some of the basic understandings explored elsewhere, forgiveness must ultimately be taken beyond all sense of right and wrong. It goes beyond all sense of sin and redemption, and beyond the identification of problems and errors and the acceptance of such. Acceptance and forgiveness are quite different things. To see something as “wrong” and to then accept it as that has little to do with forgiveness. To perceive error in a person’s ways or actions and to then come to a place of accepting that person as such is not forgiveness. Acceptance and tolerance are the ego’s substitutes for forgiveness, and they serve a wholly different function. The function of acceptance and tolerance is to prolong the illusion of the ego-mind under the guise of progress and resolution.

You and I, we are Divine beings. I Am of Divinity. My origin is Divine and That which I Am right now is Divine. By this I mean to say that you and I are of spirit, consciousness, formless intelligence. That which I Am is of God. There can be no “wrong” and no “evil” in That for this would imply that there could be error in Perfection. I would like to make it quite clear that this is not perfection relative to something else. Rather it is simply perfection in its own right, and there is, in fact, nothing else except consciousness unfolding.

Elsewhere I have written about the true extent of duality within this world of apparent separation–that essentially there is no right and no wrong, there is just that which is life-giving and that which is life-taking. This is the way it was understood and explained within the Huna system of ancient Hawaii. The Toltec tradition (from which I am sure the Huna finds its roots) also maintains a similar understanding. Based on my own inner exploration and realisations I can only concur with this view, that there is no “right” and “wrong”. It is from the mistaken perception that there is such as thing as good and bad that all other misperception and elaborations of duality–that of good and evil, right and wrong–play out. The heart of the matter is that there is simply that which is life-taking and that which is life-giving. Life-giving: supportive of Life, supportive of creativity, resurrecting and maintaining of the Truth. Life-taking: destructive to life process, dissipating vitality, the absence of Truth. Man, in his sleep, has somewhere in time taken that which is “life-taking” and “life-giving” and applied to it a vast array of symbols in the form of words, beliefs, morals, concepts and values.

I have previously stated that forgiveness is about coming to the place of knowing and re-cognising that “nothing ever happened” and with the word “nothing” I refer to nothing separate and apart from the perfection of God. We live in a perceptual illusion and hence things are not as they appear to be. Within this illusion we perceive only a tiny fraction of what Is within any given event or phenomena. From the perspective of the ego-mind it is possible (and very common) for an event to take place that is somehow independent of the unified whole of creation. If someone walks up to my car whilst sitting at the traffic lights and throws a brick through the window, the ego-mind will try to maintain that this was occurred randomly and independently of the whole and hence as I didn’t appear to have done anything to provoke such as event it was an unfair and an attack on my rights. My world, from the perspective of the ego-mind, was violated in that moment, and to say that “nothing happened” whilst I sit there with a broken windscreen and glass all over my lap is simply insane. If nothing happened then why am I sitting here with a broken windscreen?

Yet this is not what I am implying. Yes, within this dream an event has taken place, and yes there is now a broken windscreen and glass all over my lap when just a moment ago there was no such thing. The exact nature of what I am now experiencing, however, is not separate, apart from and independent of the All-that-is. Hence this apparent event has taken place in complete harmony and accord with the innate and unalterable perfection of all-that-is. At is at this point that the law of karma comes into play. “As ye sow so shall ye reap” — the law of cause and effect. Nothing can take place independent of the whole and the whole is intrinsically perfect.

There is simply consciousness unfolding for the purpose of expanding awareness. End of story. The wrong that I think my brother did to me when I was twelve years old or the wrong that I think I did to my brother when I was 15 years old, this is only “wrong” within my perception. The apparent injustice of this unknown woman throwing a brick through my window completely unprovoked by me in that moment is only how it is at the apparent level. Again, what we experience at the apparent level is an infinitesimal fraction of what is really taking place. Forgiveness is to come to a place of realisation that there is only one power and that power is God, and God can do no harm and no wrong to Itself. That realisation is of little use at just a mental level, although that can lead into a deeper realisation. Ultimately the realisation that brings forth forgiveness has to be felt and experienced within consciousness, within ones own awareness of what is.

Let us take a fairly extreme example of a perceived in justice, an act of wrong-doing in the mind of most people, and explore just how the law of forgiveness applies. Say, for example, a man molested his 8 year old daughter and continued to do this until she was 12 at which point someone else of authority finds out and he is stopped. The law of forgiveness states that “nothing has in fact happened” yet I am sure the majority of people would be thinking, “what a crock of shit, of course something has happened. This man has sexually abused this helpless and innocent young girl and has probably psychologically damaged her for life. This bad arse  should be punished”. Without condoning this man’s actions in the slightest the Law of Cause and Effect—the holographic unified nature of creation—indicates that only the ego-form of this “child” (a vast, eternal, immortal, omnipresent, omnipotent Soul in what appears to be the body of a young girl) has been “violated” and subject to abuse. That ego-form is not innocent and it is not a young helpless girl. Rather it is an illusion that has been perpetuated by an error in consciousness since the beginning of “time”. Whatever “pain” and destructive stories this “child” experiences later in life in coming to terms with this apparent childhood injustice is a perfect an exacting element of that soul’s enlightenment and liberation from the grand dream in which we are all existing. This childhood event took this form in exact measure to the nature of how this particular soul has forgotten its true nature, which would have played out at some other point in “time” through this ego-mind making life-taking choices.

