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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

When a person starts to discover new ways of being, new awareness around food, nutrition, the nature of the world dream, the nature of reality, the nature of Self, etcetera, it is easy for the ego to again play out its madness. Yet we are now dealing with “spiritual ego”—an ego-identification which things it has now transcended the lower madness of the normal human ego. Yet ego is ego which ever way we look at it. Let me remind you that ego is simply the false sense of self that arises through misidentification. So long as my way of being and responding to the world has even a hint of separation and duality playing out then I am to some degree still coming from a place of ego.

The way I have seen this play out in me at various times along the way, is that I would use my awareness and knowledge to separate me from the world and from the people around me. This could be very subtle—almost imperceptible. This could lead to the ego projecting “what is right for me” onto the world and thus trying believe that it knows “what is right for everyone else”. In projecting out “what is right for the world” (the people I meet etc.) I am in fact judging people as wrong in their ways. The ego is constantly trying to attack the world, and hence is engages in a constant attack on my Self. I am seeing these people through the eyes of separation—the eyes of the ego.

This only perpetuates and in fact reflects the separation that I continue to maintain within my perception of my self. In fact to even “perceive” myself is an error—for the Truth of That which I AM can only be directly experienced and even then the experience is fleeting so long as my attention is primarily fixated on the dream (which for most people living here in the world that goes without saying). It is fleeting in the sense that once a person directly experiences something it really only has definition in contrast to something else. Thus directly experiencing That which I AM is only tangible in contrast to the state I was in when previously NOT experiencing That which I AM, but rather in a state of perceiving myself through the ego-mind. Once that experience is had then the contrast is forever lost. If I truly experience That which I AM then in that moment That is integrated into my entire sense of Self. I simply become That. Yet in truly becoming or Being THAT I will now see That is everything around me… particularly in the people around me. The world (which is a projection of the one mind That I AM) is now transformed into a mirror of the True nature of That which I AM.

I have diverged off topic here, so let us return to the point of this article.
To try to make the world conform to what is “right” for me is in fact to attack the world with the projection and judgement that the world (and the people around me) are wrong. To judge an-other as wrong is to judge that this being is somehow cut off from Source. That this being is somehow less than the perfection of Consciousness Unfolding… life blossoming… God expanding. To judge this person as wrong is to hold them imprisoned in my mind. Again, this only reflects the degree to which I hold myself imprisoned in judgement.

It is a mistake to identify myself with this world and this body. It is therefore also a mistake to identify my Brother with his/her body and the world in which he appears to live. The Vision of God sees none of this. The Vision of That which Created the “I” in each of us, knows nothing of our mad perceptions. Just as my earthly mother and father might watch over me whilst I sleep in bed… they know nothing of what I am dreaming. All they see in that moment is their perfect Son who they love absolutely. All manner of madness may be playing out in my dreams, yet they know nought of it. Such is the relationship between That which I AM and That which Created That.

So, establish through inspiration that which is most life giving for you in your world. Take on information to whatever degree is necessary to give you the necessary “tool box” of intelligent knowing, then hand this information over to spirit and go with Inspiration. Inspiration will use the information you have on hand, in order to always move you into the most life-giving way of life and living. To simply work with the information alone is bound to lead to fanaticism and imprisonment within a mind full of stories and beliefs, and identification with those stories and beliefs.

Yet, from moment to moment, where you have established your dynamic sense of what is “right” for you, be mindful not to now start seeing the world through eyes that evaluate others based on what is “right” for you. I am not implying that people should be protected from experiencing the painful consequences of life-taking actions and choices they may be making. That’s another matter. All I am suggesting is that to see “wrong” in that person is to see them through the attacking eyes of the ego, which negates (in your world) the Vision of Infinity, of the Creator / Truth / Love.

Ultimately I see this world without thought. They say that “Love is blindness” and I am sure you are familiar with the experience of being in love with a person, whereby everything they do and say becomes okay and acceptable, even adorable. The reasoning ego-mind will conclude that this is folly, and perhaps even dangerous. Yet, in my experience once I start to love the world in true accord with the Love That I AM and in accord with the way Creation Loves me, then I am again faced with a form of blindness. Yet this is not a blindness that equates to loss of sight. No, far from it. It is a form of blindness that simply means I cease to perceive the world through the humans eyes and the ego-mind. Rather I now start to directly experience the world and True holistic Vision unfolds. The world around me ceases to have any story with it. This is akin to looking at a movie at the cinema and I cease to see the images. Rather I now only see that extraordinary bright light that is projected onto the screen and forming these images. Someone might ask me, “What do you see on the screen” or they might point out, “Look at that XYZ happening there”, yet I will be blind to what they are seeing. This person might think I’ve gone quite mad or blind at least. When in fact I am seeing the most incredible display of light and colour dancing there before me.

It is this sort of vision that the Law of Forgiveness depends on. Without this Vision True Forgiveness remains just a concept.

I shall say no more. That is enough.

With love,

Jonathan Evatt

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