Hrdaya Yoga (Yoga of the Heart) – Retreats

Has spirituality become another “pursuit” along with all the other “things” you’d like to “attain” in life. Often yoga starts out this way for people too. Hṛdaya Yoga—Yoga of the Heart—is different. It is the end of all seeking and all becoming, and yet it is always the very beginning of entering into a state of intimacy with That which is emerging into Being, as Self, as you.

As you journey through one or more of the Hrdaya Yoga retreats, as taught by Jonathan, you will discover an approach to Yoga, spirituality, and your entire life, based on the principle of Conscious Participation. You already are That which you are. That will never change. You can never “become” something other than That which you are. It is simply a question of “How fully and how consciously am I participating in the true magnificence of That which I Am, right now?” Yoga of the Heart is a means to greater participation in That which is fundamentally real within you and within your life.

Is Hrdaya Yoga for you?

If you have a heart-felt desire for conscious participation in the emergence of your true nature—as a whole and healthy Being—this workshop may be of great benefit to you. Part discourses, part active meditations, part yoga asana and dynamic movement; this is an opportunity for you to feel intimately empowered and at home within the very depths of your Heart… within your body, your mind, and your emotions… within your entire Life, as it is, right now.

What is the Hṛdaya?

The Hṛdaya (phonetically spelt, Hridaya) is the cosmic Heart within Man (male & female). It lies at the very center of the mystery of Man, the very Heart of Mans awareness. Hṛdaya Yoga is both the approach of the Heart to Life and its subsequent embracing and union with Life, and it is the an approach to the Heart itself, and approach to the center of Man. It is in this way, this dual approach, that Man may come to know his/her true nature both within and in the apparent world “out there”.

You may learn more about Hṛdaya Yoga on the official Hṛdaya Yoga International website.

The path — from Alpha to Omega

Jonathan currently teaches Hṛdaya Yoga over the course of six 2.5-day retreats. Each retreat will take you deeper into the natural and illuminated experience of your true nature. There are also parallel retreats on offer where you may explore additional topics such as Conscious relationship, Sacred Sexuality, and Vedic Health & Healing.

Alpha – Unit One

In this, the first of the Hṛdaya Yoga retreats, we will approximately explore the following topics:

• The science and power of breath, yoga asana, sound, kundalini/dynamic yoga, meditation, and stillness
• Developing an empowering personal yoga practice that suits you and your body~mind
• Ending the war within and establishing Inner Peace
• Clearing past emotion—to be here now
• Being fully present to Life as it is, right now
• Moving beyond dualities, judgment, and suffering
• A liberating approach to Yoga, Meditation, and spirituality through the way of the Heart

Information on the other units of Hṛdaya Yoga will be available in the near future.