What then was the purpose of this story in the first place? What function was there in this person experiencing then event at eight years of age? What purpose is there in me having acted in a life-taking way at the age of 15 and then living with a feeling of guilt ever since then?

The purpose is to draw my attention and ultimately my awareness to some aspect of my being where I have forgotten That which I Am. Let’s say I think I did some wrong against my brother when I was 15 years old. Now, it is quite likely that this action was life-taking in nature, otherwise I’d hardly be worrying about it years later and struggling to deal with it inside myself. In actual fact, what I am struggling with is my own internal attempt to split myself into two (or more) parts. The struggle I experience is the war to maintain duality within myself. It is the fight to wake up from the ego- mind. It is the struggle to be complete and absolutely present and engaged with Life as the extension of God and all That I Am. This is the classic battle that is depicted between the “devil” and “God”, between “light and dark” or “good and evil”.

“Devil” is simply “lived” backwards. Put another way it is simply “life” in reverse. The opposite of life or the absence of life. It is of course only a perception within the ego-mind of Man. To choose that which is life-taking is to be possessed by or identified with the “devil” or to have a back-to-front perception of that which I Am. It is the anti-Christ or the anti-truth.

So this event from my past that I am struggling with, it’s not the event itself that is the real issue. That apparent event is a projection of the ego-mind. This unholy event is the symbolic representation of my own self-perception of non-holiness, non-wholeness. This erroneous perception resulted in a life-taking act on my part. That act was a projection of my erroneous concept of Self. Later in my life I then face this event within my memory which is simply a convenient way of perceiving that which I am presently holding in my mind about myself.

I take a look at this event and perhaps I come to accept what I did. Yet this does not set me free. In fact mere acceptance does little but perpetuate the illusion, for acceptance is to imply that my erroneous perception is accurate. To bring forgiveness into this situation is to actually dive into the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is that the whole event and my memory of it and my struggle with it is there within my story in order to bring the light of my awareness into contact with one fragment of my erroneous perception of self and of God. Once that contact is made the illusion disappears. Darkness has no power over Light. When you turn the light switch on in a dark room a war does not ensue. A battle does not take place. There is not even a minor struggle. The light is simply now on and the absence of light or darkness, is instantly gone.
So as far as healing and forgiveness goes, to bring forgiveness into my memory of a past grievance or perceived wrong-doing is to simply bring my awareness into contact with an aspect of my erroneous story of “how I fell from grace” or parted from God’s Kingdom. I get to see the life-taking choice I made. I get to see or feel why I made that choice, in terms of what it was I forgot about my true nature that led to me into making such a choice. I get to experience the pain (the lost or decrease of Life) that ensued as a result of that choice. I then get to choose again. If in that moment I make a life-giving choice then that perceived wrong is wiped away. It is not accepted. It is not tolerated. It is not made “right”. It is simply wiped out. For in truth it was never there. It was all within my mind and the mind of the One collective that I Am in every man, woman, and child. Hence it is only the mind that must be healed, for it is only within the mind that perception of something other that What Is can appear to take place.

Any man or woman that can see some glimmer of sense and truth in what I have just explained and therefore wishes to put these principles into action would do well to begin with dropping judgement. Judgement and forgiveness and two opposing concepts. Yes, forgiveness is a concept just like everything else within this ego-mind created illusion we call “life on Earth”. Forgiveness, however, is a concept that has only one possible outcome. Namely a return to wholeness at which point forgiveness, like all other concepts, can be dropped. The concept of judgement however has only one possible outcome also, although through the ego-mind that one outcome may take many apparent forms. The one outcome of the concept of judgement is separation.

Actively releasing the world from your judgement will enable the conscious realisation of forgiveness to arise within your conscious awareness. Of course, your judgement of the world is the ego-minds projection of its judgement of self. What you judge in the apparent world “out there” is a projection of what you judge within your self. You only judge that which you are in separation from and hence releasing judgement will release the illusion of separation. Separation is the primary source of all pain and hence releasing judgement will release you from pain. The release from pain will allow your innately Peaceful state of Being to arise. That Peace is the Peace that will create Peace in the world.

I realise that this topic is complex, but I must add that it only appears that way because it is actually so incredibly simple. I find that the more simple something is that harder it is to explain. To depict utmost simplicity into the symbology of words is, in my experience, a rather complex challenge. I trust after reading the above discourse a few times you will get some feeling for what it is that I’ve explained.

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